The Hope by Herman Wouk (PDF)

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  • Published: 2014
  • Number of pages: 707 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 1.93 MB
  • Authors: Herman Wouk


A sweeping epic of Israel from its founding to the Six-Day War, from the #1 NewYork Times-bestselling author: “Full of excitement.”—Entertainment Weekly From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Winds of War and The Caine Mutiny, this saga spans from 1948 to 1967, the early decades of the state of Israel as it fights for its life, outmatched and surrounded by enemies—the first of the two-part epic that concludes with The Glory. Zev Barak, Sam Pasternak, Don Kishote, and Benny Luria are all officers in the Israeli army, caught up in the sweep of history, fighting the desperate desert battles and meeting the larger-than-life personalities that shaped Israel’s fight for independence. The four heroes, and the women they love, weave a compelling tapestry of individual destinies through a grand recounting of one nation’s struggle against the odds. “Much of the dialogue is witty; the descriptions of back-channel diplomacy between the United States and Israel are fascinating and convincing.”—The New York Times Book Review “Solid historical research…fictional characters of Wouk’s own invention rub shoulders with real-life historical figures like David Ben Gurion [and] Moshe Dayan.”—The Christian Science Monitor “Rich and satisfying…deftly portrays the human face of inhuman conflict.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer “An engrossing and often moving tale.”—Publishers Weekly

User’s Reviews

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐Not being Jewish I have no knowledge of what it’s like to be a Jew. Being a Christian and a professional military man, I am very well versed on the history of the Jewish Nation and it’s horrific battles to survive against almost impossible odds.For those who don’t know the story of the struggle of the Jews to return to the ancient land that was their former home after the Holocaust of World War II you are missing one of the greatest sagas in human history! Seeking a land of their own where they could finally be free from eons of persecution and misery, this book summarizes in fictional terms the hardships the Jews endured trying to obtain and then hold on to a tiny piece of desert land given them by the UN as 4 Arab Nations attempt to invade and destroy them. How they do it in the face of a world embargo on the sale of weapons to them while openly selling all kinds of weapons to the Arabs is an amazing story in itself.The story is polished, well crafted, and not particularly one-sided.I think you will find it fascinating reading,

⭐An excellent book leading up to the start and then the end to the Six Day War in the Middle East Excellent cmbination of characters that makes the book very fast reading!

⭐Stirring believable humanized historic version of the continued remaking of JEWS and their forever contribution to the human race.Richard Sepler08/08/2022

⭐Great author Worthwhile reading, for sure

⭐Wouk’s writing is both thorough and engaging. The apocryphal characters of The Hope add great depth and fascination to the story of Israel’s complex early years, all while shedding greater light on the actual, historical legends who accompany them in this novel. Great read!

⭐Great novel of the early days of the state of Israel. Really fills you in on the troubles and problems they had to survive and live. Highly recommrnded.

⭐First, I am not Jewish or a Zionist nor the supporter of any Arab country. I do support Israel as a US allie.I heard Herman Wouk was a very good author. The Hope was a 693 page burner I read in 4 days. Lots of exciting war action, tanks, planes, CIA, strong character development with love triangles and much, much more. Herman Wouk tells us he is an avid Zionist and supporter of Israel but did not slander the other guy in the book ( the Arab nations ) with fictitious Arab sayings or wrong historical Arab facts. He concentrated on Jewish Israel true and fictitious characters although he does mention Egypt’s Nasser and other Arab leaders.Please remember this is a novel based on the 1948 creation of the Israel nation through the 6 day war in 1967.I liked that Herman Wouk tells us in the back of the book about the true events and people that took place in each section of the book.He mixes these true facts and true people with fictitious people, fictitious occurrences, love triangles and more. The book flows very well.I learned a lot about the creation of the Israel nation in 1948 through the 6 day war. The different Prime ministers, defense ministers and generals as well as other officers. Lots of exciting battle action with tanks, paratroopers, and jets. We see the complete ultra quick destruction of Egypt’s air force. The Israelite jet pilots destroyed hundreds of planes supplied by the USSR to Egypt on the ground. We also see the quick thrust of Israel armor and its army against Egypt tanks and infantry. Also other Arab nations involved.I was amazed that such a small nation could defend herself against the Arab countries surrounding her. We see France helping Israel for about 10 years with Mirage jets, etc. before abandoning her. We see the US and Britain not wanting to get involved challenging the USSR who propped up Egypt. We see the Russians supplying superior Mig 22s and T55 tanks to Egypt. Israel must make do with older Mirage jets, Sherman, Patton and other modified older tanks. So Israel goes it alone. We see the superior training of Israel’s pilots and armor personnel. The world is amazed at the quick successful 6 day war by small Israel.We see Presidents Eisenhower, JFK and LBJ and their interactions with Israel and at times no support for Israel and then when it is the US interest to counteract Russia to support Israel.This book was very well done. I enjoyed it. 4 1/3 stars. I liked The Hope so much I ordered the sequel The Glory and The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk.

⭐If you want to know why the Israelis will never give up East Jerusalem then you need to read this book. Their greatest passion, their great triumph, their fatal weakness, its all here.

⭐Have read several of Herman Woulks books over the yearsa and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. This book lived up to expectations. Will be adding more of his books to my collection.

⭐A lovely book, well worth reading even if the birth of Israel has no particular meaning for you. The author is a good one, whose name is pretty well known, even if not for this particular novel. Glad I bought it! Lovely holiday read.

⭐This didn’t grab me as much as I’d hoped, but it does give a good idea of how the State of Israel fought the battles of its first twenty years. And that’s at all levels of government and armed forces.

⭐a beautifully told story of the history of Israel


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