The Way of the Bow by Paulo Coelho (Epub)

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  • Published: 2011
  • Number of pages: 26 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 0.06 MB
  • Authors: Paulo Coelho


“The Way of the Bow” relates the story of Tetsuya, the best archer of the country, who conveys his teachings to a boy in his village. Throughout the story, several thoughts are reflected; our daily efforts and work, how to overcome difficulties, steadfastness, courage to take risky decisions, etc.

Paulo Coelho expressed in these few pages many of the values which inspire our daily work: innovation, flexibility, adaptation to changes, enthusiasm, team work.

“I wrote this text in which bow, arrow, target and archer form an integral part of the same system of growth and challenge”.— Paulo Coelho.

User’s Reviews

Paulo Coelho is considered one of the most influential authors of our times. His books have sold more than 145 million copies worldwide, have been released in 170 countries and translated into over 80 languages.Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1947, Paulo Coelho is the author of some of the most read titles of our time, such as The Pilgrimage or The Alchemist, the book which made him internationally famous. But also, Paulo Coelho has written many other books which have touched the hearts of people around the world, among them Veronika Decides to Die, Eleven Minutes, The Zahir, Aleph and Manuscript Found in Accra.He is member of the Academy of Letters of Brazil since 2002 and Messenger of Peace by the United Nations since 2007. In 2009 he received the Guinness World Record for the most translated author for the same book (The Alchemist). Also, he is the writer with the highest number of followers in the social media (more than 20 million fans).

Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published on UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ There is a reason why this man (Paulo Coelho) is my favourite author of all time.I didn’t even know this book was out (lol) I was just browsing through and I saw it and i was like this sounds good (and I mean it’s Paulo Coelho) so I 1-clicked it. Again the Brazilian wizard of words crafts a tale which gives not one but several powerful messages. As someone who is also a fellow of the craft it heartens me to know Paulo Coelho cares not only about writing books but imparting messages to inspire his readers to channel their strengths so that they can overcome their weaknesses and thus be afraid of no challenge that is placed b4 them.To this I say a sincere thank you to this author, you may never know how much your words inspire but maybe this poem might help you understand a bit (if and when you get a chance to read this review)The Torch Bearers (fellows of the craft)We are all born into a worldWhere the light in the sky promises a life of hope and opportunityYet some how this very light threatens to darken our daysThe mere repetitive act as the breaking of dawnBecomes an aid to the breaking of our resolveDenting our determinationDissolving our disciplineIn an attempt to deter us from our destinyFor those like meWho are pursuing dreams so un-realistic?Our peers ridicule our ambitionsAs their sole endeavour is to anchor our shipAnd make it a part of society’s psychologically suppressing standardsI ask my fellow past masters of the illustrious artWhich frames this ancient craftAs you are submerged in the genius of your workUsing your brush to canvas the infinite imagesConjured in the midst of a divine Supreme BeingMaking your mystical maps of the worldSought after in the most fervent and revered mannerOh yes, as you are the patronWho beholds our artistic dreams as your most sacred piece of realityAs the wind aids the sublime synchronization of melodies and lyricsBeats that smooth the tidal waves of timePlacing our mind in a serene sphereThat transcends our spaceWhile the words of the songwriter’s soulResonate images of success, courage and true lovePredicting prophecies of grandeur in the presence of povertyAnd just when your vessel is over-awed by sheer talent minus graceA book is thrust into your handsAnd as your hands run over its elaborate exterior and bindingYour mind becomes bonded to the narrator’s talesSpun by a mind without restrictionsUntamed by his languageAs he engineers a storyWith the foundations laid in your emotionsEmotions intricately woven so that it’s not a character anymoreBut your brotherYour sisterYour motherYour fatherLetters forged to form wordsWords that link your thoughts with sentencesIn an awesome construct fathomable only in the mindWords like impossibleWhich wouldn’t be possible butFor the purposeful word possibleThese are the possessors of un-chained thoughtsWhich diffuse out of the box of parental and peer constrictionsPressuring them to conform to the corporate combustion engineFuelled by hate, greedWhose by-products pollute the airWhile ethics and morals are left to drown with the aid of the root of all evilBut we are the torch bearersThe churners of the immortal flameThat initial spark that occurred eons agoBurning ever so brightly like a supernovaI urge you, those who are reading thisDon’t let these natural gifts go to wasteBe a fellow to the craftAnd let your talents set sail on the wavesLike an indestructible raftKeep up the great work and know you’ll always have a fan in Trinidad and Tobago.

