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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 417 pages
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  • Authors: Stephen King


Only Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, can imagine the horror of a good and angry man who fights back against bureaucracy when it threatens to destroy his vitality, home, and memories. “Under any name King mesmerizes the reader” (Chicago Sun-Times).Barton Dawes is standing in the way of progress when his unremarkable but comfortable existence suddenly takes a turn for the worst. A new highway extension is being built right over the laundry plant where he works—and right over his home. The house he has lived in for twenty years and where he created loving memories with his family. Dawes isn’t the sort of man who will take an insult of this magnitude lying down. His steadfast determination to fight the inevitable course of progress drives his wife and friends away while he tries to face down the uncaring bureaucracy that has destroyed his life. But before the city paves over that part of Dawes’s life, he’s got one more party to throw—and it’ll be a blast. What happens when one good (and angry) man fights back…and then some? This #1 national bestseller includes an introduction by Stephen King on “The Importance of Being Bachman.”

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⭐Great reading. The poor man cannot take anymore pressure, he is getting it from everywhere. So he submits to them taking his house but only with his spatula films on his daye. He wants his check ready and waiting for him. What. He does next you will have to read. It is well written and easy to read Enjou

⭐I liked this story and the progression of the main character from the beginning of the story to the end when he makes a final stand. This guy was one heck of a good liar!

⭐Highly underrated. Not many like this story and never understood why. Little slow at first but it’s great once it gets going.

⭐Stephen King has made a name for himself as writer with a mind for the supernatural. His Constant Reader is expecting his Constant Writer to deliver just that: another novel, novella or short story as a gate for the extraordinary to slip through the customs of common sense, unnoticed, and let itself silently into our lives. Others have done it before, masters of the genre have left an impressive legacy of precedents, and it is expected others will carry further the tradition of invoking the angel of the bizarre. What all writers have in common though is their acute perception of life as an anomaly. Artists will dress up accidents disrupting our everyday existence as uncanny events ascribable to mysterious causes. I readily agree that a blood sucking creature flapping its wings through your night-time chambers is much more entertaining than another portrait of an unloving spouse. Still, the unwritten rule of the genre is that mystery may be stripped of its cloak, gown and hood and reveal itself for what it really is: a betrayal of the heart or a treason of the body. While I always ackowledged Stephen King as a first rate story teller, I always felt uncomfortable when he turned his skills towards the actual supernatural. I resented the Constant Writer for a maladroit narrative which I found to be suddenly out of step with a well crafted and promising beginning. Reading Roadwork I assumed the Constant Writer eventually grew out of his own paradox. The mature painter realised it only takes a truthful representation of life to deliver the painful shock of reality to the reader, I deducted. Roadwork shows nature going out of its way to present us with the harsher implications of leading an ordinary life. King is getting on in age, I mused. Before I discovered a green twentysomething was behind this fantastic piece of literature. I guess that’s as much supernatural this Constant Reader can take. But what a briliant, insightful and well crafted piece of roadwork this is. God bless you, Bachman. You should be reclassified as a master of literature.

⭐I read this book a long time ago and really liked it, so I thought, why not read it again, which I did and I liked it just as much as the first time. Stephen King always delivers the goods…

⭐stephen king fan


⭐This is an excellent novel. I recommend it to all Stephen King fans. The sequence of events is set very well, and the characters are well-defined. It was hard to put the story down. Mr. King has a unique way of building excitement toward the end of the story, and I love it!

⭐A treatise on a descent into mental health issues and it’s well worth noting this is not Stephen King per se but written as ‘Richard Bachman’. Even the Bachman books had more menace than this offering and this has zero supernatural elements for which King is known for. It’s a tale of a man who finds out his place of work and soon afterwards, his home, will be demolished by the local government and following the period after huge personal loss and bereavement, does absolutely nothing by choice to relocate either work or home despite being in the chief position to do so with time to spare and starts to mentally deteriorate, alienating everyone close to him by his skewed take on the world. Yes it has drama and as usual with King, the reasons become clear, but I prefer ideas like ‘Thinner’ etc. (also a Bachman book) as well as the stories he is famed for. If I’d known this was more like a humourless analysis of paranoia I’d have saved my money. A miss as far as I’m concerned.

⭐It’s Stephen King so it will always be readable, though not one of his best.

⭐This is obviously one of his earlier works, copyright 1981 by Richard Bachman, so I wonder if it appeared in a previous publication 30 years ago. However, it’s still a good story – Stephen King writes very few rubbish stories – but, perhaps because it’s an early story, it lacks his wonderful descriptive phrases, my favourite of which appeared in Pet Semetary “the sun sank like a bucket of guts”. A good read, though, especially if you’re an avid fan.

⭐This is not King’s usual style. It is a straightforward tale with none of the suspenseful magic that he has always created in the past. The plot is banal: though it is written well, there is nothing that a ‘constant reader’ expects. For the price it costs, it is not worth buying the book.

⭐Despite some ‘Americanisms’ I didn’t understand I am enjoying the tale as I always do where Stephen King is concerned.


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