Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism by Mark R. Levin (Epub)


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  • Published: 2017
  • Number of pages: 272 pages
  • Format: Epub
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  • Authors: Mark R. Levin


In Rediscovering Americanism, Mark R. Levin revisits the founders’ warnings about the perils of overreach by the federal government and concludes that the men who created our country would be outraged and disappointed to see where we’ve ended up.

Levin returns to the impassioned question he’s explored in each of his bestselling books: How do we save our exceptional country? Because our values are in such a precarious state, he argues that a restoration to the essential truths on which our country was founded has never been more urgent. Understanding these principles, in Levin’s words, can “serve as the antidote to tyrannical regimes and governments.” Rediscovering Americanism is not an exercise in nostalgia, but an appeal to his fellow citizens to reverse course.

This essential book brings Levin’s celebrated, sophisticated analysis to the troubling question of America’s future, and reminds us what we must restore for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

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Mark R. Levin, nationally syndicated talk-radio host, host of LevinTV, chairman of Landmark Legal Foundation, and the host of the FOX News show Life, Liberty, & Levin, is the author of six consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers: Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia, The Liberty Amendments, Plunder and Deceit, Rediscovering Americanism, and Unfreedom of the Press. Liberty and Tyranny spent three months at #1 and sold more than 1.5 million copies. His books Men in Black and Rescuing Sprite were also New York Times bestsellers. Levin is an inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame and was a top adviser to several members of President Ronald Reagan’s cabinet. He holds a BA from Temple University and a JD from Temple University Law School.

Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published on UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ Mark Levin, the author of this book, is one of the leading voices on right-wing talk radio. However, he is distinguished from his main competitors Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, by the fact that his programs (both radio and TV) go far beyond mere discussions of current events and delve into the ideas that underlie the issues of the day and the debates of the moment.Thus, on his programs one can hear (and in this book, read) in-depth discussions of such subjects as individualism and collectivism, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, and Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx, Adam Smith, and F.A. Hayek. These discussions not only shed important light on the events and disputes of the moment, but sometimes offer startling insight that illuminates a broad swath of human history. First and foremost in this category is a discussion drawn from Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments, in which Smith essentially explains the difference in attitudes between a statesman and a tyrant.A major value that this book provides is the understanding it gives of the intellectual transformation that occurred in American political philosophy during the 19th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, the country went to sleep with Washington and Jefferson as its leading political figures and the Constitution and Bill of Rights as its leading political documents. By the early 20th century, it woke up with Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson as its leading political figures and the Constitution and Bill of Rights pushed to the side and no longer taken seriously or considered binding by the country’s intellectuals. The new political philosophy that had emerged was “progressivism,” a combination of collectivism, egalitarianism, and contempt for the notion of immutable truths. The country has not yet recovered.I recommend this book to everyone who wants to improve his understanding of where we are intellectually and how we got here.George Reisman, Pepperdine University Professor Emeritus of Economics

⭐ I wanted to wait until completing this yet another incredible piece of work by Mark Levin before writing this review, but was just “chomping at the bit” (to quote Mark) to express my appreciation to him. As with all Mark’s books, every line and even every word is carefully considered, as he pours the wisdom of the centuries into his virtual “intellectual meat grinder” and lays it all out for all of us on a silver platter.I have been an avid listener of Mark’s since he began substituting for Sean over a decade ago, and through Mark, got my first genuine lessons about the true meaning of Liberty, limited government, and the natural rights of man. During this period, I began a new career and went back to school for a law degree, ultimately opening my own law practice. As all encompassing a task that is, I wasn’t about to stand by while our Country was being destroyed by corrupt politicians pushing destructive ideologies, and decided to take whatever action was available to me in order to fight this. Politics is not for me, but I have teaching experience, and have raised my children in a home in which I have made sure to imbue them traditional and conservative principles. I realized, however, that this may not be enough as I watch the society descending into an abyss that threatens to steal their futures, and that of future generations. Since two of my boys (twins) are currently in High School, I contacted their principal (they attend a Jewish private school), and explained that I wanted to teach a course on Liberty and Constitutional principles. He loved the idea, and offered the course as an elective to Juniors and Seniors. I just completed my first year of teaching the course to a terrific group of boys, and over the year, heard several times from the Civics and American Government teacher that my students are the most outspoken in his class, and they have helped to open up the eyes of their classmates with what they have added to class discussions.I am pleased to say that I have been invited back to teach the course again this year, and just as I did with this past year’s course, I sit with Mark’s books (at my dining room table), organizing my material using the incredible resources that Mark’s efforts have provided me. I have also amassed an enormous electronic reading list which I make available to my students, courtesy of Mark’s wealth of references and end notes. As I go through Mark’s latest master work, “Rediscovering Americanism,” I continue to expand my own perspectives and understanding, which I will hope to successfully pass on to my students in the coming year.None of this would have been possible without Mark and his incredible books. We have a daunting task ahead of us to get this country back to its founding principles, but I have a small degree of comfort in knowing that I am doing whatever is in my power to effect change, and I am extremely proud to consider myself one of Mark’s loyal foot soldiers in his intrepid battle to restore our Liberty and our Constitution.Just one final comment, which is a bit off the topic of Mark’s latest book. I would like to thank Mark for taking the time during his recent trip to Israel to share his enlightening experience with his millions of listeners. I was absolutely sure that once on site, Mark would instantly size up the situation, and broadcast its eternal truths to a world that is riddled with lies and misinformation. Mark clearly understands from where our enlightened founders drew their wisdom, which traces back to principles we inherited from the divine revelation of three and half millennia ago.I do not know that any of my words in this comment could adequately express my gratitude to Mark for what he has taught me, and has added to my life. Mark, thank you for your incredible broadcasts, thank you for your brilliant books, thank you for your delectable and caustic humor, thank you for your compassion, and a very special thank you for your fiery passion. Please just know that your efforts have single-handedly cultivated me and I’m sure thousands of other “foot soldiers,” who stand with you in this crucial effort to spread this essential and timeless message. My appreciation goes deeper than anything I could possibly express in this small comment, but for me personally, my greatest prize will be the opportunity to one day have the opportunity to thank you personally, for everything!

