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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 529 pages
  • Format: EPUB
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  • Authors: Stephen King


Set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine A “wondrously frightening” (Publishers Weekly) tale of terror and #1 national bestseller about a writer’s pseudonym that comes alive and destroys everyone on the path that leads to the man who created him.Thad Beaumont is a writer, and for a dozen years he has secretly published violent bestsellers under the name of George Stark. But Thad is a healthier and happier man now, the father of infant twins, and starting to write as himself again. He no longer needs George Stark and so, with nationwide publicity, the pseudonym is retired. But George Stark won’t go willingly. And now Thad would like to say he is innocent. He’d like to say he has nothing to do with the twisted imagination that produced his bestselling novels. He’d like to say he has nothing to do with the series of monstrous murders that keep coming closer to his home. But how can Thad deny the ultimate embodiment of evil that goes by the name he gave it—and signs its crimes with Thad’s bloody fingerprints? The Dark Half is “a chiller” (The New York Times Book Review), so real and fascinating that you’ll find yourself squirming in Stephen King’s heart-stopping, blood-curdling grip—and loving every minute of it.

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⭐This story is shocking, but keeps the reader coming back for more. True fans should love it! I certainly did.

⭐Classic Stephen King! A great scary tale that immediately draws you into King’s macabre universe of terror. A must read for horror fans.

⭐Having just watched the movie on DVD I had to read the book. It was a very enjoyable experience and brought the screen actors roles more to life. Keep writing Mr. King.Dconner

⭐King at his best and darkest. The story is gripping from top to bottom, and contains one of King’s best endings to a novel as well. If you like horror, pick this up.

⭐Another good book by the King of thrillers!!

⭐Great book. The story is based on reality, with Stephen King disclosing Richard Bachman’s true nature. Except in “The Dark Half” it is much darker, there is more suspense and tension, and impossible happenings.

⭐Could hardly put it down. Highly recommended. I almost can’t wait to read it again. Another great from Mr. King.

⭐This book is phenomenal. He truly is a master of the darker thrillers. His creative mind seems to always keep you guessing. This is closely tied to needful things which I intend to read next

⭐When novelist Thad Beaumont dreams up pseudonym George Stark, he allows a different side of his imagination to emerge and, weirdly, the books ‘Stark’ writes turn out to be way more successful than Thad’s usual fare. However, when the writer decides to get rid of his other half, things don’t go to plan, and a series of gruesome murders threaten to land Thad in jail, if not the nearest asylum.Whenever I read a Stephen King novel, I’m always rewarded with great writing and sharply-drawn characters, and this one is no different. King’s own foray into the world of pseudonyms (as alter-ego Richard Bachman), was the inspiration for this tale of dark deeds and deadly doings. Taking the idea of ‘killing off’ the Bachman side, King has his hero Thad Beaumont put out press releases and stage photographs at the dead writer’s graveside. Unfortunately, that’s when things begin to go wrong.I loved this book – it kept me guessing all the way through, wondering if King’s hero was just completely mad, or if his belief in the reality of George Stark was justified. As always, the writing is tight and clever, though it also had me laughing out loud in places, which is nice.A must for fans of horror, murder and imaginary authors coming to life and killing loads of folk.

⭐Missing text in chapter 18, as usual nobody proof-reads ebooks. Unfortunate, because this is a great story otherwise.Please stop thinking a computer will auto-correct flawlessly, try hiring some human beings.(For example, I just now had to explain to my device that “auto-correct” does not mean “end-user”, and that when I typed “had” I did not mean “has” – and I’m not even charging people money to read this )

⭐After asking my good friend and aspiring writer who his favourite author was, I was surprised with the answer of ‘horror writer’ Stephen King. My knowledge of him was ‘he wrote the book the Shining was based on’ and not much else. He pointed me towards this book as his guilty pleasure as he can relate to the subject matter (that of the main character being an author, not having a Dark Half…) and imagine himself as the protagonist, so I thought I would start from there.I am thrilled to now call myself a fan having devoured nine of his books in the last few months. Kings literary prowess was unknown to me and now I am hard pushed to name an author that I would prefer to read.The Dark Half starts strongly, injects the trademark King bizarre-ness, and rolls inexorably towards the final climactic scenes. The main characters are painted so well, King carefully reveals their flawed, vulnerable, sometimes repellant personas, yet somehow manages to keep the reader steadfastly emotionally invested in them. I feel many of Kings book are slow burners that sometimes rush to a finale, as though he has run out of time before deadline day, but The Dark Half kept me hooked from beginning to end.My advice – read this book, it started my journey with Stephen King ‘the horror writer’ and finished with Stephen King ‘my favourite author’

⭐Have to say, I found this one slow. It pains me to say anything negative about Stephens kings work but this one really didn’t have much going on.

⭐Oh how right Thad Beaumont was, if he had known how right he was maybe he would have helped himself and the people who helped Stark’s writing career end.Thad Beaumont is a normal writer, a man with a wife and children but something happened when he was a child, something that has not and will not happen again.George Stark is the Author of such novels as Alexis Machine etc. and he pays Thad’s bills.Thad decides that George Stark is no good for him and needs to get him out of his life. How easy that will be, you will have to find out.A brilliant book with many twists and turns along the way. Beautifully written as always and kept in the horrific context I have come to expect from this legendary thriller writer.


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