Tap: A Lovibond Novel (Lovibond Collection) by Georgia Cates (Epub)



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  • Published: 2015
  • Number of pages: 350 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 1.17 MB
  • Authors: Georgia Cates


1st Edition Cover: Craft beer and the sexy men who brew it.A faceless name. That’s all she was when I agreed to play a part in deceiving her. But then the unplanned happened.We met. And all I wanted from her was a dirty weekend . . . until that wasn’t enough and I longed for so much more.Lawrence Thorn suddenly means the world to me. And that’s a problem. She’s my business partner’s sister. Forbidden fruit. Pursuing her can mean trouble for me at Lovibond Brewery. But I don’t care.I yearn for her skin against mine.I crave her smell on my body.I want to make her laugh and then hear her moan my name.And she does for a brief moment in time.But Lawrence wants more than I’m able to give. And it’s a damn shame because there’s no one on earth I want more than her.An epic love.A miserable ending.Unless it’s not.

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⭐ really did enjoy this book. it was my first book from this author. great start to the series

⭐ Just started reading this book and I love it

⭐ I did a review for Cates Sweet Torment novella a few days back and this book was included after the mini story. The things I struggled with in that tale was totally redeemed with this one. This story gives her Sin trilogy some heavy competition. I loved this couple so much. The name Lawerence for a heroine was odd but Lucas’s nickname for her was Wren and I loved that.Wren is a free spirit who runs a new age shop in Savanna. She decided to surprise her brother Ollie with an unexpected visit. Oliver owns a brewery business with Porter Beckmann and Lucas Broussard. They are known as Livibond Brewery. Ollie gets into some trouble and asks Lucas to help him out which is the secret between him and Wren in the beginning. I’m not big when my couples hold secrets in a book. I like complete honesty but while the early stages of their relationship is just physical attraction things were kept simple.Lucas has a painful past that he has never dealt with. Wren has had pain too but is opposite Luc and sought help to overcome. That goes with her life motto of letting go of the negative to attract the positive. She really impacts Lucas in his belief of never allowing just one woman into his heart. This was beautiful to watch the two open up like a couple of flowers in the morning sun and Lucas releases that secret. That was my favorite part at this point in the story at this point because I had so much respect for him confessing and going against the bro code to break the silence.It gets better because I had just as much respect for Wren has to admit to herself that Lucas and her want different things in life.”The saddest discovery you can ever make is realizing you’ve fallen truly, madly, and deeply in love with a dream that will never be.” The best part of a book is when you can feel the joy and pain of the characters. It just broke my heart but I had so much respect for the courage it took for Wren to realize.” I can’t be with a man who uses the past to dictate the future. Or one who cares so little about me, he’s unwilling to compromise. It took a while but I finally love myself too much to settle for that.”I really loved GC writing in this one. The love and romance took the lead. ” Sometimes the heart doesn’t know what it wants until it finds what it needs.” Lucas easily became so well loved by this reader with words like this and many more. This book has sex scenes but tasteful, steamy ones. I hope the rest in this series are as good as this one was. I am really glad I got the boxed set as I got two stories for one price. Enjoy!

⭐ I love Georgia Cates’ books and I loved this one.The story progresses smoothly and the characters are easy to like.I want to read the rest of the series but can’t find it on Amazon.

⭐ I enjoyed the setting of the book because, hey, I like beer and used to work at a brewery myself. :)The characters were alright. Had a bit too much inner dialogue for my liking though. Wish I could read more of Lucas/Tap’s Cajun accent, but it was only there a wee bit. But I guess you can’t write an accent into a story all the time. Still had signs of it. The instant connection between Brou (aka Tap) and Wren (aka Lawrence) was sweet. But their whole relationship almost all seemed too easy. Still enjoyed the characters, but again, the inner dialogue was bugging me a little bit. And the lack of angst or any drama was missing. I mean, there was predictable drama, but I feel like we all knew exactly what was going to happen. The one aspect I really enjoyed was Tap’s relationship with his ex. It was completely unconventional and made story have some life that I didn’t know I was lacking from it.Overall, a decent story, but the inner dialogue bugged me. Still will be curious what happens in Stout’s story. I’ll probably still check it out.”You’re it. The ray of sunlight he needs in the darkness he calls life.”



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