My American Duchess by Eloisa James (Epub)

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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 415 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 0.67 MB
  • Authors: Eloisa James


The arrogant Duke of Trent intends to marry a well-bred Englishwoman. The last woman he would ever consider marrying is the adventuresome Merry Pelford— an American heiress who has infamously jilted two fiancés.

But after one provocative encounter with the captivating Merry, Trent desires her more than any woman he has ever met. He is determined to have her as his wife, no matter what it takes. And Trent is a man who always gets what he wants.

The problem is, Merry is already betrothed, and the former runaway bride has vowed to make it all the way to the altar. As honor clashes with irresistible passion, Trent realizes the stakes are higher than anyone could have imagined. In his battle to save Merry and win her heart, one thing becomes clear:

All is fair in love and war.

User’s Reviews

Review Romance novels often quietly advance the idea that women deserve to be accepted for who they are, and this amusing and heart-wrenching story offers a perfect example of a character who fights for the life and love she wants, not once but twice.– “New York Times Book Review”James…eloquently expresses the power of love, family, honor, and honesty. James’ magic is in the prose and the emotional depth of each word. No reader is immune to the feelings James elicits deep within their heart and soul.– “RT Book Reviews (4 1/2 stars, Top Pick!)”With lively banter, sly wit, and elegant prose, James cleverly guides a stubborn American heiress and an arrogant duke to the altar in a seductive late-Georgian romp that is graced with fascinating historical detail and well-placed Shakespearean references.– “Library Journal”James deftly marries insightful character development with a smartly written plot, and then wraps the resulting irresistible love story up with an abundance of wit-infused dialogue and a refined brand of sensuality.– “Booklist”James’…nontraditional plot provides an interesting and moving take on courtship and marriage, plus an engaging American’s view of Regency England. A gratifyingly lush, vibrant, and emotional romance.– “Kirkus Reviews”James enlivens a series of classic romance cliches with congenial characters and historical tidbits…Though it has a well-trodden conflict, this romance is still gratifying.– “Publishers Weekly”Narrator Kate Reading expertly showcases lovely but flighty American heiress Merry Pelford…Reading’s ability to make the duke sound arrogant and attractive and his brother arrogant and amusing is a tribute to her talent as a narrator. Merry is also portrayed with some complexity: She’s less than discerning in her relationships with members of the opposite sex yet remains an enchanting character. Reading also excels in her portrayals of Merry’s snobbish American relatives and the duke’s stodgy upper-crust acquaintances.– “AudioFile” –This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition.

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⭐ The exquisite storytelling skill of Eloisa James shines in her newest historical romance, MY AMERICAN DUCHESS. I love a fish out of water story and our heroine, Miss Merry Pelford from Boston certainly is that. Effervescent, outspoken, unwilling to hide either her intelligence or her opinions, Merry is the antithesis of a proper English miss. Yet it’s those differences that capture the attention of the responsible, no-nonsense Duke of Trent. Of course there are obstacles (some pretty sizable obstacles), twists and turns, lessons to be learned, and truths to be discovered before our couple can reach a happy ending but our couple eventually arrives there with the skillful guidance of Ms. James. Along the way, there’s plenty of charm, wit, humor and emotion to keep this reader invested in both the characters and their journey to love.If you’re an Eloisa James fan, you’ll want to add My American Duchess to your keeper shelf. If you haven’t yet read her books, this standalone is the perfect place to start. It has my highest recommendation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll pay a visit to Merry and Trent. For the third time.~PJ AusdenmoreThe Romance Dish

⭐ Another great story delivered by Ms. James. The author has cornered the market on complex yet lovely characters. I was cheering for Merry and Trent immediately. Their first meeting is one of the best “first meets” because these two actually enjoyed each other. As a reader I believed in the story right away. Time in and time out, the author delivers a wonderful tale that I got completely lost in. The words, the story, the emotion…everything was perfect.I can’t wait for the next read in the series. In my humble opinion, this is one of her best. I love the fact Merry was an American heiress in London. A unique twist on my favorite genre.Pineapple anyone?

⭐ Eloisa James’ books are always perfect in my eyes. I’ve never been disappointed, and My American Duchess is one of my favorites. There was amazing chemistry between Merry and Trent, right from the beginning. Not only was it great to see the sparks fly between them, but it was just as awesome to see them dance around that chemistry. The differences between Cedric and Trent added a very interesting element to the story. I almost feel bad for enjoying their bickering and feuding, but I really couldn’t help myself. It was phenomenal. Merry was definitely a shining star for me in this book. She was fun, smart, and didn’t take any crap. She made her own way in society, and I was rooting for her through the whole book. I don’t want to forget to mention the cuddly puppies in this book either. Adorable! The only thing bad about this book was that it had to end, but honestly, I thought the ending was marvelous too!

