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  • Published: 2012
  • Number of pages: 75 pages
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  • Authors: Stephen King


Now a major motion picture streaming on Netflix! Mile 81 meets “N.” in this novella collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill. As USA TODAY said of Stephen King’s Mile 81: “Park and scream. Could there be any better place to set a horror story than an abandoned rest stop?” In the Tall Grass begins with a sister and brother who pull off to the side of the road after hearing a young boy crying for help from beyond the tall grass. Within minutes they are disoriented, in deeper than seems possible, and they’ve lost one another. The boy’s cries are more and more desperate. What follows is a terrifying, entertaining, and masterfully told tale, as only Stephen King and Joe Hill can deliver.

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⭐I can now add a permanent fear of tall grass to my list of phobias. Thanks a lot Mr. King. But actually, I knew what I was getting into venturing into a Stephen King book, all be it a short one. That’s only in pages, not the fear factor it induces. It’s more like a creeping sense of dread that slowly coils tighter around your throat as you read. I wanted to scream at the characters to warn them, much like you do with a decent horror movie. Please never make this into a horror movie, that one scene, I shudder to forget it. Great job by two fine talented authors.

⭐I had finally seen the movie when I got the time to do so and I absolutely love it, especially that Patrick Willson was in it. He’s a great actor and I do enjoy watching him in a lot of movies. I then went ahead and purchased the Kindle edition and read it yesterday. I noticed that the book is completely opposite from the film because here we have Cal and Becky in a different view from what I have seen in the movie. In the movie, we get more of Patrick Willson’s character unlike the story, we also get more on Travis and Tobin which is great. We get to see more then what you get in the book. The rock had me a bit confused, but then I started to get it since the drawings were on the surface and why it was happening to them. I sure as heck don’t ever want to be stranded by tall weeds and get lost. Phobia anyone? Overall, I love the fact that Stephen King (whom I adore since I was a kid) and his son collaborated such an amazing short that will get you the phobia you didn’t expect to have. I have phobias, but this one will give you the creeps. Who would want to be stranded like that and can’t come out? If I hear someone calling from beyond a field in need of help? Sorry kid, but that’s not happening. Good luck on your own in getting out! Shoot, I’m whistling and keep on moving. Great short and I do highly recommend this one! 🙂

⭐Co-authoring is always a fascinating, risky idea; there’s always the chance that instead of getting something more than the sum of its parts, you lose the personality or strengths of the authors. But in the case of father-son team Stephen King and Joe Hill, that issue never comes up. Their first true horror piece together, In the Tall Grass is an out-and-out nightmare, following a pair of siblings who stop to help travelers lost in a grassy field, only to find themselves in far more danger than they expected. In the Tall Grass is pure nightmare fuel, both on a psychological level and on a visceral, violent one as well, and it’s that blend between the two styles that really shows how well these two work together as a team. In the Tall Grass hits its ending just a little hard, but the journey to that point is a fantastic one, and one that goes a lot darker, more brutal, and more horrifying than you might expect at first. In other words, it’s two horror masters working at the top of their games and making something that’s far more than the sum of their individual parts.

⭐I grew up devouring Stephen King. From his iconic works to his amazing short story collections I’ve never been disappointed by opening the covers of a Stephen King book. About five or six years ago I read an article on his son Joe Hill about a short story collection he had written called 20th Century Ghosts and immediately purchased it on the off chance that lighting had maybe struck twice in the family and the world would be blessed with another prodigy in the world of literature. A part of me knew that it was probably unlikely and that he’d be just an average writer whose only eventual claim to fame was that he was the son of a better writer. Luckily I couldn’t have been more wrong. 20th Century Ghosts has range with stories being romantic, heart breaking, and just as horrific as anything his father could produce. In some ways he may even be slightly better. As in the case of consistently landing the ending which was something that even the most passionate of Stephen King fans would admit he consistently couldn’t do.So the thought of both of them coming together is a dream come true.So how’s the final product? Excellent! In the mind of these two a simple plot of tall grass next to a church and run down bowling alley can create unimaginable horrors. With this being such a short tale I’m afraid to disclose more but I read that this will be adapted to a movie and in all honesty I have no idea how they’ll get away doing a faithful adaptation as there’s truly some twisted and disturbing happenings in this book. What I really want is for these two to write a full length novel as the sampling that you get from this short story will convince you that it would be something truly special to the horror genre.

