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Originally published in German under the title Holzwege, this collection of texts is Heidegger’s first post-war work and contains some of the major expositions of his later philosophy. Although translations of the essays have appeared individually in a variety of places, this is the first English translation to bring them together as Heidegger intended. It is an invaluable resource for all students of Heidegger, whether they study philosophy, literary theory, religious studies, or intellectual history.

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⭐It is always useful to compare translations, even though I think Young’s translations are superior to those in Hofstader’s

⭐. Young’s English renderings are much clearer and more accurate. However, Hofstader was making an honest and intelligent effort, and it is interesting to see where he took license (substituting, for example, “the children” for the less clear “childhood”) in “Why Poets?” (p. 229 in Young, [Wozu Dichter?] . I think Young’s “Why Poets?” is a far better rendering of “Wozu Dichter?” than the equally valid “What are Poets for?” (“Wozu” can mean both “why” and “what.”) Heidegger is all about the question (and the question of the question). “What for? reduces the question to one of use, whereas Young’s “Why” is much stranger, totally unexpected, and much more open. In addition to the high quality of Young’s translations, this book is invaluable for being the first translation of Off the Beaten Track. Parts of which had been translated, published, and scattered in separate books. Young’s

⭐is equally invaluable. Anyone interested in Heidegger who reads Heidegger exclusively or primarily in English should have both of Young’s books.

⭐It is good to have this well-made edition of Heidegger’s later essays issued. The translations are very clear, which is remarkable when one considers the convolutedness of most of the philosopher’s writing. This book was very useful to me as a resource while writing several articles involving Heidegger.

⭐Adding to my personal library

⭐This is the part of Hiedegger that I love – his mystical and religious side. Perfect.

⭐Used but very well taken care of! The pages were crisp, clean, flat, and of store-bought quality. Ideal for school, and super fast delivery.


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