Self-Publishing For Dummies 1st Edition by Jason R. Rich (PDF)

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  • Published: 2006
  • Number of pages: 384 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 4.02 MB
  • Authors: Jason R. Rich


Thinking about self-publishing your book? This no-nonsense guide walks you through the entire process of going it alone If you have a great idea for a book or informative content to share with an audience or have written a book and want to bypass traditional publishing, you’re in the right place. Aspiring and experienced writers alike will benefit from this user-friendly and detailed guide with coverage on the self-publishing process from preparing your manuscript and creating the perfect title to selling the final product. Self-Publishing For Dummies lays out the pros and cons of self-publishing, helps you avoid the most common mistakes made by authors and self-publishers, and makes you aware of legal issues associated with book publishing. You’ll learn the basics of researching to include the right details, what the parts of a book are (from the copyright page to the index and bibliography), and when to edit your own work and when to hire a professional editor. When it comes to the business aspects of self-publishing your book and building your own publishing company, you’re in charge of each exciting step from naming your business, to writing the business plan, managing the finances and expenses, and who to call on for expert advice. It’s up to you to decide on a title for your book, as well as the layout and design. Once your book is complete, you’ll have it printed ― through traditional, non-traditional, or on-demand means. You’ll discover how to

User’s Reviews

Editorial Reviews: From the Inside Flap Covers budgeting, copyrighting, and marketingKnow the pros and cons of self-publishing and get your work in printThinking about self-publishing your book? This no-nonsense guide walks you through the entire process of going it alone, from preparing your manuscript and creating the perfect title to selling the final product. You’ll see how to obtain an ISBN, work with printers and distributors, create a buzz with publicity, and take advantage of electronic publishing.Discover how toStart your own publishing companyEdit your work effectivelyDesign and format your bookHire skilled professionals to helpManage outside vendorsBuild awareness for your book online From the Back Cover Covers budgeting, copyrighting, and marketingKnow the pros and cons of self-publishing and get your work in printThinking about self-publishing your book? This no-nonsense guide walks you through the entire process of going it alone, from preparing your manuscript and creating the perfect title to selling the final product. You’ll see how to obtain an ISBN, work with printers and distributors, create a buzz with publicity, and take advantage of electronic publishing.Discover how toStart your own publishing companyEdit your work effectivelyDesign and format your bookHire skilled professionals to helpManage outside vendorsBuild awareness for your book online About the Author Jason R. Rich is the bestselling author of more than 32 books, including a few self-published titles. He has also ghostwritten several additional books for business leaders and well-known experts in their field. As a journalist, Jason continues to contribute articles to numerous national magazines and major daily newspapers, and he works as a freelance public relations and marketing consultant for companies in a variety of industries. Some of Jason’s recently published books include The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Business Online, 2nd Edition (Wiley); Pampering Your Pooch: Discover What Your Dog Needs, Wants, and Loves (Howell Book House); The Everything Family Travel Guide to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Greater Orlando, 4th Edition (Adams Media); and American Idol Season 4: Official Behind-the-Scenes Fan Book (Prima/Random House). Jason is also writing a series of personal finance guides for Entrepreneur Press, the publishers of Entrepreneur magazine. His most recent self-published book is The Bachelor’s Guide to Life (iUniverse). Read more

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐I found this book useless. It was mostly filler with little subtance. Mostly it’s very general theories and was not usable information. This was particularly evident in writers tools. The rest was so general, there was not enough to guide and instruct. I feel I spent money, no wasted my money on a book that was of no help to anyone. If this was a first effort for the author I would understand. He is supposed to be a seasoned author, but I felt he had no knowledge about how to publish.

⭐Some of the information seems to be out of date, but it has a wealth of information. For me it provided the basic knowledge necessary to start wading into the self publishing world without feeling lost. There is lots more research to do after reading it, but I have a far better understanding of what that direction I should go with it.

⭐If you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about what self-publishing is and are too lazy to do basic research than this is the book for you.A lot of the information seemed a little too basic and I was hoping for a good overview of all the POD publishers out there, but the book is really out of date. I don’t think it’s been updated since 2006.In any case, I would recommend finding a more up to date book.

