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  • Published: 2009
  • Number of pages: 368 pages
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  • Authors: Terry Pratchett


Pyramids is the seventh book in the award-winning comic fantasy Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.In Pyramids, you’ll discover the tale of Teppic, a student at the Assassin’s Guild of Ankh-Morpok and prince of the tiny kingdom of Djelibeybi, thrust into the role of pharaoh after his father’s sudden death. It’s bad enough being new on the job, but Teppic hasn’t a clue as to what a pharaoh is supposed to do. First, there’s the monumental task of building a suitable resting place for Dad — a pyramid to end all pyramids. Then there are the myriad administrative duties, such as dealing with mad priests, sacred crocodiles, and marching mummies. And to top it all off, the adolescent pharaoh discovers deceit, betrayal—not to mention a headstrong handmaiden—at the heart of his realm.Sometimes being a god is no fun at all…

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⭐The pharaoh is dead and his son, the new pharaoh, wants to do somethingto help his kingdom, but the traditions and the head priest complicatematters. What is a pharaoh to do? I enjoyed this! Must read.

⭐Pratchet comes at us with another delightful bit of comedic writing. Pyramids is a book for those of us who dont want to be what people say we were meant to be, and who then must fix time and space because of ridiculous old traditions.

⭐This was a pretty fun book but even as I write these words I remember less and less of it

⭐I love Pratchett in general, but this one wasn’t his best. Seemed like he was having a bad day at the typewriter. Weak storyline, silly language manipulation and long boring sections.

⭐Terry Pratchett is the master of a fantasy sub-genre that probably belongs to him alone. Most of them are clever, witty, and rapid-fire novels. Almost all of the Discworld novels fall into different categories: Tiffany Aching, Rincewind, the three witches, Sam Vines and the guards, and Death. Each book in a group focuses on one of them, although they cross over and pop up in each others’ books all the time. This book is unusual in that it stands alone. Pyramids begins in Ankh- Morpork which is a familiar setting in Disc World. It is colorful and smelly. Teppic, our hero, is training to be a member of the Assassins Guild. The final exam is very entertaining. Teppic is heir to the Pharaoh of a desert river kingdom filled with pyramids. Most of the story takes place after his father’s death when Teppic returns to the kingdom and things come unglued. You can trust Terry Pratchett to not be too linear and to not be very predictable. Terry Pratchett does a wonderful job of maintaining the integrity of his absurd world and his characters while keeping everything fresh and creative. The humor is wrapped around serious themes. The characters have fantasy aspects, but they illustrate many universal truths of human nature. In this book you had to love the camel named You Bastard and Endos the Listener. Actually, there is a cast of thousands in this book with Gods, Philosophers, embalmers, priests, pyramid builders, dead people, soldiers, servants, foreign armies, assassins and so on. I cannot read too many of them in a row, but when I need something different, a Discworld novel is the perfect metaphorical palate refresher. Like all the Discworld books, the tone is satirical and clever. This book was not my favorite of the Discworld novels and it did not make me laugh aloud as frequently as Wee Free Men. These books do not contain any scenes, language, or images that would rate even a PG-13 rating at the movies. If a reader does not have sufficient maturity, much of the book will be wasted, because you won’t get the jokes or understand the satire. It should be impossible to write such pure nonsense that ends up making great sense.

