Angels & Demons: A Novel by Dan Brown (Epub)



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  • Published: 2013
  • Number of pages:
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 1.39 MB
  • Authors: Dan Brown


The movie tie-in edition of the explosive international thriller from Dan Brown, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code.

Angels & Demons careens from enlightening epiphanies to dark truths as the battle between science and religion turns to war. This is the book that started it all: we meet Robert Langdon for the first time, caught up in a race against time to find an apocalyptic time bomb, planted by an ancient secret society that has surfaced to carry out its ultimate threat: to destroy the Vatican.

User’s Reviews

Review “A breathless, real-time adventure. . . . Exciting, fast-paced, with an unusually high IQ.” — “San Francisco Chronicle”

Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published on UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ This book arrived in great condition. And I loved “The Lost Symbol” and “The Da Vinci Code” so this book was great to me, as well. Same writing style and main character.

⭐ This is a great story. Lots of twists and turns, and it is also very informative. I didn’t know the item coming to me was mp3 cd, but that turned out for the best.

⭐ I read the book but listening to it truly brings it alive!

⭐ In Angels and Demons Robert Langston has to try and prevent a catastrophe in the Vatican City that could potentially kill numerous people. Some antimatter has been stolen from a lab and the destination is the Vatican where the selection of a new Pope is taking place. Can he solve the riddles and get there in time to avert disaster? This is a great thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you keep reading to find out what happens next.

⭐ I love this book.

⭐ The book came quickly, in good condition and was the last piece needed to complete my Robert Langdon hardcover collection. Looks great on my new bookcase!

⭐ I purchased this book for my daughter. She loves the series by Dan Brown. Will look out for purchasing the next.

⭐ I rate 5 star because this books is able to engage reader till the end and it’s never ending thrill makes this book a masterpiece.When I grab this book and as I start to read I fascinate every time.But at the start there is a lot more introduction and when it finishes drama begins. Sometimes I think that this is the suspense but it does not end till the last chapter.One thing also i’ll mention Dan wrote this book with lot of research of science and history which readers will love to read it.

⭐ Loved it could not turn it off

⭐ Well translated in marathi


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