Churches That Abuse by Ronald M. Enroth (PDF)


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  • Published: 1993
  • Number of pages: 253 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 6.28 MB
  • Authors: Ronald M. Enroth


This book warns and informs readers about the fringe churches and groups that operate with abusive styles, creating emotional and spiritual perils for their adherents.

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⭐I have been a Believer since 1965. I have been exposed to many bad behaviors on the part of individuals, but haven’t we all. More than this I have had to move on from 4 churches that had spiritually abusive leadership.Two were “no brainers”, one the Pastor was caught misappropriating funds, and the other the pastor was caught misappropriating (so to speak) at least 6 women of the congregation.The third was a classic control and abuse situation in 1992 that took two years to really develop and unfold. As I began to break free I found this book and it was helpful. Well, I have found myself once again pulling away from a similar church that took 4 years to show itself. So out comes this book again to help verify certain cultic aspects that are showing themselves. BTW, both of these last two churches embraced sound doctrine, at least until they began to unravel.I must point out that this book is pretty heavy on case studies of groups long gone so information directly exposing them is not so relevant today. Still, there a lot of good stuff for research in this area, especially regarding the Boston Movement.The reader can skim these parts if they wish, and usually in the second half of each chapter we find the heart of the matter as the cultic tactics are identified and explained. This is where one has their “V8 moments”.The reason I rate this 4 stars rather than 5 is because the case studies are primarily of very extreme groups and there is not quite enough on actual Christian churches that abuse. Nevertheless, there is much to gleen here and I have used this book to show other folks what is going on so they can come to informed conclusions.

⭐I have a few books on my shelf on this topic, but this one was the most impact-full to me in terms of its intensity.This was due to how extensive the examples of abuse are.Like Fox’s book of martyrs, I had to read it in bites, and put it down occasionally.I guess I’m not very thick skinned :~/If you are a serious leader in the church, you should be familiar with this material.Some will say that these events prove that Christians can find safety from abuse within the institutional walls.But so didn’t the children of Israel find safety within the well protected walls of Egypt.Every institution of man has its pros and cons.And if you know what to look for, you can always identify the servants and the masters there.This is why I found this particular book so important.As I observed the characteristics of one abusive Christian system after another, I started to see the necessary building blocks which lead to the abuse.For me, the bottom line is, that there are large numbers of people in the world who are very happy being followers. And out of these, are a large number of vulnerable souls.Vulnerable people are easy to take advantage of.And it takes a very high level of Christ-character not to be drawn into doing so.The seed of abuse is inherent within our first Adamic nature.When the environment is conducive, the seed germinates, and if the new-man does not cast it off, (Hebrews 12:1) we soon have a very large tree.To be the CEO of Enron requires a high level of academic achievement, business acumen, and charisma.And so, when an instructionalized clergy-laity system, based on the template of the world exists, the fruit is inevitable.Men who are put into positions of leadership within a church, which following the template of the world, selects them solely by academic achievement and charisma.Men, in authority with very little Christ-character worked into their lives are seed beds of abuse ready to germinate.Place that seed into the ground of vulnerable and submissive followers, and you have today’s Christian version of Enron.This book will help you to see the signs.100% thumbs up.

⭐I like the depth of analysis from real situations. The book does not pull punches; so, it is difficult to read (in a needful and good sense). I only wish Enroth had some examples of abuse in less extreme situations from churches in common denominations and basic non-denom churches. The extreme examples make his points clear. Some less obvious example would help us Christians work to hold each other accountable more effectively. Over all, I learned a lot from the book and it didn’t diminish my love for the Church on the whole — it didn’t leave me skeptical or disillusioned.

⭐A very good book that Dr. Enroth wrote years ago that is still applicable today about the dynamics found in abusive churches. He is so familiar with them that he can tell victims what their experiences were like before the victims of spiritual abuse can. Rock solid research and helpful advice.

⭐Mr Enroth’s and Mr Van Vonderan’s work is a difficult subject, but a much needed treatise. These men are well qualified to identify and instruct the vulnerable on how to recognize and respond appropriately to the reality of abuse within the religious circle.

⭐Cult members will not like their organization, its doctrine, or its leader to be attacked. What better way to mititage this threat to the group than to illustrate with examples ranging from 1890-1990?It is a well-written book and well worth picking up a used copy for your library. I plan on buying 5 extras to have on-hand.

⭐An awesome book to help those of us hurt by evangelical churches with their judgmental attitudes toward anyone that thinks or is different from them. It not only looks at the issues with those churches but helped me look at myself and what drew me to them.

⭐Excellent. Great book!

⭐Quality of book was excellent as was the content learned the necessary information I needed from it

⭐Wichtiger Ratgeber für Mentoren und Sektenberater, die den Gintergrund von verletzten und traumatisierten Personen verstehen wollen, die über Jahre in einer pseudo-christlichen Umgebung Mißbrauch erlebt haben.Obwohl die im Buch beschriebenen Prinzipien sich auf missbrauchende Gruppen in unserer Zeit übertragen lassen, bedarf das Buch einer Aktualisierung da über Fallbeispiele aus den 80ern reflektiert wird.

⭐Dieses Buch habe Ich empfangen aber es war sehr alt und zu viel gelezen auch in eine Bibliothek. Ich denke dass die Ursache war das diese Buch so beschädigt war.Und es dauerte sehr lange befor ich dass Buch hier become habe.


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