⭐Stephen King could write Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I would think it was FANTASTIC!!!! Joe Hill is Great just like his Dad! One week before I heard about this Novella was scheduled to be released I told a friend of mine (as I was reading King’s “Four Past Midnight” – another GREAT novel) that I wished Joe would release another book because I really loved his books that I’ve read. (Heart Shaped Box – AWESOME!) then come to find out, In The Tall Grass was scheduled to be released ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! YAY!!! so Thank You Mr. King and Mr. Hill!!! but on a more serious note: I really did love “In The Tall Grass” my only negative on the story was that it was TOO SHORT 🙂 I do prefer a BIG FAT King Novel that takes me a month to read! read UNDER THE DOME!!!! sooooooo good!

⭐This concept was wild. This was my first encounter with Joe Hill and I fell in love! Very sci-fi feelsy and keeps you confused and in suspense. You won’t regret the read!

⭐Joe Hill is scarier then his father. An exceptional writer. Enjoyed this story very much. Looking forward to more stories.

⭐This was a very well written horror story by Stephen King and Joe Hill. It had a classic horror feel to it and reminded me of earlyKing horror fiction. It was also cool to read a collaboration between the two authors.

⭐Brother and sister, Cal and Becky, are extremely close. During a cross country drive they stop when they hear a young boy calling for help from the tall grass by the roadside and both go in to look for him. Before they know it they are separated from each other and seem to be further from the road than should be possible. What is really going on in the tall grass?I really like occasionally being able to read a whole story in one day, gives me a real sense of accomplishment. In the case of “In The Tall Grass” though it wasn’t much of a challenge as it is only 61 pages long.This has been on my Kindle for a while so it felt good to get to one from near the top of my TBR list! I did enjoy this, it has most of the hallmarks of a good King/Hill horror story but I did think the shortness let it down. I didn’t feel I had enough time to really get to know Becky and Cal before they were in peril and, to be honest, what I did know of them they sounded annoying!There is creepiness galore along with the supernatural element we have come to know and love from a lot of King’s books. There is also quite a lot of gore! The section towards the end was particular disturbing!There really isn’t a massive amount I can say about such a short story, especially whilst avoiding spoilers. It was a nice quick way of passing the time today. I read just under half while I had my soak in the bath and then I finished it just before bed so it was fine. It’s very fast paced, as you would expect from a short story, pretty much straight into arriving at the tall grass, and there isn’t much let up in the action.On the whole, the story is well written and the descriptive content was excellent. I do love character pieces and this is lacking on that score but you can’t expect much in the way of character development in such a short story. I’d be interested to see how Netflix have developed it for a film to be honest as I would imagine they’ve had to do a lot of fleshing out to make anything feature length.

⭐I was a little disappointed with this story; I have read two of King’s full-length novels, and have written two five-star reviews for them, but In the Tall Grass left a lot to be desired.It starts well; there is a lot of tension as a brother and sister get out of their car to investigate the cries of a child. It seems as though they have wondered into a nearly field full of long grass. The siblings decide to rescue the child, but as soon as they enter it, they find themselves lost. No matter what they do, they aren’t able to escape the field – or even find each other.The tension of their confusion is built for about 70% of the novel (which is great), but the last 30% just gets a little… weird. I have always admired King’s ability to evoke fear in his readers without relying on gore and brutality, but I can’t say that about In the Tall Grass. This story is VERY brutal, and to be honest, I think it was a little too much for me (which is saying something). It’s not scary, it’s just gross, and can make you feel a little uncomfortable.That said, it is only towards the end of the story that this brutality establishes itself; I enjoyed the rest of it quite a lot, and was intrigued about the grass and all of the supernatural elements that are wrapped up in it.It’s not a bad story, but it’s not King’s best, and you definitely need to be prepared for gore if you fancy giving it a read.

