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  • Published: 2007
  • Number of pages: 322 pages
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  • Authors: Stephen King


Master storyteller Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) presents this gripping and remarkable New York Times bestselling crime novel about a damaged young man who embarks on an ill-advised kidnapping plot—a work as taut and riveting as anything he has ever written.Once upon a time, a fellow named Richard Bachman wrote Blaze on an Olivetti typewriter, then turned the machine over to Stephen King, who used it to write Carrie. Bachman died in 1985 (“cancer of the pseudonym”), but this last gripping Bachman novel resurfaced after being hidden away for decades—an unforgettable crime story tinged with sadness and suspense. Clayton Blaisdell, Jr., was always a small-time delinquent. None too bright either, thanks to the beatings he got as a kid. Then Blaze met George Rackley, a seasoned pro with a hundred cons and one big idea. The kidnapping should go off without a hitch, with George as the brains behind their dangerous scheme. But there’s only one problem: by the time the deal goes down, Blaze’s partner in crime is dead. Or is he?

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⭐Wasn’t sure what to think of this one when I started but thought, “What the hell, it’s Stephen King.” I was not disappointed at all. A quick read actually and in my opinion pretty fast paced.A story about a man, who is mentally challenged, that kidnapps a baby boy. His story has quite a bit of heart to it and sadness also. Stephen King has a gift of drawing you in the story and feeling for the characters. This one is no different. You really feel for this man and what is happening with him, and what has happened to him.I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants an enjoyable read. Will say this, if you are looking for the stereotypical Stephen King horror, you won’t find it here. It is just a really good story. Try it out.

⭐Excellent conditionI honestly went into this story not expecting much because all the reviews I have watched or read seemed negative. I was however pleasantly surprised once I opened the cover to discover the candy center inside.Clayton Blaisdell, or Blaze as his friends call him is slow.When he was a small boy his father threw him down the stairs in a succession of 3 times. causing not only a huge dent in the center of his forehead but also his simple mindedness. Eventually he was taken from the custody of his father, tried and failed in foster care and dumped in Hutton House. A home for hard to place boys, with social, mental, or anger issues. He met his first friend there Jon.Sometimes they hired the boys out for the summer, to pick crops or be general farm hands. Some of these places were worse then the hom, some not so bad.George grew into a very large intimidating looking man, but he was simple minded so easily led to bad situations by others. One such person is George, a small time conman , who like Blaze for his simple mindedness. He would use Blaze, as a dupe, Blaze could do all the dirty work that George didn’t want to be bother with, or thought was too risky to do himself.But. . George gets killed in a robbery gone bad, and poor Blaze is lost without him.Blaze’s mind takes an alternate route. George becomes the other part of Blaze, telling him what to do and belittling him as always. Sometimes Blaze knows George is just made up in his mind, but sometimes he isn’t so sure.Before George dies he plans a kidnapping of a 6 month old child of a local wealthy businessman. When Blaze asks what he should do now, George insist that he go ahead with the plan to take the baby.The story alternates from current time to Blaze’s childhood. You get to know Blaze, and can’t help but feel empathy. Then he takes the baby ( Joe ). You worry about the safety of this innocent child, even if he is taken good care of by the gentle giant, there is always George to worry about and he is not so gentle, even if he is imaginary.I listened to this on audio, it was 8 hours well spent. This story is truly about Blaze, his hard life, the abuse he suffered, and who and what it turned him into. I loved the story it was full of suspense, and at times was very sad.

⭐This was beautifully written. It shows that people are willing to underestimate the ones that look or act different. George was alive to Blaze and taught him to be better. I’m not sure why I wanted Blaze to be able to keep Joe yet I did. This man had such a horrible life that all he wanted was to be seen and loved. Very well written yet ended way to soon.

⭐I loved this book, and any other by Stephen King. I try to not to read other people’s reviews before I I crack open my first page. There… It’s another book that grabs you at the beginning until the last page. If your an avid Stephen King Reader you’ll enjoy this one too.

⭐It’s been a while since I read a Stephen King novel so I was excited to read this. I was not disappointed! I read it all in one sitting. He is still the King of horror and “other” writing! I loved this book.

⭐This was a good Stephen King book- good storyline, great character, and a fast read with a sad undertone and ending.

⭐I hate spoilers. So, I will not write one. As for my opinion: I love this book and anyone who likes SK will, too. The protagonist, good/bad is absolutely lovable. I was filled with both empathy and sympathy for him. The ending is great! A nice little twist from a younger Stephen King that is unforgettable. While the ending is not new, it is SO apropos. Thank you, Stephen King.

⭐Stephen King added a note to this book, which he usually does. He stated that “Blaze” is a trunk novel, but if so, it’s the best one I’ve ever read. He balanced the plot so masterfully, that it skates along the edge of being a humorous book, but the story is horrifying. “Blaze” affected all my emotions, and I would highly recommend it.

⭐I’ve read a lot of Kings books, I really liked ‘the Bachman books’ and regret losing it years ago as you can’t get Rage anymore. Blaze is a bit of a let down for me, I wasn’t drawn into the story like usual but I was comfortable to continue reading, It was ok, but for me probably the worst of the books I’ve seen from his Bachman stories.

⭐This is not one of Stephen King’s “blockbusters”; rather it seems to be an earlier work he discovered lying in a drawer years after completing it. This is the sort of book you should read when you just want to relax, and can’t be bothered with complicated characters and plots.So an easy read, but very rewarding at the same time. The whole book centres around two characters, one a loveable gentle giant with restricted mental capacity, the other a career criminal who manipulates him for his own ends. Although the plot is a little predictable as you move through the book, and the ending is somewhat inevitable it doesn’t spoil the overall enjoyment. The characters are brilliantly drawn, making you want to invest in them emotionally and the whole story achieves its aims in a quiet, understated way.I would absolutely recommend this to any SK fans; well worthwhile.

⭐Excellent story just when you though You had figured Stephen King out he throws this curve into the mix. You are automatically drawn towards Blaze and I think it’s it quite a sad story. Definitely recommend this book.

⭐I’ve been a Stephen King fan since I was a teenager [over 30 years] and I’ve read most of his work. I confess I don’t read much of his fantasy books [eg The Dark Tower series] these days as I don’t particularly enjoy that genre. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent Under the Dome as it felt to me like a return to form for Stephen King. After reading the reviews for Blaze, I really had high hopes as I’d always loved the way that Stephen King developed his characters and it sounded just like my cup of tea. Blaze started off well and with promise, but I feel King could have delved far more in to Blazes past and also the development of some of his other characters – it really just felt to me like it was only half written! Also, I found the ending to be a complete let-down and not up to King’s usually high standards at all!

⭐I’ve been a fan of King’s books for a long, long time. I like his style of writing and the flow of his books. This falls into his usual writing style, but the story is quite unusual. At the start of the book you realise pretty quickly that his friend, George, is dead but Blaze still tlaks to him and keeps forgetting that he’s dead. You start off not really liking Blaze too much – small time criminal, huge guy and not the smartest cookie. As the story unfolds and you learn about his childhood and why he’s like he is, you really start to warm to the guy. The way he cares for the baby really gives you an insight in this gentle giant who just really needs someone to look after him.I felt quite sorry to finish the book and the characters are still bouncing arounf in my mind – which is always the best indication of a good book.


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