⭐ I have read many books by this author and he never ceases to amaze with his thoughts, beliefs and written word. One cannot understand his full meaning until they have read each book many times. He is a wonderful teacher and infused his prose with thought provoking meanings. Another stunning but short work from the maestro.

⭐ every conversation about Paulo Coehlo always seems to begin and end with the Alchemist. Granted, it was a great book. An inspiring book. And it was indeed my own initiation to his writing, I think his book “Warrior of the Light” is even more inspiring, and this book “The Way of the Bow” is one I will continue to re-read annually (at the very least!) The story centering around a young villager who learns a local merchant is actually a legendary archer has the makings of a successful movie, and the lessons the archer teaches the boy about dedication, flexibility, attitude, innovation, and enthusiasm are something upon which to build a successful life.

⭐ A book filled with wisdom; elements of Boeddhism, Tao and the Art of War are woven into a simple tale of the Way of the Bow. Anyone who is on a spiritual journey can learn from this compact story and anyone interested in improving archery or any other activity as well. Thank you for writing and publishing this story.

⭐ Often times we practice our craft under the most mundane conditions and we think we are at the top of our game – but throw in a word like *deadline* into the mix then watch the challenge test our mettle.If you are a broadcast journalist like I was then your chosen vocation tested your mettle once maybe twice in an 8-hour period. What’s more you weren’t only judged by your managing editor but the entire viewing audience. Further, the word deadline conjured up three things – an allotted amount of time (or space) to fill; out of time and finally the report must hit the mark with deadly accuracy or it could mean termination.Had I not performed under that type of pressure daily, I could have easily dismissed the moral of the story in Paulo Coelho’s “The Way of the Bow”. Taking my experience into consideration, however, I realized no matter what job we perform, as farfetched as it seems, we could find ourselves practicing it in a death-defying situation. It is then and only then can we know how good we really are at our craft. But why wait for a catastrophe? Mastering “The Way of the Bow” in any endeavor becomes almost achievable if we follow the steps outlined in this inspirational tale.As Mr. Coelho promised in his blog post “The Way of the Bow” is a short read but it’s a helpful anecdote for mastering any undertaking. If you are at the point in your career where you think you’ve seen it, done it all, ready to write a book about it I suggest you first read “The Way of the Bow – then revisit your quest and ask yourself: “Am I really master of my domain?”

⭐ I think every single artist or person who strives to be great at anything should read this book. Paulo Coelho is the sage of our time and has such a simple way of putting things into perspective through his parables. Highly recommend this book, it’s a very quick read (I believe I read it the first time in one sitting), but – as most of his books do – you can read it again and find more amazing bits of knowledge and wisdom.

⭐ Like all of Paulo’s books, this is a very insightful (albeit short) book. It actually is not unlike a similar story in the Mahabharata about an archery contest between the book’s hero and other family members. With that said, Paulo weaves his own experience into this short story that are well worth knowing. Great read,

⭐ At first read, you might think this is a simple book about archery, but it’s much more than that. The Way of the Bow is a teaching of another way to focus, to meditate, to become one with your intention, and to be strong in yourself. Read one chapter, close the book, and then give yourself a day or two to let the lesson unfold itself within you before you move on. Go deep.

⭐ Excellent. Hope to read from time to time and apply the teaching to everyday life. May buy a bow someday.

⭐ A good book, reads very easy and fast.Short but deep story and teachings.Usefull for every day use and reminds you to leave your life in a fully manner.


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