⭐I have a 450 page trade paperback SyFi novel in hand, ready to go. I read Self-Publishing for Dummies by Jason R. Rich. I had a sinking feeling that finding an honest and affordable publishing house would be difficult. I was very discouraged. I read that book on a Kindle. I realized there is no chapter on Amazon publishing. There is little in this book from which to create a business plan and budget. When one has very little to invest then other options such as CreateSpace and Kindle look good.

⭐Sorry. It was not useful. I learned much more from CreateSpace free information.

⭐the content isn’t efficient. it’s organized in a way that some of the beginning information is tiresomely repeated. there are a couple of misused words and there seemed to be an effort to pad the word count. typical of today’s market. it’s just barely up to the usual “For Dummies” standard. but, it’s a good introduction.this helped me to decide that i wont print publish. without a turnkey printing solution (at least hundreds of dollars), it costs around $270 for your first ISBN (what a gouge) plus printing/binding/promotion. if you cant do your own design, at least hundreds more. if you can’t do your own editing/proofreading, at least hundreds more. that information was very useful to me. the print market is absolutely flooded with less than outstanding content and presentation, and a gem quality book is expensive to produce. if you’re not john grisham or jkr, it looks to me like lottery tickets would be a better use of the money.jason also recommends that authors participate in forums and write book reviews so they can plug their own work. that’s why our customer review sections and forums are clogged with self-serving industry spam.not all authors use their own name. pen names aren’t covered here.i think i’ll just brush up on html/css, offer my content free on the web and do some of my own content search optimizing. there’s not nearly as much downside potential, just the time spent and hosting cost.

⭐I am so glad that I purchased, SELF-PUBLISHING FOR DUMMIES. It was very comprehensive, covering all aspects of the business. My only complaint, however, and it is large, is that there is no checklist at the back of the book. There are so many tasks to undergo in order to get my book published. I have no choice but to re-read the book and fill the pages with highlighter and post-it page markers in order to ensure I complete all tasks. This would not have been necessary had the author created “necessary action” checklist(s) at the end of the book that listed each task, so that I can easy reference it, and ensure that I have covered all bases. For example, Purchase ISBN, Register at Library of Congress, Create website, Create Expense Reports, Create postcards, etc. etc.

⭐Better than checking out the library book.

⭐A useful book although I was slightly disappointed as I really wanted to know about Self Publishing in the U.K., and if I’m correct this book is primarily concerned with self publishing in the U.S.A.! I should have checked that first. I wanted to know specifically about the U.K.’s laws and procedures for publishing one’s own book. Still, a useful book on Self Publishing and well set out to find specific points.

⭐This purchase was a complete waste of a LOT of money. The book is 6 years old and has NOT been updated. Kindle isn’t even mentioned and e books are given scant attention.If I hadn’t opened it and looked through the chapter page (thus “cracking the spine”) of the book I would have returned it for a full refund.Complete waste of money I’m very cross with myself for not looking at what year it was published (2006) and had it been updated.

⭐I always like the For Dummies format, and this tome was no exception with a well-presented, well-structured layout. I particularly liked the section on acquiring ISBNs which had previously been a mystery to me.On the downside, this is an American tome, written by an American for Americans. Some of the information doesn’t apply to Britain, which is a bit of a drawback.

⭐Self-publishing is a bit different in the UK, and this book is more oriented to the US market. It still has some useful bits, as you would expect.

⭐5 STARS for content = easy to read and understand. Provides info desired = step by step easy to follow instructions with tips/suggestions for better presentation in each of the parts needed for a book. Looking forward to actually seeing positive results when we submit for publishing.TksMac McCalmon


Free Download Self-Publishing For Dummies 1st Edition in PDF format
Self-Publishing For Dummies 1st Edition PDF Free Download
Download Self-Publishing For Dummies 1st Edition 2006 PDF Free
Self-Publishing For Dummies 1st Edition 2006 PDF Free Download
Download Self-Publishing For Dummies 1st Edition PDF
Free Download Ebook Self-Publishing For Dummies 1st Edition

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