⭐I wish I knew about Terry Pratchett before studying the history of Egypt. I mean, I wish Pyramids was translated into Russian (yes, I’m from Russia), and I would’ve read it, because I would’ve fallen in love with all things pyramids and mummies and history and camels and stuff, that I would’ve studied it that much harder, all the while imagining them to flare up, and explode, and suck in time, and make people flat, and copy people in time, like, a person twenty minute ago and a person twenty minutes ahead of time. Heck, that would’ve maybe inspired me to study physics harder. I always hated it, thought the teacher was nice. Anyway. Pretend you know nothing about pyramids and read this book. Well, actually, this book is not about Egyptian pyramids, it’s about Discworld pyramids, but nonetheless. The parallel is clear. You will laugh to tears. Actually, have a pack of tissues next to you as you will be wiping your eyes on every page. And if you won’t, then maybe you’re reading it upside down. Check and see, are you?Now, what is this book about? Discworld, of course, only this time we follow Teppic, the lovely fellow who is supposed to be a pharaoh one day (he’s just a prince now), but really despises the job and goes off to study how to be an assassin. Why? Oh, I won’t spoil this for you. The reason will make you pee your pants, in a good way. Laughter, remember? So, he senses that something dreadful has happened to his father and comes back to his Kingdom, which is, incidentally, this long narrow sliver of land stuffed with pyramids, and, well, he’s the most unlikely pharaoh you will ever read about. There are priests, of the most hysterical kind. There are mummies, too. Polite ones. And sphinxes, the ones that are easy to fool. And maidens, and pyramid architects, and embalmers, and a whole slew of characters that will keep you turning the pages, and will keep you wiping your eyes. I think by the end of this book your stomach muscles will strengthen considerably. In fact, this book will make your midriff ready for summer and beaches and bath suits. I mean, swim suits. Whatever. READ IT.

⭐Book was in great condition and seller’s note was lovely. Thank you for selling these books, helped my husband get one step closer to finishing Disc World collection.

⭐This is one of my favourite Discworld books by the Late Great and sorely missed Terry Pratchett.By the time he wrote this, Discworld had become a very solid idea and seemed, to me at least, more real. He had built upon his idea of a Disc that was full of life and magic which was held upon the backs of four mighty elephants who stood on the shell of a massive turtle who swam through the cosmos. Fantastical stuff, and in the hands of a lesser author it would be less believable. Not that I believe that there is a Discworld, but Terry Pratchett made you want to believe it could happen.I have read all of the Discworld books, some of them I’ve read so many times that they are falling apart and in need of replacing. So I’ve been getting the Kindle versions. I’ve missed the feel of the paper in my hands but enjoyed being able to have a lot of his books with me wherever I go on my phone.

⭐You either love Discworld and anything else by Terry Pratchett or you don’t. If you do, nuff said. If you have never read any of them, I suggest you start with ‘ Mort’. One of the funniest books I have ever read.The audible books are not all read by the same person, so its luck of the draw – personally having tried a couple on Audible I have reverted to the hard copy books.

⭐This re-read is showing me that this is the one where Pterry reaches a perfect blend of story and humour. The jokes come thick and fast as in some of the previous ones and blend seamlessly with an engaging story which wasn’t always the case with the previous books where a great story had jokes which weren’t quite a part of it.An absolute pleasure.

⭐A good early Discworld novel which, as usual with Terry Pratchett, is so much more than just a fantasy novel. This one deals with the folly of war, overambitious architecture along with an exploration of the ancient Egyptian belief in the everlasting afterlife.However above all it is a comedy on the folly of humans and how we interact with each other.

⭐Personally, one of my favourite Pratchett novels, that is funny in the first few minutes with the protagonist Teppic, who is an assassin, ending up tripping over the mass amount of gear that he had put upon himself. With many of the novels however, there can be times when some moments are hard to understand, (like what is a llb?), but was made hilarious again by calling a camel (who’s a mathematician) YouBastard! Overall, both Pyramids and Small Gods are something to poke fun of religion at, especially with as much humour as Pratchett did. So, even with the four stars, I would rate this 8/10.


Free Download Pyramids: A Novel of Discworld in MOBI format
Pyramids: A Novel of Discworld MOBI Free Download
Download Pyramids: A Novel of Discworld 2009 MOBI Free
Pyramids: A Novel of Discworld 2009 MOBI Free Download
Download Pyramids: A Novel of Discworld MOBI
Free Download Ebook Pyramids: A Novel of Discworld

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