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  • Published: 2017
  • Number of pages: 499 pages
  • Format: Epub
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  • Authors: James Patterson


Detective Alex Cross is caught between two murderous masterminds, but he isn’t the only one in danger this time…

When his niece goes missing, Alex Cross follows the trail and discovers links to a string of abductions, murders, and a horrifying complication.

Two killers are competing to commit worse crimes than the other and their collaboration becomes a national threat.

With his family at risk, Alex knows that the investigation puts him directly in the firing line…

Adapted as a major Hollywood movie starring Morgan Freeman

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From Library Journal “Casanova” works the East Coast, “The Gentleman Caller” works the West Coast, and these two serial killers might just be working together. Washed-up Washington, D.C., police detective Alex Cross gets involved when his niece is abducted. Since this is a new work by the author of the best-selling Along Came a Spider (LJ 12/92), don’t be surprised that Paramount has bought the film rights and that BOMC has made it a main selection.Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition. Review A thoroughly gripping, terrifying psychological thriller, starring Alex Cross, the detective introduced in James Patterson’s bestseller Along Came A Spider. –This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition. From the Back Cover This time it’s personal for Cross. The most elusive of killers has abducted Cross’s niece, Naomi, a talented law student. Only such a devastating blow could bring the detective back – this time to the Deep South, where old slave prisons are buried in the forests, and houses of horror can disappear as in your worst nightmare. Naomi’s kidnapping rips Alex Cross away from his kids and his jazz piano and sends him south with several questions burning in his mind. Why did the police wait seventy-two hours before beginning their search? And what is the head of the FBI doing at the scene of a small-town crime? Meanwhile, somewhere out there Casanova is living a secret fantasy. In his private hideaway, the world’s greatest lover has assembled seven of the South’s most extraordinary young women for his personal use. It’s an accomplishment he can share with only one other soulmate – and that’s definitely not his wife back in suburbia. But Casanova doesn’t count on the exceptional abilities of one of his harem – or having Alex Cross as a nemesis. –This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition.

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⭐ Patterson is the master of focused sentences and short chapters that skillfully propel the reader forward for “just one more chapter” until you’ve discovered that another hundred pages have zipped by so fast.Although I love the fast-paced storyline and ingenious plots, the ongoing adventures leading into the next book leaves me pleased but not satisfied with the book’s ending and sense of unfulfilled emptiness. Perhaps this is Patterson’s objective to bring us into the neverending life of Alex Cross, where there’s never such a thing as being “done.”I planned several days to read this novel but finished it easily and enjoyably in less than two. The book’s great strength is its clarity of purpose, supporting the plot and story through diversions and missteps of fallible characters trying to do their best. The unique and believable characters add interest to the story without becoming distracting with irrelevant details or showy jargon.I want to read more of Patterson’s work but will look for other settings and characters before pursuing the next Alex Cross installment.I found the Audible narration pleasantly supportive to my reading experience without overshadowing the great and pithy writing.Well worth the journey of another great story of diversion and wondering what will happen next.

⭐ Today’s book review is going to James Patterson’s Kiss the Girls. Don’t really have anything to say right up front, so let’s get going.Synopsis: In Los Angeles, a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears. Washington D.C. USA Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying murder case ever. Two clever pattern killers are collaborating, cooperating, competing–and they are working coast to coast.James Patterson followed the same formula that bothered me in the first book. Whenever Alex Cross was being concentrated on it was in first person, but the rest of the book was done in third person. Now, if Alex was talking in flashback form I could understand the different point of views, but not if it’s part of the story. I’m a firm believer that you should stick to one point of view, with exception to the flashback thing I spoke of.The writing is still as good as ever. Patterson does have a way for captivating the reader. With simple writing, short paragraphs and chapters, and quick action the book flows easily. Patterson started off with the murderers just starting off, and it goes from there.Alex Cross wasn’t originally supposed to be involved in the case. That was until his niece went missing. He more or less bullied his way into the investigation. The FBI didn’t like him being involved. Nor did the local police. The FBI eventually warmed to Cross and his partner, but the locals didn’t.The main action came with something that happened to one of the killers that never happened before. Someone escaped from his fortress. Once she did, Alex knew he was going to be able to solve the case.The only other problem I have with the book is another problem I had with the first book. Cross was acting too repressed. There is no way that a man that smart would be so dumb when it came to racism. Just my opinion on that.I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. Sets the stage for what is to come for Cross.Rating: 4 out of 5

⭐ The most disturbing book I have ever read. What evil is there in an author that can dream up this heinous story? Treat your heart, mind and soul better and throw this book in the trash if you have it. Do not even donate or give it away. There are graphic rape scenes in this book that only the most disturbed individual could come up with. This is not art, it is not creative, it is not “a good thriller” – it is garbage that is dressed up as literature by an author that keeps one-upping his own depravity with everything he writes.

⭐ “Kiss the Girls” is not only better than “Along Came A Spider” but it literally the best installment in the entire Alex Cross series!It upgrades its characters and it continues the story like a good sequel should do! The villains are great and all of the sub-plots fit the story. This is the first time that I actually feel like I’m reading an Alex Cross/detective story. It takes on the usual detective themes and uses them to the novel’s advantage. I love the new character, Kate McTiernan. She is really interesting and fun to read about in this story. In fact, I love the idea of having Kate and Alex get into a relationship, because there is tons of evidence of them having feelings for each other and Patterson does a great job making me want them to go that route. The chemistry between them is beautiful. The twist is very well done, not to mention the ending as well. While the ending to “Along Came A Spider” felt depressing, this novel corrects that mistake and gives us a true “Alex Cross” ending. It has that sadness, happiness, cliffhanger, and yet, satisfying feeling that makes it feel like “the end”, along with “the adventure continues” as well.But the best part about this novel is that I have no problems with it! None at all! It begins and ends with a strong note, the pacing and timing of everything works, the characters are all done so wonderfully, and the story is amazing. “Kiss the Girls” is not just worth buying. It is worth reading over and over and over again! It is a timeless story that shows Patterson at his best and also takes the Alex Cross series to a whole new level! Please buy it!

