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  • Published: 1988
  • Number of pages: 221 pages
  • Format: EPUB
  • File Size: 0.19 MB
  • Authors: Isaac Asimov


Azazel, an enchanting, other-wordly imp, uses his magical powers to help humans beset by ill fortune, but his efforts frequently have unexpected results, in this collection of fantasy tales

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Editorial Reviews: From Library Journal A miniature demon’s power to grant wishes forms the recurring theme for 18 cautionary, satirical tales by sf veteran Asimov. Previously published only in magazines, the adventures of Azazel and his summoner, George Bitternut, will attract readers who enjoy flights of fantasy and logic couched as tall tales. For large sf/fantasy collections. JCCopyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐It’s so whitty and humorous, love the style

⭐A man is able to summon a pocket sized demon. These are the man’s stories. If I knew such a person in real life I’d hang on his every word. Funny tales that will stay with the reader as fond memories.

⭐early Isaac Asimov collection of his work, which is voluminous in nature to begin with, and rather varied as well.

⭐Title says it all, it’s the only reason why I this book was a must have. This book is pure satire and it’s a fun romp from tale to tale.

⭐An amusing collection of stories told over dinner with insultingly superior deadbeat George telling Asimov entertaining stories about the two- centimeter demon he calls up for good deeds named Azazel. Azazel only does good deeds but never directly for George. And they often usually backfire in an unusual way. George gets a little tiresome after awhile but Asimov claims he more than makes up for the loss in cadged meals and borrowed sawbucks with stories Asimov sells. The book is just long enough to be entertaining without the formula being overly repetitious. Recommended light, amusing reading

⭐Adventures of this inadequate demon, which is summoned by those, who can’t summon more potent demons causes lot of belly shaking humor, which will have you reading the book over, and over, and after some time passes you will recall the good chuckle you had while reading it, and so you will go back, and read it again. Out of the hundreds of books that Asimov wrote in his very prolific span as a writer this is one of his masterpieces, and once you acquire this book, you will not let it go. Trust me.

⭐I see that most of the reviews here are positive, but this book just didn’t work for me. I do not know why Asimov decided to try his hand at fantasy, but I don’t think he succeeded very well. While the stories that make up AZAZEL are imaginative enough, they are written in a prissy style meant to evoke the character of their fictional narrator, George. I found this tedious, and eventually annoying. In the hands (or typewriter) of a master short story teller like Robert Sheckley or Fredric Brown, these stories could have been real gems. As written, however, they fall short and land flat.

⭐I have read this book several times now, and will no doubt read it again. Quirky and well written, short stories which are easy to read, and ideal for just picking one at random, or reading through in one go. Highly recommeded

⭐Collection of short stories featuring the tiny demon Azazel taken from magazines. Entertaining, if not Asimov’s absolute best. Worth reading, though, especially if you like this type of fantasy.

⭐Absolutely brilliant writing !!!

⭐November 29, 2020Received item as described by seller in estimated delivery time. Thank you.

⭐Excellent book. Short humorous stories that are a pleasure to read.


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