Passport to the Cosmos by John E. Mack (PDF)

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  • Published: 2010
  • Number of pages: 370 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 2.37 MB
  • Authors: John E. Mack


John Mack explored alien encounter experiences deeply, revealing a world of meaning and power that can revolutionize our understanding of who we are and our place in the cosmos. Dr. Mack suggests that such experiences reveal to us a universe which is filled with intelligence and life, though this may not always take the densely embodied form with which we are most familiar. This book brings us to the edge of material reality and beyond, shattering the boundary that has separated matter and spirit and scientific or spiritual ways of knowing. Dr. Mack asks us to move beyond the largely useless debate about whether UFOs or abductions are real in a purely material sense. He shows us the limited way that we have used ourselves in learning about the cosmos, and challenges the limitations of traditional science as a way to learn about the multi-dimensional world in which we reside. Insights about the relationship between spiritual and physical energy; trauma’s role in transformation; information about the ecological crisis facing the planet and the urgency that we do something about it; the possibility that human beings are participating in the creation of some sort of interdimensional hybrid race; the expansion of human consciousness and our spiritual reawakening; and the apparent evolution of extraordinary relationships that some human beings may be developing beyond the earth plane – these are the matters this book includes. Dr. Mack demonstrates that the investigations of a skilled clinician, exploring human consciousness through in-depth conversations, can reveal to us a multidimensional, apparently intelligent, cosmos whose nature is fundamentally consistent with the discoveries of leading scientists who have been gaining knowledge primarily through exploring the physical world.

User’s Reviews

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐Usually, the idea of a passport implies that one needs certain requirements to enter the kingdom of heaven, another reality, and isn’t accepted for what one is. There I think is a difference with human ignorance of not understanding a problem in full as opposed to other beings in Mack’s work that strangely violate free will on all levels and are viewed as positive. Any being, not to sound pessimistic for thousands of years is going to know how to manipulate something through experimentation, implantation, and alterations on human and other levels, and will present as a loving and kind being as Karla Turner has already proven through her own works, most New Age Earth is a school implies that one is simply being trained to perform a process rather then having one’s own free will within that process. It’s for that reason that New Age Books beyond the completely incomprehensible and nonsensical information that leads to nowhere faster than the so called belief in the field should raise some eyebrows. There are so many issues with the whole field of U.F.O. and alien abductions that a list of complaints could easily be larger then a Martin Luther nailing the list of complaints to the cosmic passport office. Here are a few perhaps of hundreds if not thousands, maybe more. (I’m not saying this is real as a field.)(1) Have violated abductees through experimentation, physical, and sexual abuse. Giving them PTSD symptoms and erasing their own memory for an agenda. This doesn’t make them enlightened, advanced beings it just means that no matter how much they control they’re abusers.(2) Have violated their free will and have gone into their mind to enforce their will upon human beings.(3) Appear to be manipulating human beings into a forced evolutionary process where the double or the other is not accepted, instead it alterity, differentiation, individuation, is made toward a more uniform, undifferentiated immortality, reflected in a being that has become indifferent to its own suffering, pain, and misery that it has inflicted on others as well as its own self, some might view this from a pro new age as stoicism, controlling thought, or something else, but is more self-abuse and removing emotion to not think about the consequences of what one is doing and since that would interfere with the performance, task, or function.(4) Remove human being souls by extracting them and putting them into clone bodies. The physical body is just as important as any other level. But again still abuse.(5) Want human beings to erase their own individuation to move toward a progressive hive mind thinking mentality. As in thinking, acting, and doing the same thing genetic alterations and other aspects make that permanently alter something for all time, means that the decision in a way is final. Since human beings are addicted to their gadgets and are under influence to be manipulated, the beings are probably the worst offenders of this, it just means exploitation, and being reduced to biological equilibrium and functions.(6) Have done their hardest to destroy all forms of individuality, creativity, and influence that humans may have over other aspects of the universe. They are quite able to do whatever they wish of course because the believe in their experimentation and wish for control, manipulation, influence, and exploitation of others.In the end, the big question is that nothing needs to be happening the way it is happening right now. If one is controlled, moved in that direction without second thought on what one is doing and what it is leading too, then it will continue, questioning it would cause something to shift and perhaps then one would finally figure out if one had a choice in the matter. Might as well end it there, the amount of issues is largely something that is nearly insurmountable, reflecting beings that are not as divisive as one thinks reading these things over time, divisive alien groups that don’t say the same thing speaks to possibility and alternatives, rather then a one all be all direction that decides everything. Hopefully, when the time comes deportations can be ready to send people back to where they came from, unless in a twist truly idiotic it is somehow their own world, then they can’t get dumped somewhere else and be forgotten, since that’s the better alternative, while they don’t change for all time and one finds the exit. At the very least, use discernment when reading this. My hope isn’t some twist where souls are recycled or one is kept within the Gary Larson bozone layer out of incompetence and stupidity. At the very least exits should be made and who knows if this true. That would not be coming from the beings that have presented the choice again and would be their own, reason being they are the one’s offering the choices, so in that way it isn’t really one’s own and proves again they are in control. Power lies in who presents the choice and offers it not the one choosing it.Ultimately, most of the works have the same general message of being accepted once you are this or once you become this. It’s rather exclusionary and not accepting of what one is or presents. There is no reason whatsoever that humans need to go in the direction we are going in as a species. If humans carried out the behavior, experimented, altered them, or influenced any of them severely either in a positive or negative manner, it wouldn’t be allowed its a hypocrisy. It’s about domination and controlling others, the field itself could be a waste of time because if this is what the universe offers as cosmic neighbors then you might as well not bother and the universe has failed you on all levels.But with that it seems better to get deported rather then getting the passport if these things were true.