⭐ You know how sometimes you just can’t connect with the main characters in a novel? Well, that was me with this one. I neither liked nor disliked them, I just couldn’t bring myself to care about them or their issues. For me, this novel was just a big, fat ho-hum.The most interesting thing was the rented pineapple and the existence of pineapple stoves that allowed pineapples to be grown in cooler climates. Learning that kept the book from being a total waste of time.

⭐ What to say about My American Duchess……let’s see yes it’s an age old tale, an American Heiress and an English Duke…but that’s where the “same old” ended for me. Personally I love those tales, I love seeing how an American with our attitudes even back then you know we had to have had attitudes, otherwise we’d still be under English rule. So I love when authors create a romance with a strong willed American and a “stuffy” Englishman. It makes me smile every-time. The author, Eloisa James, makes this one extremely fun. I loved the idea that Merry is just “loving and leaving” men. I sit her laughing as I write that, because it sounds worse than it is. But I can just “hear” the rumors of just that going round the drawing rooms and balls. I loved Trent finding himself in a very awkward situation…..falling in love with the woman betrothed to his brother. There are some scenes that will forever change how you look at everyday items, most notably the Pineapple scene, you’ll never pass a pineapple again without thinking about it….Fans of Eloisa James will adores these characters and be eager to turn pages while at the same time be a little reluctant to reach the end. If you are new to Eloisa James be prepared you’ll be ready to find all her back-list after reading this one. MY AMERICAN DUCHESS is a perfect read if you are looking a fun, light, engaging, well written historical romance. I can’t wait for the next one!

⭐ I preordered this back in October because every Eloisa James book is a must read for me. I tend to forget how much I like her characters and writing while waiting for the next book, then I pick up the new story and am sucked right in.I liked Merry and Jack. I am always disappointed when characters repeat mistakes or don’t speak up when they should and this book does have those written in. There is some angst but it doesn’t go overboard into melodrama – welllllll… maybe a touch near the end. The characters become friends though and that marks a good story for me. I roll my eyes at stories based mostly on lust or infatuation with no explained commonality.I read this too fast though, I read her books the way some people eat holiday candy – it is gone the next day. At least I can reread (and I will).

⭐ In brief: I usually only comment to write a scathing review. Honestly, I should change my handle name to “grumpy pants.”HOWEVER – THIS BOOK IS GOLDEN. I loved it. It was silly, off-the-cuff, historically inaccurate at times, BUT STILL WONDERFUL. The romantic tension between the characters is HOT – so hot, in fact, that I stayed up until 5:30AM to finish this!!!!Most of the negative reviews tend to tout on and about how it’s the same old story, the man refuses to “love,” blah blah… HONESTLY, why on earth are you reading romance novels, then?! Go read something epic and sad! Go away from romantic fiction!In short, brava, Mistress James. Turn from the silly naysayers and keep on writing hopeful, sweet, romantic fiction.

⭐ I was always an avid Eloisa James reader. I read all her books as soon as they were released but then for some reason I can’t even name, I took a break from her books. While I’ve still purchased them as they’ve been released, I haven’t actually read one in YEARS.I had just finished up a fantasy trilogy and couldn’t decide what to read next. I didn’t want to commit to another 3+ books series at the moment and wasn’t sure what genre I felt like reading next. I’d had ‘My American Duchess’ on my shelf for the last year and 4 months but it never occurred to me to actually pick it up and read it. Since I didn’t want to read another series and I was in the mood for a simple story, on a whim I decided on ‘My American Duchess.’Boy, am I glad that I did! It’s amazing how sometimes we forget how much we love something when we haven’t seen it, or in this case, haven’t read it in a while. I have always loved Eloisa James’ novels but I’d forgotten why. The story of American heiress Merry Pelford and the Duke of Trent reminded me!Ms. James writing is superb. Not surprising since she’s a professor of English literature! She also has a way to make you love a man. By all means, Trent should not be lovable, let alone likable. But for some reason, I found myself, once again, falling for an Eloisa James hero. And the fact that the heroine is American made her all the more endearing to me! Seems weird, but since I’m American and she’s American, it made me love Merry all the more! Spunk, sass and sarcasm all rolled up into one great woman. That’s my kinda heroine!There’s a great twist in the middle, not your usual kind of twist in mystery stories, but a twist just the same! I don’t want to give it away but I’ll say this, as I was sitting there reading and stupefied that Ms. James would put my beloved heroine in SUCH a predicament and wondering HOW on Earth was she going to get out of it…all the sudden I was struck with awe and happiness as how the story was playing out! The whole book was pure joy.I think any avid romance novel reader will love My American Duchess!