⭐A novella that starts off with two undescriptive people dubbed the “Irish Twins”, Becky and Cal are on a journey across the country to stay with their Aunt and Uncle. Why? Well, Becky is pregnant, so she decides to stay with them while she has the baby. Her brother Cal, well where one goes the other one goes.The scene is set quickly, in a car, no music and windows are down because of the heat. Straight away you know something will happen, I mean this is a King/Hill collaboration. As they are driving, somehow they hear the sounds of a boy crying out. Ok, so here come the chills. I think we have all read enough horror books to know, if you hear a kid crying out, you just run, it will never come to any good. Well, surprise surprise!We are literally surrounded by this tall grass, I am already feeling claustrophobic. We are turned back to front and in circles. Sounds are never that close by, or they are so close you can touch them but you definitely can’t see them. While the boy is shouting for help, his mother is telling you to stay away. But who do we trust? The innocent voice crying for help, or the adult voice telling us to stay away? Who needs help?Each step we take into the grass feels like another step to our death, the unknown. I am suffocated by all the fricking grass, it is unbreakable, it is fire resistant, it is almost as it is fighting back our efforts to escape. There are no sounds in this grass, apart from the shouts, it just amplifies the isolation and adds to the fear. This maze is one I fear we will never solve.Until….Cal and Becky, although separated meet 2 different people and it feels like salvation. Although it feels malevolent, this is not the joy I thought we would get. I mean again, who am I kidding, I mean remember who wrote this snappy story! The tale turns dark and grim so quickly as we realise there is no escape from the grass….well unless we do something….but we don’t want to do that something….do we? It calls us…. but no we have to stay away. However, things get grimmer and desperate for Becky she is with the wrong person in this tale and her scenes were graphic and terrifying. I dread to be in her situation, it was not a good one. And yet, we feel hope at a reunion. The only problem is we know what happened before Cal and Becky see each other again. And this reunion is one I do not want to think about again it was just plain awful and if I let it bother me, so gut-wrenching and disgusting. But we won’t think about that, I can’t think of that. All I will say is thank god I will never be pregnant again and therefore I know this will NEVER happen to me!In true King style, we have an ending that will leave us screaming! So many emotions are packed into 51 pages and it is enough to have you screaming next time you see grass. I know that this book has made sure I never let my grass grow any bigger and to stay away if it does! I love that in this novella I felt so many emotions and I flew through it. I loved the mix of King and Hill, the gore mixed with the intensity of the dire situation we are in. The scare factor with the unrelenting isolation.Now I am off to see how the Netflix adaptation fares up, I have purposely not looked at who is playing whom in the film so as not to have my thoughts determined beforehand. I have no idea to whom I might want to play Becky and Cal as we have literally no description of their characters. They are faceless people, just impressions of what they might look like! I am looking forward to seeing how this translate and I am dreading that scene that I can’t tell you about, because well….it is AWFUL! It is definitely worth a read and with only 51 pages it won’t take you long to feel the dread, the fear and the tickling of the grass on your neck.

⭐I will struggle to rate novellas over three stars, especially those with ambiguous endings. However, in terms of visceral responses to reading, this is a very decent read!I am all for books that get you to empathise with the characters, and the hopelessness of the characters plight comes across very quickly in this – “Abandoned at sea in a drifting current” came to my mind, at the same time that it was described as that within the book. That to my mind is good authoring!However, from being just hopeless, this book turned a bit weird, and a little deep, with minimal explanation, and that’s where it ended up lacking. A good read, but not a great one!

⭐I absolutely love Stephen King. I’ve been a fan for approximately 35 years now & I’ve enjoyed many of his books, especially his novellas. However, it’s true to say that not all of his offerings are up to standard & I’m aware that this is a father/son collaboration, (if that’s the correct word). The story is a great idea, but it was quickly apparent that it was going nowhere apart from downhill. I actually enjoyed the Netflix screen version a lot more than this – at least that had an expanded story line & a decent ending


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In the Tall Grass (Kindle Single) MOBI Free Download
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In the Tall Grass (Kindle Single) 2012 MOBI Free Download
Download In the Tall Grass (Kindle Single) MOBI
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