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  • Published: 2020
  • Number of pages: 121 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 3.60 MB
  • Authors: Alexander da Prista


This is the first Portuguese grammar designed specifically for adults with limited learning time, who have as their objective simple, everyday communication. The author covers the most important points of Portuguese grammar in the clearest possible way, concentrating upon the expressions that you would be most likely to use. All grammatical rules are illustrated with phrases and sentences that you can incorporate directly into your working vocabulary, and hints are generously sprinkled throughout, showing you how to replace difficult constructions with simpler ones.

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Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐I had been looking for a good grammar book–not too large, not too small. I believe that grammar is important in learning a language, but it is not extremely necessary on the first stage of such a process.I would recommend you to spend about four months with the Assimil book of you choice (apply Luca Lampariello’s “full circle method”), do one lesson a day, six days a week. At the same time try to listen to radio, watch TV, and even read the news in that language. Soon your brain will start to adjust to your new language. It would be helpful to speak to natives of that language just to practice, although it also helps to speak to yourself, and even record and listen to yourself to correct your accent mistakes. Within a year to a year-and-a-half, you will have a great understanding of the language you started learning a while ago.Of course you could use other courses, you just have to have to motivation to learn a language. Most people have to work or go to school, so they don’t have a lot of time to spend on language learning. An hour a day would work perfectly. I wouldn’t recommend Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur approach; I have tried them both; “you can’t say something’s not good only because is popular.” You must realize that, say, Rosetta Stone is popular because of all the propaganda. You don’t believe me? Go ahead and spend $400 on the course and come back within a year telling me how fluent you’ve become.Too much talk. The “Essential Grammar” book arrive in a great condition.

⭐This is an excellent and concise book on Portuguese grammar. Yes I hate learning grammar but there’s a lot of useful content, and of course grammar is essential at some point…My advise…learn pronunciation first…with any language, seems obvious but folks will complain when using this book. This is not a pronunciation guide.

⭐This book is very easy to read and very thorough. each concept is explained very simply and concise. if there is any confusion on when to use a specific grammatical forms, this book will clarify. it has everything you need to know about portuguese grammer, even the stuff that nobody ever uses. my girlfriend, who is Brazilian, uses this book to check up on certain things from time to time. Like i said, this book is for all levels of learning. although, i would imagine that some high level purists would prefer a grammar book written in Portuguese to really immerse yourself. but, the grammar is all here in this book for all levels.the book is written in english for first language english speakers. if you dont speak english very well then some of the concepts might not make sense. only grammar included, not much vocab. you will learn a lot from the examples but to really learn portugues you’d probably need another tool to help you with vocabulary. not quite sure what those tools are, but one thing i heard of is to put post-it notes on things around the house with the portuguese word. not too bad… rossetta stone may be good for you. everybody learns differently, you need to find a method that works for you.

⭐Well organized book and topics are good, but the print is so small that it makes it difficult to read at times. I have 2020 vision and it was still hard to read.

⭐This book is amazing!!! With that being said, it is not for everyone. If you are a self-learner who is interested in quickly understanding the structure of the language, you will love this. There are no exercises, no lengthy vocab lists and you will need another learning aid or book to speak properly.For me, I have taught myself other languages and I know Spanish, which is very similar. I was able to read the book over two days, quickly identify the structural differences, and now I can constantly refer back to this as a reference and guide for conjugations, pronouns, prepositions, etc…I am confident that this book has saved me a lot of time by giving me the foundation to properly learn the language.

⭐If you’re learning European Portuguese, this book is decent. It is very concise, only 100 pages, but fairly thorough. The problem is that it was first published in 1966, and, well… languages change, perhaps none more than Portuguese. The book presents many grammatical structures that simply aren’t used anymore, or are used only in literary writing. There is little mention of the differences between these literary forms and the more common spoken forms.If you’re learning Brazilian Portuguese, this book will probably mislead you into speaking in a strange and overly formal style. There are much more up-to-date grammar books out there that will point out these differences in modern style (John Whitlam’s Modern Brazilian Portuguese being my personal favorite).If your main interest is in reading and writing literary portuguese, this will be an excellent guide. But if your goal is to speak and converse in a modern style, the grammar here is just too formal and out-of-date.

⭐I use this book along side conversing with native speakers and making/studying flashcards and it does a great job of filling in the pieces of language that you miss in those two exercises. Grammatical rules and explanations for how words change and how they are used idiomatically is a great help when trying to learn not only the formal contractions but also why they don’t apply in many colloquial circumstances.Use this in conjunction with your other language learning tools and you’ll be great!

⭐I bought this book, lost it, then bought it again. It’s that good.Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the concepts of Portuguese grammar, but this little book does an outstanding job of explaining it to an English speaker. It’s very straight-forward and logical. The only complaint is that it’s a little outdated (published in the 60’s) and it generally leans toward Portugal Portuguese, not Brazilian. There are also some archaic terms, such as combining “de” and “um” for “dum”. This is never used in Brazil. But it’s got a great price and like I said, I bought it twice.An excellent tool for anyone studying Portuguese.

⭐Easily the best Portuguese grammar book I’ve ever used. Every question an English learner asks is answered in this book, and in a clear and logical manner. What is the difference between Por and Para? How do you structure questions?The book starts by showing you some tricks to convert Latin-based words from English into Portuguese. This step alone instantly expands your vocabulary by many hundreds of words, as you can quickly recycle your existing English vocabulary into Portuguese.If, like me at first, you’re not used to grammar terms like adverbs or tenses, the glossary at the back explains clearly what each term means with examples.If you’re learning Portuguese, you NEED this book.

⭐Learning correct Portuguese grammar, not Brazilian Grammar, can be hard because of a lack of useful targeted text books. If you have some vocabulary this is the book for you. Use it to get a proper overview then delve in for the things you need to make your sentences less Ingles. Portuguese grammar is relatively logical and this quite thin book is a great aid.


⭐The Kindle version of this book contains several mistakes (which may not appear in the printed version). I already speak some Portuguese and, having only read as far as the plurals section so far, have found at least 3 errors. Also, the layout on the Kindle is appalling so that sections like the summary of plurals are split over several lines and the end of some words (eg how the plural is formed, the bit you are meant to be learning!) is missing altogether. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the Kindle version until the errors have been corrected.

⭐I am starting to learn Portuguese and thought that I would start with some grammar, being an “old fashioned” learner! In my opinion this is an excellent book and VERY well explained. I know some French and can compare how a language is taught. For a beginner this book will provide the foundations of the Portuguese language.


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Essential Portuguese Grammar 2020 PDF Free Download
Download Essential Portuguese Grammar PDF
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