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  • Published: 2012
  • Number of pages: 384 pages
  • Format: MOBI
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  • Authors: Terry Pratchett


For every Terry Pratchett fan, an absolute must-have book—favorite quotations from his beloved Discworld canonGleaned from more than two decades’ worth of Discworld tales, here is an essential compendium of insightful musings, witty commentary, and sagacious observations by New York Times bestselling author Terry Pratchett, compiled by Pratchett expert Stephen Briggs.• In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap, and much more difficult to find…• All assassins had a full-length mirror in their rooms, because it would be a terrible insult to anyone to kill them when you were badly dressed.Filled with wonderful bon mots, double entendres, not to mention breathtaking insights, The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld is a compendium of the wittiest, pithiest, and wisest quotations from Terry Pratchett’s madcap universe—a place that looks, sounds, and smells suspiciously like our own.

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⭐I have read all of the Discworld series and got this for my husband for Xmas and he loved it.

⭐I’m reading as many of Prachett’s books as I can

⭐Great highlights, quotes, quips from so many tales !! Discworld keeps spinning along & spinning tales- some can make your head spin?!

⭐Steven Briggs, the man behind the Discworld maps and stage versions of the Discworld stories and the Discworld Companion, has compiled in this single volume many of the funniest — and wisest — moments from the whole series of Discworld novels, all the way from “The Color of Magic” to “Making Money” (and including the four “youth” books). I say “many” moments, not all, because to do that, as Briggs says in his foreword, he might as well have tied a set of all the Discworld novels up with a ribbon. Some jokes, Briggs tellsus, would not fit in this compilation because too much context was required, and the judgment of what is most funny is too subjective for everyone to agree. But any Discworld fan can be assured that at least many moments happily remembered make their appearance in “The Wit & Wisdom of Discworld” (and, if the fan is like me, some moments you have forgotten). Excerpts range from single sentences to several paragraphs, and occasionally Briggs supplies a comment or two of background to explain what the joke is about. The excerpts are arranged in chapters, one for each novel. And there is even an index in which you can look up such things as “witches: Omnians and,” and “Vetenari, Havelock, Lord (Partrician of Ankh-Morpork): tyranny in practice”.The book makes for wonderful browsing, or reading straight-through. And it makes you want to go back and read the novels themselves again.

⭐Ah, Terry Pratchett. What an amazing fellow! I’ve had the immense joy of meeting him on two occasions and found him to be wonderfuly warm and entertaining. Very much worth all the praise he gets for his writing.The best of these writings are culled together into this book. It’s a collection of quotes and scenes from the various Discworld novels (including the “kids” books, but leaving out the short stories). It’s a fairly comprehensive book, though I’m sure everyone will likely think their particular favorite is under-represented (THREE PAGES?! That’s all that

⭐gets?! WHAT THE HECK?!). You will likely also notice that some of your favorite quotes or scenes are not in this book (ie: the “Elves are…” bit from

⭐).But beyond that, this is a very nice, well put-together compilation of some of the greatest… er… things… of the Discworld. It even features an index where you can look up lines from all your favorite characters.Though far from complete, this is a worthwhile purchase at a very reasonable price, and who knows? If enough of his Discheads (not a word you want to make a typo on), buy this up, maybe we’ll be treated to volume two?

⭐Wit and wisdom abound in this volume, which serves as an index of sorts for the series, as well as a collection of some of the series’ best gags and insights.The book itself is made to look like a well-worn text. Fake scuffing and wear by age are all over the dust-cover, and the pages were cut in a style to look like they were a bit frazzled at the edges.The anecdotes were chosen by frequent Pratchett collaborator Stephen Briggs, who had to go through the enviable task of re-reading the whole series. Mind you, choosing which nuggets were to go into this book must have been hard, as he could easily release two or three more books along this theme.It also gives information to those of us whom have not read every last volume yet, in my case some of the younger readers editions (“Wintersmith” and the “Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents”). A highly advisable addition to any, and every, Discworld library.

⭐This collection of Pratchett’s one liners, monologues and even diatribes on the folly of Discworld men and creatures (women get marginally less jibes)is a great dip in and dip out style of book. It reminds you of all the best bits of the Discworld novels that you mean to remember as quotes, but as soon as you find the next one that makes you laugh out loud you forget the last one you were trying to remember. I have learnt to keep my reading of all Pratchett’s works to the privacy of my own home lest I be locked up for a psychiatric disorder, laughing out loud during a lecture on nanobiopharmacotherapeutics or in someother inappropriate place.To sum this compendium up I would say it is great and has made me vow to re-read all of the Discworld novels yet again.

⭐Bought as a gift, recipient was delighted!

⭐The two stars are for STP’s writing, not for this book. I adore every single Discworld book for its humour, humanity and wisdom. Sadly vast swathes of this book totally missed the boat on all three.This is, for the most part, a superficial and shallow selection from Terry Pratchett’s superlative writing. A tiny bit of the really good stuff is in there, some of the rest is amusing, but much of it is inconsequential, compared to the depth, beauty and hilarity to be found in the content of the original books.This kind of thing is one of the reasons I don’t much care for the books STP co-wrote with others. No matter who they are, they just do not come up to his standard – and it shows – even in editing selected highlights of the beloved Discworld canon. Don’t waste your money – get the original books and read it all in context.

⭐I love Terry Pratchett. His Discworld books are so well developed and his characters all have such human flaws that you can identify with, and like – even the trolls!I have read every Discworld novel so far written and I certainly have my favourites. The wit and wisdom contained within each novel is part of its unique charm. I appreciate what a mammoth task Stephen Briggs undertook in compiling this companion. Almost every page in the actual books contains a wry bon mot, a sly dig at the base greed and venality of the society that we, the readers, inhabit. To try to extrapolate those motes of magic would certainly be beyond me. I just recommend the books to family and friends with the passionate avowal that they will enjoy their experience!However, I am very disappointed with this offering. I purchased this book via my kindle and whether the actual paper version is the same I cannot tell. But my online copy is riddled with typos! On almost every page there is a misprint and error. I was so shocked! One or two I can forgive (but I don’t even like that many!), But page after page with so many errors! Unacceptable. This has reduced my pleasure in reading the witticisms of such a clever and gifted author.Don’t buy this companion. Get the original books and enjoy them in their entirety. You will be far more satisfied.

⭐I am a self confessed Discworld fan – but I admit I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. It is, in fact a joy. It manages to capture the essence of each of the books in little bite sizes. I read the first one and found myself smiling and laughing as it reminded me of the characters portrayed. Whilst you could read it at one sitting I decided to ration myself and dip into it now and again – wonderful cheer you up material when you have a little spare time. And if you’re not yet a discworld addict , read this to get a flavour of the books.

⭐A guided browse through the novels, picking out characters and characteristics of Terry Pratchett’s amazingly coherent fantasy world. A useful reminder of the way that the novels dovetail and invaluable navigation for readers who do not have the full library or do not know if they have all the stories of particular characters or locations.

⭐An hilarious collection to have in the loo, or in a guest room or even in the car for when you breakdown. This will make you smile, laugh out loud and definitely entertain you. This is just excerpts from a huge range of different books but it just made me want to go read the whole series again! Great value too.


Free Download The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld in MOBI format
The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld MOBI Free Download
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The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld 2012 MOBI Free Download
Download The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld MOBI
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