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  • Published: 1986
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Thirteen short science-fiction mysteries by the acclaimed science writer are presented together with commentary

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⭐Asimov’s MysteriesThe Singing Bell (1954)The Talking Stone (1955)What’s In A Name? (1956)The Dying Night (1956)Pate De Foie Gras (1956)The Dust Of Death (1957)A Loint Of Paw (1957)I’m In Marsport Without Hilda (1957)Marooned Off Vesta(1938)Anniversary(1959) Does Asimov predict the Internet?Obituary(1959)Star Light(1962)The Key(1966)The Billiard Ball(1967)Highly recommended for fans of Asimov’s mysteries. The Good Doctor proves a point.Gunner March, 2009

⭐My favorite Asimov short story collection. Lots of fun and lots to learn. I’ve read it several times over the years.

⭐I love the stories in this book, esp Wendell Urth. I wish it had more of his stories. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. This book is for anyone who enjoys mysteries and sci-fi.

⭐Asimov is one of my favorite authors and this book shows why. It was delivered on time and in as advertised condition.


⭐Many of Isaac Asimov’s science-fiction stories contained elements of mystery tales, even if they were not full blown mystery stories themselves. Indeed, I remember reading a quote from the Good Doctor in which he pointed out that scientific discovery and the unfolding of many fictional plots held similarities to detective stories. But ASIMOV’S MYSTERIES is a collection of straight up science-fiction/mystery hybrids. Fourteen such short stories make up this anthology which range in publication date from 1939 (his first published short story) to 1967.Note that while Asimov did occasionally write mysteries with no science fiction aspects to the story — his Black Widowers series — no such stories appear in this collection. These stories are mysteries which usually turn on a point of science. Criminals are caught up by Newton’s Laws. Murderers take full advantage of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. By the way, don’t be intimidated. Even if you struggled with your Middle School science classes, Asimov always had the ability to convey the more esoteric scientific concepts in easy to understand language. And — as he acknowledges in the introduction — he doesn’t try to fool the audience by having the final mystery solved by a random law of nature being revealed to a scientifically-illeterate reader. As with most true detective novels, the audience is not cheated; any scientific knowledge which is necessarily for the climax will have been mentioned (perhaps subtly) by the author during the story’s build-up.Although I’ve read quite a number of Asimov’s stories, this was the first time I encountered the character of Wendell Urth who appears a handful of times here. He’s the scientist-turned-detective who is called upon to solve cases in which scientific expertise about extraterrestrial bodies is required. He’s a very typical Asimov scientist in that he’s logical, extremely intelligent and carries with him a few of Asimov’s own personality quirks.Like the characters, the stories and the prose are exactly what you would expect from Asimov: simple, direct and fun. Asimov’s style was always very consistent; this is no exception. I can’t really point to any particular standout story from this collection as I enjoyed them all about equally (even the ones I had read in other compilations). For me it was nice to finally read “Marooned Off Vesta” which was the first story Asimov ever had published and which I had never read before. I also enjoyed reading the sequel — “Anniversary” — which had been written to celebrate the twentieth year since the story’s original publication.These stories are enjoyable and relaxing. I read the bulk of these while making a couple of airplane flights (the thought of which would have made Asimov’s skin crawl) and it’s great to read something that can make the reader think while at the same time being genuinely fun and absorbing reads.For convenience’s sake, I’m including the table of contents here:”The Singing Bell” (1955)”The Talking Stone” (1955)”What’s in a Name?” (1956)”The Dying Night” (1956)”Pâté de Foie Gras” (1956)”The Dust of Death” (1957)”A Loint of Paw” (1957)”I’m in Marsport Without Hilda” (1957)”Marooned Off Vesta” (1939)”Anniversary” (1959)”Obituary” (1959)”Star Light” (1962)”The Key” (1966)”The Billiard Ball” (1967)

⭐Mistérios seguem princípios científicos e o constante exercício das chamadas células cinzentas (Hercule Poirot), para misturar as pistas e chegar à solução. Alguns detalhes, entretanto, especificamente alienígenas, estão um tanto defasados, já que o livro foi escrito antes de 1970. O que não atrapalha em nada, a qualidade das estórias, apesar de não apresentarem pitadas de sexo ou violência.Asimov sempre teve a habilidade de apresentar os conceitos científicos mais esotéricos, de uma forma de fácil entendimento.Ele escreveu seu primeiro mistério/sci-fi em 1954, com The caves of steel.Ele não tenta enganar o leitor com um final solucionado através de uma lei da natureza qualquer, que seja do total desconhecimento do público leigo. Todo conhecimento científico necessário para a solução dos mistérios, é fornecido e mencionado (embora sutilmente), pelo autor, durante a construção do texto.Os comentários do autor, que abrem ou encerram cada estória, às vezes são mais interessantes que a própria trama.Wendell Urth aparece várias vezes no livro, em estórias diferentes. Ele é um tipo de detetive-cientista sedentário, que é chamado para solucionar casos em que é necessário um maior conhecimento específico sobre extraterrestres. Urth é lógico, inteligente e carrega um pouco da própria personalidade de Asimov.Listo, a aseguir, alguns dos mistérios abordados no livro, que mais me interessaram:* The Singing Bell (O sino cantante 1955) – fica claro, desde o começo, que louis Peyton assassinou Albert Cornwell. Pode não ser fácil provar, mesmo com o uso da psicoprova, pos: “Não há nada mais convincente de uma aparente inocência, do que uma falta triunfante de álibi.” – Louis Peyton* The Dying Night (O fim da noite 1956) – nova participação de Wendell Urth, desta vez muito interessado numa experiência de transferência de massa, para seres humanos, em direção a new Hampshire, como pagamento de seus honorários de investigador.* The Dust of Death (A poeira da morte 1957) – um verdadeiro mistério de assassinato.* I’m in Marsport Without Hilda (Estou no porto de Marte sem Hilda 1957) – uma estória romãntica e engraçada.* Marooned Off Vesta (Perdido em Vesta 1939) – a primeira estória de Isaac Asimov a ser publicada, em 1939.* Anniversary (Aniversário 1959) – sequência de Perdido em Vesta, escrita para celebrar o 20o aniversário de sua primeira publicação. Somos apresentados ao Multivac – um supercomputador de 1,5km de comprimento, repositório de todos os fatos do conhecimento humano. Pesquisas estavam sendo feitas para um Multivac Junior – para trabalhos caseiros e uso das crianças. Alguma semelhança???* Obituary (Obituário 1959) – Esta foi a minha estória preferida – uma mulher oprimida pelo marido cientista e tirano. A inventividade e criatividade dessa esposa, leva ao crime perfeito, com o uso de uma experiência com a máquina do tempo, seguida de uma vida tranqüila, pacata e feliz. Revenge!* Star Light (Luz estelar 1962) – o crime perfeito é seguido da fuga perfeita, planejada com todas as opções em perspectiva, menos uma…* The Key (A chave 1966) – Ôoooopa! Lá está Wendell Urth de novo…

⭐Asimov is good; you don’t need a review.

⭐It was great to reread these mysteries. Asimov is a much missed master of the story.The book arrived in time and as stated. A wonderful 50th b’day pressie to myself.

⭐Great read but book was in very poor condition – not as described. Stains of all sorts within the pages and even a dead spider.


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Asimov’s Mysteries 1986 EPUB Free Download
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