Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion 1st Edition by Michael L. Peterson (PDF)



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  • Published: 2008
  • Number of pages: 353 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 1.36 MB
  • Authors: Michael L. Peterson


Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Religion features newly commissioned debates on some of the most controversial issues in the field. Is evil evidence against belief in God? Does science discredit religion? Is God’s existence the best explanation of the universe? Is morality based on God’s commands? Is eternal damnation compatible with the Christian concept of God? Features debates focusing on each of twelve of the most controversial issues in the field. Includes essays, replies, and rejoinders especially commissioned for this volume. Contributors include William Alston, Lynne Rudder Baker, Peter Byrne, Richard Gale, William Hasker, Janine Marie Idziak, Michael Martin, Del Ratzsch, William Rowe, John Worrall, Keith Yandell, Dean Zimmerman, and many others.

User’s Reviews

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐The footnotes/endnotes in the Kindle edition of this book are nonexistent! There are superscripted numbers in the text (obviously denoting footnotes/endnotes that should be there) but there are no footnotes or endnotes to be found. I’ve checked at the end of each page, at the end of each essay, at the end of each section, and at the end of the book. They do not exist. The superscripted numbers do not function as “links” to the footnotes, as is the case for other Kindle books. So if you are a scholar and therefore (more or less) need the footnotes/endnotes, do not buy the Kindle edition unless a new edition is created!

⭐This is the textbook that we are using in my Philosophy of Religion course and it definitely gets close to the heart of many current issues in philosophy – great for diving in to deep discussion.

⭐For a used copy, it looks new. Nothing missing. Negligible wear on corners and spine. Delivered quickly. Very satisfied with what I paid for.

⭐These are the kinds of books every student of philosophy of religion should own. Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion is a finely edited volume containing high quality arguments on some of the most important topics being discussed in philosophy of religion today (I especially enjoyed Hasker and Helm’s exchange). The essays are mercifully short, not overly technical, and pregnant with key ideas that every serious thinker about God must work through. The list of contributors is long and prominent: William Rowe, William Alston, Michael Martin, and many others make powerful arguments for their views and make replies to criticisms from their opponents. Theologians and Bible scholars would benefit from surveying this book to explore some of the hidden presupositions we make in thinking about God. Much food for thought is contained within its pages that will sustain the hungry reader for years to come.

⭐Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Religion’ is an excellent collection of certain debates in the philosophy of religion. It also presents the field from a very adversarial standpoint. In short, its an excellent introduction to what some philosophers of religion are interested in. Some of the arguments are quite technical and very well done, while one cannot help but wonder why some of the ‘debates’ were chosen for inclusion over others (is it really still worth debating whether or not prayers are answered or whether divine command theory is true?) In short, while this is a book of ‘debates’ it is also very one-sided when it comes to approaching the field. I recommend it to those interested in philosophy of religion, but I would also suggest looking at ‘The Religious’ ed. John Caputo (also from Blackwell) for a glimpse of a completely different approach that focuses more on what it means to be religious. There is far more to this fascinating field than the logical debates presented in this collection. Nevertheless, it is a useful collection of arguments and any student of philosophy or anyone interested in the field would do well to become familiar with them.

⭐I’m not the one using this book, but the Philosophy Honours undergraduate who is says it’s every bit as useful as hoped.It’s a student’s overview or introduction, and for that purpose the clarity of its lay-out is particularly good.A case is put by one philosopher; then the objections to it are given, in their strongest form, by another;then the first philosopher sets out the way he thinks the objections can be met.The same formula, with various philosophers, is applied to all the different topics covered, and ensures a really helpful and comprehensive all-round treatment of the subject.In the words of the undergraduate mentioned: Philosophers really know how to write!

⭐A good study of some major Christian questions!


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Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion 1st Edition PDF Free Download
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Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion 1st Edition 2008 PDF Free Download
Download Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion 1st Edition PDF
Free Download Ebook Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion 1st Edition

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