The Birthday Girl by Stephen Leather (MOBI)

Tony Freeman rescued Mersiha when she was fighting for her life in war-torn Yugoslavia. Now she's his adopted daughter, the perfect all-American girl, and it seems like her past is another country.

The Solitary Man (Stephen Leather Thrillers) by Stephen Leather (MOBI)

Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Hutch escapes from a British maximum-security prison and starts a new life in Hong Kong. But a ghost from his past catches up with him and gives him a choice: help a former terrorist break out of a Bangkok prison - or face life behind bars once more.

The Tunnel Rats by Stephen Leather (MOBI)

Two murders, thousands of miles apart: one in London, one in Bangkok. The bodies are brutally mutilated, an ace of spades impaled upon their chests. In Washington, a US senator receives photographs of the corpses. And realises that his past has come back to haunt him.

The Long Shot (Mike Cramer 2) by Stephen Leather (MOBI)

The plan is so complex, the target so well protected that the three snipers have to rehearse the killing in the seclusion of the Arizona desert.

The Eight Curious Cases of Inspector Zhang by Stephen Leather (MOBI)

Crimes are rare in Singapore, but when there's a crime that has the police baffled, it is Inspector Zhang that they turn to. From locked-room mysteries to murders disguised as suicide, Inspector Zhang is able to draw on his experience as a detective along with tricks he has learned from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. See if you can solve the crimes before the inspector the clues are there!

I Know Who Did It: A Jack Nightingale Short Story by Stephen Leather (MOBI)

Jack Nightingale was always happier dealing with criminal cases or even divorce than he was with matters of the supernatural. So when a client came with a simple request to uncover the meaning behind her father’s last words, he was happy enough to take the case. Little did he know that the investigation would lead him to one of the vilest demons to ever walk through the gates of Hell. Jack Nightingale appears in the full-length novels Nightfall, Midnight, Nightmare, Nightshade, Lastnight and San Francisco Night. He also appears in several short stories including Blood Bath, Cursed, Still Bleeding, Tracks and My Name Is Lydia. The Jack Nightingale time line is complex, this story is probably set between Midnight and Nightmare. Jack Nightingale has his own website at www.jacknightingale.com

My Name Is Lydia: A Jack Nightingale Short Story by Stephen Leather (Epub)

Supernatural detective Jack Nightingale is called in to investigate a young girl who appears to be possessed by an evil spirit. My Name Is Lydia is about 10,000 words, about thirty pages, perfect if you have half an hour to spare. Stephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers, an ebook and Sunday Times bestseller and author of the critically acclaimed Dan “Spider’ Shepherd series and the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novels. You can find out more from his website www.stephenleather.com and Jack Nightingale has his own website at www.jacknightingale.com

Best of Asian Erotica: Vol 1 by Erich R. Sysak (Epub)

The fifteen seductive sex stories in this steamy first volume of literary erotica from Asia are certain to entertain and arouse. Absolutely nothing is out of bounds, offering readers a glimpse into the erotic lives of Asia’s inhabitants. Bestselling authors Stephen Leather and John Burdett are joined in this alluring collection of short stories by Meihan Booey and Rachel Loh from Singapore, Annabel Pagunsan from the Philippines, Lee Ee Leen from Malaysia and by other erotica writers based in the exotic East. The stories in Volume 1 of “Best of Asian Erotica” explore erotica from a variety of angles, but they all celebrate the sensual in the sure voice of first-rate writing. “Best of Asian Erotica” is Asia’s sexiest short-story series and is a welcome and rich addition to the growing list of erotic literature in this most erotic corner of the world. Contents: A Dummy’s Guide to Losing Your Virginity by Meihan Booey; And Then She Came by Jonathan Lim; Awakening by Yusuf Martin; Naked Screw by Alison Lester; Body Drafts by Rachel Loh; Eduardo’s Honeymoon by Annabel Pagunsan; Night at Passion Touch by Hari Kumar; Banging Bill’s Wife by Stephen Leather; Expeditions in the Twilight Zone by Emilio; Two Men and a Plan by O Thiam Chin; Less Than a Day by John Burdett; Mad For It by Erich R. Sysak; Self-Portrait With Three Monkeys by Chris Mooney-Singh; and A Perfect Exit by Aaron Ang. (All the stories in this book have previously been published in print in “Best of Southeast Asian Erotica” or “Best of Singapore Erotica”.)