⭐ I have read many period romances in my day and My American Duchess falls squarely in the middle of them. The main difference between this story and so many others is that the leading lady is an out-spoken American from Boston who, despite being brought up by an English governess, is far from the perfect English lady.Merry is brought to England in search of a husband after she has broken off two prior engagements in America. If she doesn’t find a suitable husband here then she will need to return to America and live as a spinster. But love finds Merry in the form of Cedric Allardyce, second son of a duke – although Merry is too naive to see that Cedric only wants her funds. She agrees to marry him anyway but soon finds that she is deeply attracted to the hard nosed Duke of Trent, her fiance’s twin brother. Trent is hard where Cedric is soft, responsible where Cedric is not, and deeply in love with Merry. But he has had a hard life for a number of reasons and has vowed never to love another. Through a series of situations and manipulations Trent ends of married to Merry and is content to slake his lust with her but refuses to express his love although Merry does quite easily. That is precisely what he fears, that his wife is merely in love with the idea of love. As is so often the case in these stories there comes a day when Trent is in danger of Merry losing her life and that is when he speaks of his long repressed emotions.The story moves slowly at first but picks up speed until it comes to a satisfactory conclusion. There are several colorful characters – Mrs. Pondmeadow, George and Snowdrop (two dogs), and of course the pineapple situation is not to be missed. And let’s not forget Lady Caroline who has had her eye on marriage to the Duke of Trent from the outset. Merry’s dressing down of Lady Caroline will have the reading saying ” Yessss!”.Altogether a light-hearted read that will keep you entertained.

⭐ This fun, sexy, and dramatic historical romance pairs a lonely, loyal, and well-meaning duke, who doesn’t believe in love, with an American heiress, who very much believes in love and has fallen in love three times.Though the Duke of Trent and Merry Pelford were resolved to not fall in love with each other, their story was quite emotional and passionate. When the duke meets Merry in a dark balcony at a ball, he doesn’t know she had gotten engaged to his younger twin brother, Lord Cedric, earlier that evening. He’s fascinated by the funny, smart, opinionated, fact-gathering, democratic American, who disregards aristocratic titles. He’s also taken by her statuesque, voluptuous beauty, unlike Cedric who doesn’t think her looks are exceptional and only wants to marry her inheritance. Whether it’s a twin thing, Trent decides on the spot that he wants Merry to be his duchess.Merry has vowed to make it to the altar with her third fiancé. She’s come to England with her aunt and uncle to evade the scandal in Boston after she jilted both of her former fiancés. Cedric is a flatterer–charming, sophisticated, elegant, and beautiful. He’s a fashionable dresser, whereas the duke is always wearing black and loose coats that he can put on and take off without a valet. He’s burly and muscular from the outdoors, somewhat remote in society, and his expression is rather severe. But Merry makes him smile and laugh. Merry challenges him intellectually, and their verbal spars are clever, engaging, and cute. She’s also the only person he feels he can be himself with, and vice versa.Merry’s stubbornness and outspokenness however can be both weaknesses and strengths as her spirited nature gets her into scandalous situations in society, both funny but potentially disastrous. I liked how Merry stood up for herself, her family, and her beliefs. Because her parents had passed away, she lived with her aunt and uncle, and she was only twenty, I could understand why she was insecure and confident at the same time, why she wanted to please Cedric and not break up another engagement.But when Merry figured out that she didn’t want to marry Cedric after all and felt pressured into marrying him, the plot became very suspenseful and stressful. Trent also felt the pressure from ladies who wanted to marry his title and wealth. I couldn’t wait until Merry and Trent were free to be together. Yet, when they’re finally together, there are more complications because Trent views Merry’s inability to commit and falling in and out of love as flighty. They agree to base their relationship on their strong friendship and not the illusion of love.But this is a romance, so of course they’re going to fall in love. It’s agonizing how far apart they become when they realize they’re not on the same page anymore, and it’s infinitely rewarding when they finally return their love for each other. Merry and Trent are both complex individuals, flawed and human. Their affection and compatibility are quite clear, yet they’re reluctant to put their feelings into words and damage the fragile bond, trust, and friendship that has defined their relationship. Although they both aren’t sure if they know how to love, it’s clear that they love their families. So, it takes a little bit of drama and lots of action to reunite their stubborn, loving selves. I wasn’t a big fan of the longer sex scenes, but I liked how Trent took charge in bed… and the greenhouse… and I liked how Merry asked for what she wanted and took the initiative as well.I liked how Merry had a powerful effect on Trent by causing him to become self-aware. MY AMERICAN DUCHESS takes place twenty years after the American Revolution and shows how one woman can achieve a revolution of her own in her personal life and relationships, bringing an entrenched way of thinking into a new light.The epilogue contains a brief glimpse of a reformed Lord Cedric. I’m very much interested in his story as well.*ARC received from Edelweiss


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