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  • Published: 2011
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Today, humanity is caught up in the mad complexity of the mind and there is an urgent need to rediscover simplicity and innocence. Here, the contemporary mystic Osho brings to life the inherent and timeless wisdom of traditional Zen stories, showing that Zen is a way of dissolving philosophical problems, not of solving them — a way of getting rid of philosophy, because philosophy is a sort of neurosis. Zen is for those intelligent enough to understand the limitations of the intellect and ready to recognize the significance of intuition in the world of mysticism.

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Editorial Reviews: Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Excerpt from Chapter 7What is meditation? Is it a technique that can be practiced? Is it an effort that you have to do? Is it something which the mind can achieve? It is not.All that the mind can do cannot be meditation. It is something beyond the mind; the mind is absolutely helpless there. The mind cannot penetrate meditation: where mind ends, meditation begins. This has to be remembered, because in our life, whatsoever we do, we do through the mind; whatsoever we achieve, we achieve through the mind. And then when we turn inward we again start thinking in terms of techniques, methods, doings, because the whole of life’s experience shows us that everything can be done by the mind.Yes, except meditation, everything can be done by the mind. Everything is done by the mind except meditation, because meditation is not an achievement. It is already the case, it is your nature. It has not to be achieved, it has only to be recognized, it has only to be remembered. It is there waiting for you – just a turning in and it is available. You have been carrying it always and always.Meditation is your intrinsic nature. It is you, it is your being. It has nothing to do with your doings. You cannot have it. You cannot not have it. It cannot be possessed, it is not a thing. It is you, it is your being.Once you understand what meditation is, things become very clear. Otherwise you can go on groping in the dark.Meditation is a state of clarity, not a state of mind. Mind is confusion. Mind is never clear, it cannot be. Thoughts create clouds around you, they are subtle clouds. A mist is created by them and the clarity is lost. When thoughts disappear, when there are no more clouds around you, when you are in your simple being-ness, clarity happens. Then you can see far away, then you can see to the very end of existence. Then your gaze becomes penetrating, to the very core of being.Meditation is clarity, absolute clarity of vision. You cannot think about it. You have to drop thinking. When I say you have to drop thinking, don’t conclude in a hurry. Because I have to use language, so I say, “Drop thinking” – but if you start dropping you will miss, because again you will reduce it to a doing.“Drop thinking” simply means don’t do anything. Sit. Let thoughts settle themselves. Let mind drop on its own accord. Just sit gazing at the wall in a silent corner, not doing anything at all, relaxed, loose, with no effort, not going anywhere, as if you are falling asleep awake. You are awake and you are relaxing and the whole body is falling into sleep. You remain alert inside and the whole body moves into deep relaxation.Thoughts settle on their own accord. You need not jump amongst them, you need not try to put them right. It is as if a stream has become muddy: what do you do? Do you jump in it and start helping the stream to become clear? – you will make it more muddy.You simply sit on the bank. You wait. There is nothing to be done, because whatsoever you do will make the stream more muddy. If somebody has passed through the stream and the dead leaves have surfaced, the mud has arisen, just patience is needed. You simply sit on the bank. Watch indifferently: the stream goes on flowing, the dead leaves will be taken away – and the mud cannot be there forever, it will start settling. After a while, suddenly you will become aware the stream is crystal-clear again.Whenever a desire passes through your mind, the stream becomes muddy. Just sit. Don’t try to do anything. In Japan this “just sitting” is called zazen – just sitting and doing nothing. And one day meditation happens. Not that you bring it to you, it comes to you. And when it comes, you immediately recognize it. It has always been there but you were not looking in the right direction. The treasure has been with you but you were occupied somewhere else: in thoughts, in desires, in a thousand and one things. You were not interested in only one thing – and that was your own being.When energy turns in – what Buddha calls paravritti, the coming back of your energy to the source – suddenly clarity is attained. Then you can see clouds a thousand miles away, and then you can hear ancient music in the pines. Then everything is available to you.

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⭐I’m fairly new to the world of Osho, this being the fifth book of his that I have read. But of all wise teachers that I have read – Krishnamurti, ParamahansaYogananda, and others, Osho stands out for me as being the most enlightening. There is a clarity and directness in his words that cuts through all possible ambiguities and reaches into the core of human existence. All of his books are slow reads, but in a good way, because I find myself spending more time putting the book down in order to digest his lessons and assimilating them into my life than I do reading the actual pages. Osho is challenging. You can’t come to any of his books clinging to beliefs. You have to come openly, humbly, willing to question all of your own perspectives and assumptions.Highlights in this book included the following lines:”This is the difference between a real religious person and a so-called religious person. The so-called religious person always looks to the rule, he always thinks of what is proper and what is not proper. But a really religious person lives it; there is nothing proper and improper for him. Compassion is so infinitely proper that whatsoever you do through compassion automatically becomes proper” (57).”Each individual has to come to [truth] alone, each individual has to come to it again and again. It can never become available in the market. You will have to pass through the hardship, you will have to seek and search…” (65).”Truth is independent of all opinions. What you think about truth is irrelevant; in fact, because you think, you will not be able to know what is. That which is can be known only when all thinking stops, when all opinions are thrown away” (154).I interpret the phrase “ancient music in the pines” as a metaphor for the inner voice, or the voice of God, or the voice of Nature. When one learns to let go of ambition and the desire to achieve, one becomes more quiet within; the mind recedes to the background and the inner voice therefore becomes more audible. Osho insists that one must get in the habit of meditating, of quieting the mind, so that one’s life becomes a meditation. He urges us that the only way to move past fear of death is to constantly re-discover the deathless self – the Witness, as he calls it – through meditation. Nor is he dogmatic about meditation techniques. Meditation, he says, is an artless art. It is “your intrinsic nature,” he says. “It is you, it is your being. It has nothing to do with your doings” (109).This book is incredible. Buy it. Read it. Digest it. Live it.