⭐Bought this after reading his first book. Great read!

⭐The most eye-opening book on a subject we know almost nothing about. It was great to learn from other people experience, so wisely collected and described by the author!

⭐Highly recommended for a sane and logical yet compassionate consideration of the whole non-human interference that has been happening on our planet for many ages. It is a highly researched, supported and documented investigation that does not dismiss people’s real experiences as “nonsense” simply because the listener would like not to be terrified by the reality of such phenomena. The author is professional, yet open and compassionate. Start your research here into this very real aspect of human life in the 20th and 21st centuries. How could anyone read this book and not understand what is going on?

⭐MACK’S book is a revelation for anyone who has doubts that there are other worlds and other life forms in the universe. After reading his well-thought out investigation of phenomena surrounding ALIEN ABUDUCTION claims and the people at the center of these claims (he calls them “EXPERIENCERS”), I myself am convinced that our human world and our way of perceiving reality is very primitive and very limited at best. Our species is headed at breakneck speed toward its own destruction, but oddly enough, this book and its compelling contents became a source of hope for me. If the fascinating claims (and attending material proof) of abductees is to be believed, it will mean that our species may indeed evolve beyond it’s own demise and it’s current limited and destructive form. More advanced and superior life forms appear to be somehow invested in this. Why? Probably because our species has a completely egocentric perception of reality. By this, I mean that we believe we are “SEPARATE FROM” instead of “A PART OF” — which makes our outcome valuable to higher life forms who are connected to us. Many kudos to MACK’S book.

⭐Mack’s a force to be read. He took the subject matter seriously…you gotta read about his research.

⭐One of the best books I have ever read on this very important subject!

⭐Very interesting, scholarly book. No complaints about seller.

⭐Am only into the first few chapters, very interesting and so far am loving his attitude of looking into what the experiencers themselves say and not assuming mental ill health and so forth because of deviation from what’s considered “normal”…this book could easily be read in conjunction with “Passport To Magonia” and “Hidden Valley, Hidden Mind” (which looks at these things from a Tibetan Tantric view) to great advantage, both available on amazon.One thing to note about this book, it say 370 pages, yes this is true, however the font used in this book is smaller than usually used these days (not a criticism or a problem just an observation) and thus this book is easily the equivalent of a standard 600 page book by my estimation. Happy reading.

⭐Who are we?Where did we come from?IWhy are we here?This might help you answer these questions of help you understand why asking them might be dangerous when we consider Dr John Mack’s fate. Thankful to have found this book. Grateful.Absolutely worth the investment of your time!

⭐An ok read but quite boring and monotonous in parts, often referring to things already read and full of constant references mid paragraph. I also didn’t like it going off on a spiritual route rather than physically what happend to these people !Some parts very interesting some a massive yawn !

⭐A great book that takes a serious look at the E.T abduction phenomenon, this book lets the abductees tell their story without any patronising commentary. The correlation between shamanism and the E.T phenomenon is acknowledged which is important as both are intimately linked, I think a new mystical mythology is being born and I think that this book is a must read if one wants to get an understanding into this other realm of divinity 2.0. John E. Mack’s work has brought gravitas to a strange subject and with great courage coming from a left brain lockdown paradigm that is Harvard University. Only those who are getting conscious E.T contact can only truly grasp the realness of this phenomenon, but it is important for others to get up to speed, or at least appreciate that there is more to life than this almost sub-human domain.

⭐John Mack was ahead of his time, he took the alien abduction subject by the horns and delivered us a thought provoking look into life “out there”, and has done it magnificently here. John Mack did another book, which i have also reviewed, he seemed to have gone further than alot of others in this field because he got past the fear of it all and showed us the real purpose of alien abduction, although i am an experiencer myself, i refuse to hold the word Abduction because its a negative phrase that does more harm than good. Since i opened my eyes ans seen the whole thing in all of its glory, i am now of the opinion that we all come from the same source, Despite different “costumes”. And we are all participants one way or another…bravo


Free Download Passport to the Cosmos in PDF format
Passport to the Cosmos PDF Free Download
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Passport to the Cosmos 2010 PDF Free Download
Download Passport to the Cosmos PDF
Free Download Ebook Passport to the Cosmos

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