The Bourne Identity: A Novel (Jason Bourne) by Robert Ludlum (Epub)

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  • Published: 2010
  • Number of pages: 608 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 0.49 MB
  • Authors: Robert Ludlum


His memory is a blank. His bullet-ridden body was fished from the Mediterranean Sea. His face has been altered by plastic surgery. A frame of microfilm has been surgically implanted in his hip. Even his name is a mystery. Marked for death, he is racing for survival through a bizarre world of murderous conspirators—led by Carlos, the world’s most dangerous assassin. Who is Jason Bourne? The answer may kill him.

User’s Reviews

Review “Ludlum stuffs more surprises into his novels than any other six-pack of thriller writers combined.”—The New York Times

Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published on UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ Spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie.For those of you thinking I’ve seen the movie. Why bother with the book? Well, the book and the movie do not really look alike. There are aspects that are the same. Bourne has amnesia. He meets a girl. He is on the run. The US govt is involved. He is a BA. That’s pretty much the only similarities though. The entire plot differs. The villains differ. The girl differs. Probably 85-90% of the book is different. So why bother? Because this is the real story and it’s far more complex than a 1.5 hour movie can give you.The writing is very well done. The research put into this book must have been a long process. Be it research just for this book or an accumulation of life experience, it spans continents and multiple languages. There’s the banking system and the slick ways Bourne survives. Perhaps it isnt exactly how things were done, but it could be. Its realistic regardless of whether it is real or not. The book spans over 7 months of Bourne’s new life. It takes him from being like a newborn babe to being a grown man able to destroy the world.Marie is also far more complex in this book. Far smarter and more ingratiated into the plot than the movie allows.Bourne himself is far more complicated in this book. You hear his thoughts. You learn who he is at the core. You feel his confusion and fear. You learn who he is as he does. You begin to wonder how well you would cope waking up without knowing yourself. What would you do if you were wiped from existence, even as your shell was still here? As he gathers pieces of his previous self, he doesn’t like what he hears. Still he tries to be noble even as he learns of his nefarious past. Perhaps even without the memories that shape us, our core self remains. Perhaps it is something we are born with.The action is fairly fast paced throughout. There are some lulls that are filled with plotting and revelations. The action soon picks up again and we are back to the controlled chaos that is his reality.This is a very well done series that I would recommend to anyone able to comprehend the subject.

⭐ The Bourne Identity is a fantastic movie. Great storyline, believable characters and just plain entertaining. How in the world that movie was born from this book is astonishing. (Pun intended) The opening chapters were very promising. I was looking forward to the development of not only Bourne but the doctor who saved his life. Right before Bourne leaves the island where was recovering is when I think the book went off the rails. I realize the book is a bit dated but the overuse of the phrase “my darling “ that seems to be in every conversation Bourne and Marie have is just cringey. It’s so fortunate that I read the book on my phone otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to Google the many French and German phrases that were peppered throughout. This book was not only a difficult read mentally, it was also difficult in reality. The author jumps from on setting and conversation to another with little or no warning causing several “dang it, I need to reread that “ situations. The book contains several technical errors concerning firearms which I won’t go into detail about. This is one of the rare cases when the movie greatly outshines the book.

⭐ Glad I saw the movie first to give me personality and context, although the book and movie share little else in common. Ludlum’s descriptions were both the book’s strengths and weaknesses—well written and image creating, while often slowing the story’s progression by drawing out the tension a bit beyond its usefulness. Loved the character development, dialogues, and storylines, but I found the epilogue ending flat, contrived, and inconsistent with the strengths of the rest of the book, giving the impression it was changed from a more developed original.The overwhelming merits of the book far outweigh the identified flaws, making the reading journey both compelling and thought provoking. I especially appreciated the author’s skill in adding observations and insights by the vivid characters that are easily related to real-life experiences and situations.The book is an essential prerequisite to understanding the background to the character portrayed in subsequent movie adaptations, where must is assumed or understated. However, the book and movie tell two widely different stories, each well adapted to the reading or viewing experience—each fulfilling in vastly different ways.Disappointed only that the Audible narration was an abridged and incomparable narration, which is likely why they are not offered jointly in Kindle. However, each alone are well worth the expense and time invested.

⭐ As popular as this is as a movie, and certainly as a best seller, I must say it is a tedious read. It lacks the quality of being spontaneous, by, instead, being sobbingly reactive.There amount of “Cain is Delta, Delta is Cain” psychobabble repetition was off the charts. That put an anchor on plot, and dropped it into the sea.The sequel is waiting to be read, but my motivation is gone. What a soap opera.

⭐ The ‘Bourne Identity’ films starring Matt Damon have been blockbusters. The original source material tells a different story, with some common elements. The character in the Robert Ludlum novel is also fished from the water, with bullet wounds and amnesia. An a few other plot points align. But the book is more of a plodding, spy novel, which slowly draws out Jason Bourne’s background, and the motivations of his pursuers. It devotes significant attention to his rehabilitation, and develops the character of Marie in greater detail. A compelling read, but a different story, with less of the high pitched action of the recent films. An older ‘Bourne Identity’, filmed with Richard Chamberlin and Jaclyn Smith, follows the book more closely. No reason that you can’t appreciate both; just don’t expect them to be the same.

⭐ I’ve been a Ludlum fan since I first read this book in my late teens. And then devoured every Ludlum book I could find. After so many years, re-reading it doesn’t disappoint! Great plot, gripping suspense, characters you want to root for. Still a fan!

⭐ I’ve never read a spy thriller before, so it seemed right to start with one of the most celebrated ones in the genre. It was a gripping read. All in all, this read like a mystery, a thriller, and a crime novel all in one. The sequences were sharp and compelling, even the ones having to do with international finance (quite a feat).There were bits that didn’t age well. Marie begins as an excellent character, but fades in the second half. The sexual violence she suffers felt gratuitous in the beginning, and the trauma she suffers is never addressed. And the love story rang a little melodramatic, but it wasn’t all bad.I can’t mention the book without mentioning the movies, which were no less influential on post-9/11 spy thrillers. This one was written in the 1970s, when the political landscape was far different. If you keep that in mind, you won’t be disappointed if the book doesn’t quite resemble the Matt Damon films.

⭐ Figured I’d give this a try after seeing it all these years. Overly melodramatic and too long.The romance part of the story is Just plain dumb (just like it’s unrealistic in the film).Of course if u are a fan of Ludlum u will probably love it.

⭐ Terrific so far. However, and maybe it’s just me, but there seem to be pages missing in the first chapter of the ebook. Around pp. 8-9, there appears to be a narrative leap. When the doctor first starts talking to Bourne, he asks him his name. Bourne says he doesn’t know. Then there’s a gap, because the next lines of dialog pick up with the doctor telling Bourne not to crucify himself and that it’s going to take time, etc. I don’t know if the folks at Amazon will see this review, but I am truly perplexed.

⭐ Incredibly well written. This book takes you on a detailed and fast-paced adventure through a 1980’s Europe. It is important to note that the book follows a completely different storyline than the movie, but as with most adaptations the book proves to be far superior. Although I am a huge fan of the movie, I have to say the storyline of book is a much more connected and well thought out plot. I would recommend this to someone who is not dissuaded by different book-to-film plots and can still appreciate a twist on what they may already know.


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The Bourne Identity: A Novel (Jason Bourne) 2010 Epub Free Download
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