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  • Published: 1985
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  • Format: EPUB
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  • Authors: Isaac Asimov


Vintage paperback

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⭐This was the first SF by Asimov I read. He’s a great short story writer, and this is a collection of four.The title story is about people who have made their home on Mars but find that the home planet Earth is being stingy about sending resources for these colonists. Like, water. Asimov made the point that the Earth is two-thirds water. However the dearth of fresh water as opposed to salt is a major issue in some parts of the world so he was a little hasty. But true enough, Mars has a lot less water than Earth does. So the custom in this story is for people to buy water and fill a flask when visiting friends, providing the water for their coffee.The other three stories are also fun reads and should be enjoyed by lively minds, quite suitable for young teens.Asimov’s best books were those which collected short stories, such as the Foundation books, and the novel-length works just fail to hold interest in many cases.

⭐Don’t read the cover, it gives away the twists.It’s a great short and easy read. This is a perfect book to carry around and dip into while waiting to pick up the kids.

⭐Series of short stories from 1 of the best writers of science fiction. Some of these are a little dated but I am very pleased to recommend this book.

⭐Superb book

⭐As expected.


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