Just Her Type by Reon Laudat (Epub)

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  • Published: 2015
  • Number of pages: 279 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 0.43 MB
  • Authors: Reon Laudat


Just Her TypeOne woman’s quest for Mr. Right, the Great American novel, and the perfect knit stitchWhen literary agent Kendra Porter loses her heart, she has a tendency to lose her head. She’s impulsively accepted three bended-knee marriage proposals. But this flighty fiancée has never made it to the altar. Her MO is to return the rings with heart-rending breakup speeches. No more! For long-term relationship success, she adopts a more pragmatic approach to dating in hopes of clicking with a different type of guy. Rival literary agent Dominic Tobias is a sexy, charming, hipster sort, in other words, Kendra’s usual type to a tee. While he induces the best kind of tingles, he also triggers her flight response.The last few women Dominic pursued banished him to that guy purgatory of no return– the Friend Zone. His laid-back, no-pressure courting style has been lousy for his love life as of late. With Kendra, he tries the opposite approach—a full-court-press strategy. A fierce pull draws Kendra to Dominic, but she can’t fight unnerving déjà vu when he gets too close. Will they prevail over the “cute couple” curse, spooky synchronicity, suspicions of client poaching, and double-wide competitive streaks to achieve their happily ever after?Can Kendra conquer her fear and trust off-the-charts chemistry one more time? Does Dominic want to win Kendra’s heart? Or does he just want to win?

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