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  • Published: 2014
  • Number of pages: 187 pages
  • Format: PDF
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  • Authors: Owen Gingerich


Many scientists look at the universe and conclude we are here by chance. The astronomer and historian Owen Gingerich looks at the same evidence—and the fact that the universe is comprehensible to our minds—and sees it as proof for the intentions of a Creator-God. The more rigorous science becomes, the more clearly God’s handiwork can be understood.

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⭐Was Stephen Jay Gould right? Should the worlds of science and faith be kept separate?Gingerich has the scientific credentials to give his writing credibility with those of us who are also scientists. His strong Christian faith shines through every interstice of his writing.This is a series of three lectures he wrote for the Herrmann Lecture series at Gordon College which has been established by the John Templeton Foundation. The book is succinct and probably accessible to almost any reader.

⭐Short and to the point. No wasted words. Convincing points to be made that few others will deal with, using flawless logic. Highly recommended either to bolster or challenge preconceptions!

⭐Fabulous book!

⭐Prompt delivery. Product as advertised

⭐In rich and edifying prose, Gingerich walks us through historical conundra mixing faith, science, and fact. With an irresistible lilt, the Harvard astronomer elicits from the reader an insight into the wonders and beauty of nature as discerned by science and blessed by God.

⭐Excellent discussion of evolution and the possibility that God is involved. Gingerich is not afraid to voice his own belief.

⭐This book is very small in size. The print is tiny. It would have been better if it had been printed the size of a regular book with a decent sized font.

⭐Argument or thesis on whether or not there is a so-called overlap between the two magesteria of science and religion (theology), and whether there is none per original statement of Prof. S.J. Gould.The key players to exemplify that this original statement has no merit are: Copernicus, Darwin and Fred Hoyle, and if these individuals were right. Scientifically there is no doubt on the former two, though Fred Hoyle’s steady state model of the universe was refuted by advances in physics and observational astronomy.My interpretation of Prof. S.J. Gould’s statement that science and theology are non-overlapping magisteria is related to how these two human endeavors function. Science seeks to explain what can be known of material nature, from the subatomic to the galactic – an unbounded physical scale. On the other hand, theology, though for millennia it was the dominant “player on the stage” in terms of providing an all-encompassing world view, fails as an explanatory model, especially of the material world, its processes and laws.Ironically, at least in the West and a few Eastern cultures, institutional religion was instrumental in the initial stirrings and support of the rise of science, especially with regard to mathematics and astronomy. So yes, science and theology or religion can overlap, but this is strictly cultural, and not in how these two disciplines function in our world.The book eventually turns to the question of whether the universe and its fine tuning is a product of some spiritual essence or divinity. If this is the case then science will have difficulty explaining the how; however, if the math points in this direction, then maybe in the end there will be not only a convergence of science and theology, or of particle physics and theology, but the elusive GUT (grand unified theory) will be unraveled. This outcome is difficult to imagine.How can we account for the emergence of biological life if the origin of the universe is non-material? Biological life might only be a derivative of some universal material force or substance we do not yet grasp. What god is then is not what we had imagined; maybe every cell in our bodies contains within it particles of this “god” source.Overall a thoughtful argument, though it leaves the door open for further investigation and discussion.


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