Spanish Verbs For Dummies 1st Edition by Cecie Kraynak (PDF)


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  • Published: 2006
  • Number of pages: 304 pages
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 4.62 MB
  • Authors: Cecie Kraynak


A fun, comprehensive way to get up to speed on SpanishWith over 325 million speakers, Spanish is in a virtual dead heat with English as the second most popular spoken language. This easy-to-follow guide shows readers how to successfully conjugate verbs, providing easy, entertaining exercises and answer keys to reinforce different grammatical rules. More than just a dictionary-style list of verbs, Spanish Verbs For Dummies covers regular verbs in the present tense and six other simple tenses, interrogatives and imperatives, irregular verbs in all seven tenses, and Spanish verb nuances.Mary Kraynak, MA (Indianapolis, IN), teaches Spanish to junior high and high school students and has served as a technical consultant to several Spanish learning guides.

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Editorial Reviews: From the Back Cover Get the hang of Spanish verbs and get over verb hang-ups!With 14 tenses, six conjugations, and a lot of irregularities, Spanish verbs are pretty much out to get you. Fortunately, this book is here to help you make sense of confusing rules and regulations and drill you on the most common exceptions. Each chapter is packed with examples, conjugation charts, and plenty of exercises — just what you need to master even the toughest Spanish verbs.Discover how to:Review regular verbs in the present tenseCope with common exceptionsConjugate all simple tenses, from preterit to imperfect subjunctiveTackle the trickiest irregular verbsConjugate compound tenses with the verb haber About the Author While some people get revved up at car races and others ride the wild waves of the stock market, Mary Kraynak (Indianapolis, IN) enjoys traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, chatting it up with complete strangers, and haggling with the local merchants. Mary earned her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and secondary education at Purdue University, and continued on at Purdue to get her Master’s degree in Spanish literature. Twenty-five years later, she continues to teach Spanish to junior high and high school students, and has served as a technical consultant on several Spanish learning guides, including Teach Yourself Spanish in 24 Hours and Spanish for Healthcare Professionals.

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐This book will not teach you about verbs and conjugations. It assumes that you already know and undersstand how grammar works and just jumbs into review. The writer does not know how to explain the subject and just assumes that someone else has done the hard work of teaching you the subject matter. I knew that I had wasted my money when reading the Introduction the author states that she assumes that you already have a background in Spanish, and have learned all of the verb tenses, then she goes on to recommend Spanish for Dummies if you are a rank beginner. Spanish for Dummies is also a worthless teaching guide, save your money and avoid the whole Spanish for Dummies series. The editors need to find authors who know how to do the hard work of explaining how a language works.

⭐I particularly like this book because every excercise provides both the correct spanish answer and the english translation. Many books don’t do that – and you are left to make assumptions as to the exact meaning of certain phrases or context.The book is easy to work on, you can move quickly from lesson to lesson, and the tips are quite helpful. But above all, those translations are what sets this book apart from many others.

⭐I am doing Spanish on line and got this book to help…it is great!

⭐I am hoping that I will be finally able to understand the difference with the Spanish Verbs. The book was exactly as described. Very good condition.

⭐Bought it and quit reading after a while .English is easier.

⭐I sent this to my daughter. She reports it was recieved in a timely mannor and is proving to be helpful.

⭐Love this book! Helped with the construction of sentences and overall understanding of a Beginning Spanish I class I took. Highly recommended!

⭐really good book for someone who has a bit of background in the language and wants to quickly learn more

⭐Well priced, automatically delivered book from the Kindle store, from a well-known author. The AMAZON one-click purchase system is very good.

⭐ItK’s even better than I expected! It turns out that it’s an exercise book, not just verbs 😀 Came in excellent condition (no answers in there haha) and delivery was super fast. Thank you!!


⭐Not found.


Free Download Spanish Verbs For Dummies 1st Edition in PDF format
Spanish Verbs For Dummies 1st Edition PDF Free Download
Download Spanish Verbs For Dummies 1st Edition 2006 PDF Free
Spanish Verbs For Dummies 1st Edition 2006 PDF Free Download
Download Spanish Verbs For Dummies 1st Edition PDF
Free Download Ebook Spanish Verbs For Dummies 1st Edition

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