⭐ I read this book after watching the movie (which is one of my favorites), and though, I enjoyed both, I enjoyed the book more. There was a more thrilling intensity in the book, and a great chemistry between Cross and survivor Kate. I am working my way through the Cross books and look forward to more and more from Patterson. Cross is one detective that seems to have the answers, or at least thinks he does, when his emotions aren’t too overwhelming. Cross is human, and I love his enjoyment of his family and quick-witted banter with Sampson.

⭐ A friend recommended that I read Along Came a Spider, I became hooked on the Alex Cross series. If it’s possible, Kiss the Girls was even better than the 1st book!In Kiss the Girls, D.C’s finest homicide detective and psychiatrist Alex Cross is given perhaps his toughest case to date with two serial killers who live in two completely different parts of the country. In Los Angeles, a reporter investigating a series of murders by a man known as The Gentleman is killed. The Gentleman lures his victims in and then proceeds to brutally murder and dismember them. On the east coast in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a man known as Casanova trolls the Duke University area for young co-eds to have his way with in order to mentally break them and capitalize on them in their weakened state. The FBI and local authorities on both coasts are baffled and seek the services of Alex Cross for help. The plot thickens when Patterson introduces the possibility that not only are the two serial killers similar in the tactics they employ and the women they choose to target, but it would also appear that they are somehow collaborating, cooperating and even competing in a horrifying game of one-upsmanship.The case quickly becomes personal for Alex Cross when his own niece is among the abducted/missing young women on the east coast. Some questions include will Cross be able to save his niece and the other women in time or will his emotions cloud his judgment, thereby jeopardizing the case? Will the authorities be able to put the pieces together before each of these men murders yet another woman?One of the things I enjoyed about Kiss the Girls was that it was a very engaging read. Patterson writes his Alex Cross books in a way where the reader feels like they are knocking out one chapter after the other and before you know it you’ve read 50+ pages in a sitting. In addition, Cross is shown to be fallible in this book as well. It’s good to see that the protagonist is capable of making mistakes from time to time and is human like the rest of us. Furthermore, Patterson throws in a few twists at the end as Cross misidentifies one of the killers more than once and I felt that was great that it wasn’t just a typical X-Y-Z detective novel.If you’re looking for a good way to pass those summer days or need a good book to enjoy, I would certainly recommend this series!-Travis S.

⭐ Alex Cross is a very attractive detective – big, black, good looking, intelligent and a formidable fighter. His specialty is profiling serial killers. He has two little kids he adores, looked after by his feisty grandmother. His wife was killed in a drive-by shooting in D.C.Cross has two monsters to go after in this book, one in Los Angeles and one in Durham, North Carolina. It looks as though these killers communicate with each other – a friendship steeped in blood and horror. Cross gets personally involved because one of the killers has abducted his niece. One of the monsters calls himself Casanova; the other, the Gentleman Caller.Cross becomes friends with an amazing woman in this book – a beautiful medical intern who’s a second-degree black belt. Friendship, healthy and unhealthy, is a compelling theme in Kiss the Girls.This is not a book for readers with zero tolerance for sick violence. But it’s a well-done thriller. The action is truly thrilling, the characters varied and vibrant. The identity of Casanova came as a complete surprise to me. Within its genre, Kiss the Girls is first rate.

⭐ I figured I should read a Patterson novel given his popularity. It had some pretty large and obvious plot holes and graphic sexual sadism. I expected better. I probably won’t read any more.

⭐ What I Loved: This is the 2nd book in the Alex Cross series and probably my favorite. It is hard not to get caught up in the story and it actually had me on the edge of my seat a couple of times. All of the characters are fascinating and unique. Even the UnSubs are intriguing and well thought out. Just a very good thriller all around.What I Liked: I liked the setting both on campus, in the woods, and even when they headed to LA. JP has a wonderful way with words and describing areas so that you feel like you are there as the action is happening.Complaints:noneWhy I gave it a 5: This is one of the best thrillers that I have read and is one that I can pick back up even after knowing who did it. Great read!Who I would recommend it to: Thriller/Mystery fans.Why I re-read it:I did it as part of a challenge but also because it is one of my favorite thrillers (both on screen and on paper)Author Website:[…]Books in this series:Along Came a SpiderKiss the GirlsJack & JillCat & MousePop Goes the WeaselRoses Are RedViolets Are BlueFour Blind MiceThe Big Bad WolfLondon BridgesMary, MaryCrossDouble CrossCross CountryI, Alex CrossCross Fire

⭐ I love the relationships between the characters in these books. Alex with his son and daughter, with his grandmother, 81 year old Nanna Momma, who raised him when he lost his mother to a drive by shooting and is now helping raise his children. His best friend since childhood, 6’7″ Samson, who is also a Washington police detective and always has Alex’s back. I love the relationship between these two men. Everyone should have a best friend like this. They live and work in a world where the monsters look and masquerade as people, but are frighteningly monstrous. Where Alex struggles daily to keep his family and community safe from the monsters. Druggies, gang bangers, pushers, dealers and the monsters. Those who prey on the innocent, Those who molest, torture and kill because they feel entitled. The horror most of us are not familiar with.


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