⭐ I’ve always enjoyed listening to Levin’s radio show, and somehow I was convinced that this book was comprised of original thought and content.On the contrary, out of 250+ pages in this volume, I don’t think Levin wrote five pages of original text. Instead, it seems to be simply a curated collection of others’ works.It’s page after page of quoted text from Thomas Jefferson, Herbert Croly, Theodore Roosevelt, John Locke, John Dewey, ad infinitum. Many of these politicians/authors hailed from a time when verbose, convoluted language was considered de rigueur, making the bulk of the text in this volume excruciating to read, without benefit of any kind of modern interpretation.Levin’s contributions consist of things like:”But, on the contrary, the Marquis de Blah Blah said this in his speech in 1767: “”His viewpoint was not unique though, for the Earl of Tedium expanded on that in 1768: “”Then, a noted intellectual in France wrote this: “I’m determined to finish the book, so I’m slogging on. But frankly, its primary value at this point is to save me the effort of looking up all the various references on my own. And I suppose that’s worth two stars.

⭐ Kudos to Mr. Levin, for a concise lesson regarding progressives attack on core American values and traditions.

⭐ Compelling, riveting, and extremely insightful! This book is a must buy for any patriot! Mark Levin is a seldom rivaled master of the dialectic. Try as you might, you will find no better advocate for constitutional conservatism in America today! The principles of our founding, and exactly what they mean, and why they are always relevant, important, and necessary are expertly expressed in detail in every one of Levin’s books, with this one being paramount! The in depth explanation of the foundations of progressive philosophy is illuminating and alarming to say the least. The detrimental, subversive, and tyrannical motives and strategies of the progressive movement are concretely illustrated by Levin, more so than any other contemporary author I’ve read. With that said, the need for a true appeal for Americanism has never been greater, and the clarion call has been masterfully issued by Mark Levin within the pages of this book!

⭐ A deeper journey into our great principles – the concepts that Mark has forwarded all along. The reader should be prepared for multiple phases of a hike that includes invigorating easy paces, challenging treks through sometimes very thick growth (due to many quotes containing classical writing we’ve become unaccustomed to that simultaneously require us to clearly comprehend and critically consider advanced concepts), but also thankfully plenty of incredible moments of discovery and glorious vistas that can confirm and reinforce our conservative positions within the present American discourse or reveal some dimension of truth even we long students of these subjects might not yet have discerned.I’d suggest reading at least Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia prior to digesting this new volume for greatest effect.Thank you Mark, once again. A worthy and valuable accompaniment to your existing works. Bravo.

⭐ For all the progressive nut jobs trying to bring down the ratings and writing fake reviews, thank you for proving me and millions of other originalists right!For those seriously interested in obtaining the best history, philosophy and constitutional lesson on America, this is the perfect book for you. This book is academic and will take you sometime to plow through the very deep thoughts and historical background that Mark presents. I promise you won’t regret buying this book or any of his other outstanding writings.This book is by far one of the best books I have read in my life on America and a better learning tool than college ever gave me on this topic. I also encourage those who are interested in this book to check out CRTV and Mark’s radio show. He has given my husband and I hope that America still has people who believe in Liberty and the founding principles of this country.

⭐ All of Mark Kevin’s books are well written and researched. His ideas as to what should be done are spot on. One problem is that despite Republican control of government we just don’t seem capable of governing ourselves effectively and fairly. Great book. Great ideas

⭐ This was too obtuse foe me. Of course I ain’t got no learning so I can’t be expected to understand the book. There are 50to 60 word sentences, and up to 80+ word sentences that made following the ideas difficult. Also it was often difficult to tell the difference between quotes and comments. Perhaps Levin could publish a translation of the text for those of use too dumb to follow the ideas (possibly just me). I gather that progressive ideas are the opposed to the ideas of the Declaration of Independence and think of the Constitution as an impediment to progressive utopia.

⭐ Got it today. Very informative and engaging read. All the info you want to delve deeper into is right there. Thus far it seems to be the perfect book to read in high school to understand the beginning of America.


Free Download Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism in Epub format
Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism Epub Free Download
Download Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism 2017 Epub Free
Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism 2017 Epub Free Download
Download Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism Epub
Free Download Ebook Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism

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