⭐Osho for me is a translator a dictionary of any doubt you may have, his simplicity, his genious mind and wisdom is incredible. This book is beautifull showing you your ying and yang melting toghether to become one, the reality to become one to surrender in silence to listen to the music in the pines, the existence, your inner sound, your god, the truth, to live fully any experience to accept life the way it is, it is Divine everything is the way it should be dont try to change life but live the present awake and consious like an obserber “Be a withness of your awarness” here and now. Silence is the way to pray, silence is the religion like Zen. Silence is the way to encounter with your heart, your soul, your God. We are the one.Osho is with no doubt the more clear master that i have ever read and has change my life totally, i started reading him 13 months ago and i cannot stop reading his wisdom every single day i have read 55 of his books in this time and meditating 2 hrs every day no more news in t.v. or traditions or waste of time. Read many books so you know this man, because if you read 10 or less he will confuss you he knows how to get you and i am very glad. If you want to share my mail is

⭐I read the edition of 1977. The book is the same except that chapters 1 and 2 were changed.Because the price and the DVD included I will buy this book again.Really, I can understand ZEN only reading Osho. He is the best.

⭐I found also a DVD ”Osho Talks” with this edition. Great pleasure to walk with Osho and not only on Zen stories! A bookworm from a little boy, you know, just everything, poetry, philosophy, novels, history, arts, very well! very well!., but something was missing, and i knew, at that time, that something was missing! I was about 27, and one morning it started what the Indian thought says, and i learned this, later, from Osho’s books, what they called ”The dark night of the soul”. At least that was my explanation. So for 5-6 years i was in that state, no meaning at all, to get up from bed, to eat, to drink, to have a walk etc etc.,. ”Read this book” told me a guy i’ve just met (a good friend now and a kind of teacher for me, already many years in meditation & yoga). It was ”Body Mind Balancing”. THAT WAS IT! I burst into laughter! I felt i found the real fountain. Someone talks to me from his (my) heart! At last! Every book of Osho is unique. I ‘ve read, me too, many great teachers, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Krishnamurti and others, but Osho is something else! Just something else! 10 years past, and here i am, and can you believe it? But if you meditate, and do the Dynamic Meditations of Osho, of course you can believe it. And not only believe it. YOU KNOW IT!!!

⭐The Zen way of life, the way of the spontaneous, effortless effort, the way of intuition is pictured in this book. To the question what the zen way of life is like; lies the answer in the story of Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma, the first Zen patriarch, took Zen from India to China in the sixth century. He came with one shoe on his foot and one shoe on his head. He planted the seed of Zen in China. He is considered as the father of Zen in China. For nine years while he was in China, Bodhidharma sat facing a wall, gazing at a wall. .After nine years he came back to is said that his legs withered away sitting and just looking at the wall. People would come and they would try to persuade him, “Look at us. Why are you looking at the wall? And he would say, “Because you are also like a wall. When somebody comes who is really not like a wall, I will look.”Then one day his successor came. And the successor cut off his hand and gave it to Bodhidharma and said,”Look this way, otherwise I am going to cut off my head.”He turned, immediately about turned and said, “wait! So you have come. I have been waiting for nine years for you.”Zen people talk through stories. They have to talk through stories because they cannot create theories and doctrines, they can only tell stories. This book ‘Ancient Music in the Pines’ is the transcript of a series of Osho’s talks to a live audience based on 5 selected Zen stories .Osho also discusses various topics such as : Trust and belief; Boredom and restlessness; Consciousness and concentration; Maturity and immaturity; Scientific truth and religious truth during the course of his talks. Parables, anecdotes, stories and jokes are aplenty in this book. Osho always chooses the right one at the right moment.Osho always is against the majority. He teaches us a new way of thinking. Given below are some of his views:Belief is not trust, and the more strongly you say that you believe totally the more you are afraid of the doubt within you.If you are still fighting with your wife or your husband, your boyfriend or girlfriend, that simply shows that life is still running in it.If you sit in this world silently, if you live silently, as an alive nothingness, the world will become a paradise.The ancient music one hears in this book is the eternal music. the soundless sound, the Omkar , the sound of the one hand clapping.


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Ancient Music in the Pines: In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops Epub Free Download
Download Ancient Music in the Pines: In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops 2011 Epub Free
Ancient Music in the Pines: In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops 2011 Epub Free Download
Download Ancient Music in the Pines: In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops Epub
Free Download Ebook Ancient Music in the Pines: In Zen, Mind Suddenly Stops

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