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  • Published: 2017
  • Number of pages: 496 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 0.65 MB
  • Authors: James Patterson


The Moores are Missingwith Loren D. Estleman: The Moore family just vanished from their home without telling a soul. A last-minute vacation? A kidnapping? A run for their lives? You’ll never see the truth coming.

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James Patterson has had more New York Times bestsellers than any other writer, ever, according to Guinness World Records. Since his first novel won the Edgar Award in 1977 James Patterson’s books have sold more than 300 million copies. He is the author of the Alex Cross novels, the most popular detective series of the past twenty-five years, including Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. He writes full-time and lives in Florida with his family.

Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published on UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ The Moores are Missing is a collection of three novellas of about 200 pages or less each. James Patterson has a different co-author with each one. The first, The Moores are Missing, was a bit of a disappointment because I thought the plot was weak and confusing. Character development just wasn’t there. The second, The Housewife, was a little better, but not up to par with Patterson’s usual thriller writing and it got slightly boring. The last story, Absolute Zero, defies all belief and is very violent with a lot of foul language. I didn’t like the main character who was supposed to be the hero. I nearly gave up on finishing the book, but it’s difficult and unfair to review a book that hasn’t”t been finished, in my opinion. I can’t give this one more than two stars.

⭐ This 3-in-1 storybook was vintage Patterson: all three stories carried me through the book on a wave of the suspense I love, with twists and turns in the plots that startled me (I also love the surprises that good mysteries contain), and a satisfying conclusion every time. I experienced the delicious disappointment when I came to the end of each story, but that just compels me to plunge into the next one and ride the rollercoaster again. The third story, Absolute Zero, was my favorite of these three. The protagonist Cody Thurston is a trained former-military operative who can do impossible things that somehow bring about a good result without getting him killed. And, of course, he leaves us at the end of the story without us knowing where he’s going, and wondering if we’ll get to find out what crazy heroic things he’ll do next.

⭐ There are 3 short stories within this book. “The Moores are Missing”, “The Housewife”and last but not least, “Absolute Zero”. Each is co-written by James Patterson withdifferent authors. These thrillers kept me reading and turning pages to see what happensnext. I could even see the main characters in two of the three stories become the centralcharacter in their own series of full length novels such as James Patterson’s Alex Cross orMichael Bennett, Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch, Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan or Ian Rankin’sInspector Rebus. In each of the stories there are surprises and all three have a commoncomponent. I won’t say what it is because it would detract from your reading them.

⭐ The co-author of the third short, for example, played with verb tenses like a high schooler. I will arbitrarily assign the blame to him since I have never read anything from Paterson’s solo works that was so amateurish. Disappointed, I will go on to another Paterson novel, believing absolutely that it will be a fun romp before I dive back into reading the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, works that often require some serious concentration, but are always most rewarding. Yes, I enjoy Paterson’s body of work, for it is always thrilling to follow his characters as they scamper through a fast paced adventure with what are always well planned plots, well developed characters, and a head spinning, fast paced writing style.

⭐ I personally liked it. I read the reviews before I bought it and some people didn’t care for it. Yes it has three different stories in it, but that’s the way it was intended. It’s not like book shots, which I don’t like, because they are novels and then condensed down. Reminds me of the old Readers Digest condensed books. I guess it’s just like remaking a classic movie, I just don’t think it can beat the original most of the time.But again I thought this was a good read.

⭐ When I purchased this, I thought it was a full book but it turned out to be 3 short stories written mostly by other authors. The first story about the Moores was ho-hum. The second called The Housewife was better. But the third was really good!! I hope there is another book about Cody Thurston. I really liked his action-packed character! The 3rd story brought this up to 4 stars!

⭐ I enjoy the very much, however I was confused when I went from one story to the next. There were 3 stories in this book. I like reading James Patterson’s books as they are filled with excitement and adventure.

⭐ Easy reading. Enjoyable, mysterious, plenty of suspense,. What would you do if your friend & his family all disappeared. Leaving behind cell phones,clothes and anything of importance. Were they kidnapped or have they run away? The story takes twists & turns

⭐ Three distinct stories. There were some highs and lows. Very different from his norm but I enjoyed reading the 3 stories. I can understand why some comments are negative but “to each his own”. You’ll have to read to draw your own conclusions.

⭐ Several stories here. My favorite is the last one. Thurston is undefeatable. Always comes out ahead despite the odds.. recommend for anyone who enjoys excitement.


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