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  • Published: 1999
  • Number of pages: 514 pages
  • Format: EPUB
  • File Size: 0.57 MB
  • Authors: Ayn Rand


The Fountainhead, which became one of the most influential and widely read philosophical novels of the twentieth century, made Ayn Rand famous. An impassioned proponent of reason, rational self-interest, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism, she expressed her unique views in numerous works of fiction and non-fiction that have been brought together for the first time in this one-of-a-kind volume.Containing excerpts from all her novels–including Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, and We The Living–The Ayn Rand Reader is a perfect introduction for those who have never read Rand, and provides teachers with an excellent guide to the basics of her viewpoint.

User’s Reviews

Reviews from Amazon users which were colected at the time this book was published on the website:

⭐Very insightful book authored by someone who actually experienced significant political Upheaval and the subsequent consequences. She witnessed the disconnect between rhetoric and reality. Perhaps a dark harbinger of a future when the naive are preyed upon by political predators who suppress individuality at the harm of the general welfare. An interesting read.

⭐An important book by Ayn Rand written more than 60 years ago and unfortunately, very relevant to current times. Thank you

⭐This story tells the truth of Marxism and communism. The truth is that this type of government is a failure and without God there’s no freedom!

⭐This book is a great help to the Ayn Rand book, I recommend as a resource for reading clubs

⭐I am an objective Ayn Rand reader. All her books inspire thought. Even when my newly acquired ‘English’ was so meager I still enjoyed Fountainhead (my first encounter with her works). She has remarkable insights to the workings of society however her emotional side lacked substance. Still, 70% of her teachings are completely valuable and can only enrich your existence. Her teachings are in the form of story telling which keeps you interested in her philosophies. Give her a try with her Ayn Rand reader, you will be impressed.

⭐I like all!! The book was in very good condition, and arrive on perfect time. Extremely recommend!!

⭐Love this book. So did my dog. Sadly he ate the book. I will be oerdering it again.

⭐All school children and college students should be compelled to read this handy collection of Rand’s excerpted fiction and non-fiction, as an antidote to the indoctrination and brain-washing they must endure in our government-run schools.


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