Entropy And Its Physical Meaning 2nd Edition by J. S. Dugdale (PDF)



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  • Published: 1996
  • Number of pages: 208 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 10.36 MB
  • Authors: J. S. Dugdale


This text gives students a clear and easily understood introduction to entropy – a central concept in thermodynamics, but one which is often regarded as the most difficult to grasp. Professor Dugdale first presents a classical and historical view of entropy, looking in detail at the scientists who developed the concept, and at how they arrived at their ideas. This is followed by a statistical treatment which provides a more physical portrait of entropy, relating it to disorder and showing how physical and chemical systems tend to states of order at low temperatures. Dugdale includes here a brief account of some of the more intriguing manifestations of order in properties such as superconductivity and superfluidity.Entropy and Its Physical Meaning also includes a number of exercises which can be used for both self- learning and class work. It is intended to provide a complete understanding of the concept of entropy, making it valuable reading for undergraduates in physics, physical sciences and engineering, and for students studying thermodynamics within other science courses such as meteorology, biology and medicine.

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Editorial Reviews: About the Author Sydney Dugdale is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics, University of Leeds.

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⭐Of the 8 book of thermodynamics / statistical mechanics, each of whom attempt to introduce entropy. I personally regard this as by far the best presentation.It actually holds substance – The second section of the book (on the topic of stat. mech) introduces entropy as per logarithm of microstates AND makes clear why this has any relevance to anything at all.It introduces the concepts cleanly and without clutter And It is not written with unnecessary rigor – I understood the bulk of what was said on the first read.when I first read this book I realized I had to buy myself a copy.a beautiful book.

⭐Very beneficial to have the history behind a lot of the topics covered, as well as the science

⭐This was a wonderful little book that explained the laws of thermodynamics in a systematic and intuitive way. I especially enjoyed the author’s inclusion of some of the historical context and experiments behind concepts such as heat, temperature, and entropy. Dugdale’s text is more rigorous and mathematical than Van Ness’s text, and the end of chapter problems are very relevant towards understanding the material. Compared to Fermi’s text, it contains less of a focus on reaction kinetics and more on statistical descriptions of entropy from quantum mechanics. He then derives the traditional definition of entropy from the statistical description. This book won’t teach you how to design engines, but it will provide you with a nice foundational knowledge of thermodynamics.


Free Download Entropy And Its Physical Meaning 2nd Edition in PDF format
Entropy And Its Physical Meaning 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Download Entropy And Its Physical Meaning 2nd Edition 1996 PDF Free
Entropy And Its Physical Meaning 2nd Edition 1996 PDF Free Download
Download Entropy And Its Physical Meaning 2nd Edition PDF
Free Download Ebook Entropy And Its Physical Meaning 2nd Edition

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