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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 312 pages
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  • Authors: Penny Reid


There are three things you need to know about Fiona Archer… I would tell you what they are, but then I’d have to kill you.

But I can tell you that Fiona’s husband, the always irrepressible and often cantankerous Greg Archer, is desperately in love with his wife. Yet as the years pass, Greg has begun to suspect that Fiona is a ninja. A ninja mom. A ninja wife. A ninja friend. After fourteen years of marriage, Greg is trying not to panic. Because Fiona’s talent for blending in is starting to resemble fading away. However, when unexpected events mean Fiona must take center stage to keep her family safe, her response stuns everyone—Greg most of all. It seems like Greg’s wish has come true. Except… not.

Happily Ever Ninja is book #5 in the Knitting in the City series. Each book is a standalone, full length (110k words), contemporary romantic comedy novel, and follows the misadventures and exploits of seven friends in Chicago, all members of the same knitting group.

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Review “This isn’t an odd book, but it might be a brave book, the truth about the reality of marriage (give or take a wild chase through the jungle). It was refreshing, genuine, funny and so very insightful.”- Heroes and Heartbreakers”Happily Ever Ninja is finely balanced. It’s not just about characters who put that darn ache in your chest. It’s got the fantastic banter, wit, smarts, and the feels I’ve come to expect from a Penny Reid novel… not to mention more than a dash of action!”- New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Samantha Young

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⭐ I cried reading this story. I’ve never cried reading a Penny Reid book before, but this one made me bawl. Her descriptions on the trials and rewards of marriage struck such a chord with me that I’ve been left in a state of utter introspection. Greg and Fiona make me want to be a better wife. And Penny Reid has blown me away with insights that I never before considered. This book was magic, and adventure, and romance, and witty humor. I would definitely recommend this book to others. After all… if they don’t learn about it from me, they’ll just find out about it on the streets.

⭐ I happen to be crazy for this author. If you have happened upon any of my earlier reviews, I guess you do know that. I don’t anticipate ever not buying and devouring a new novel by Penny Reid. In fact, I have read all of her heretofore published books a minimum of 4 times. That much love, I have. Happily Ever Ninja is the latest book in the Knitting in the City series. Our main character is Fiona Archer…Ninja. She is both a secret and an obvious Ninja. Anyone who has read the previous novels in this series was beyond excited (crazy excited) for Fiona’s book.There was the obvious distinction of this story revolving around a married couple, not a newly unfolding romance. Something new for the kids. Something a bit like a unicorn among a herd of mustangs in the world of romance. For those of us who are married, not in a newly unfolding romance, this concept was greatly intriguing. What? A love book about married people? Realllllllllllly… Yep. Really. And not a gratuitous or patronizing kind of love story. Of course not! This is a Penny Reid story! There was a plot that involved lots of action and high drama. There was also a depth of emotion, honest to goodness thoughts and feelings.In marriage, we go through “seasons” of activity and change. The increase in our responsibilities with mortgages and car payments, navigating insurance and career-building, CHILDREN…these things cause us to continually re-negotiate our relationship. There really is no way to imagine or form a plan for the changes that occur within ourselves, individually, and what impact that will have on our coupledom. That has a direct impact on how we connect to this person with whom we are most attached. There are so many more emotions that develop over the course of a marriage than that initial attraction/passion. Self-discovery really never ends!And so, here was Fiona, at a “crossroad season” in her marriage. The author did not minimize that fact at any point during the book. She actually demonstrated how that emotional state effected Fiona’s reactions and actions to all of the other things that came her way. What the thought process was doing to her rationale, was so real and so true. I will not go further in the telling of this particular aspect of the story. It needs to be “experienced”. I will say that upon finishing the book, I had to wait several days before I could put any words down for a review. I experienced a feeling not unlike that of waking from a dream and still feeling the fear, anger, anxiety that was generated by whatever was taking place in that dream. When that happens, I am agitated all day, dealing with things THAT NEVER HAPPENED! The thing is…much of what happened inside Fiona in Happily Ever Ninja, HAS HAPPENED inside me. That is the level of tremendous skill this author has. That. No, I am not a super-secret agent, by the way. In case you were thinking, maybe. ;)We are introduced or re-introduced, as the case may be, to the atrocities that occur in Nigeria with the oil corporations. There is light shone upon the political and environmental nightmare that exists in this region of the world. I was aware of this horrible fact, but learned a few things while reading the book. This story line made the book feel a little Ludlum-y. I loved it! It was thrilling and intriguing and eye-opening. And, hello Greg, you sexy-smart-kicking ass man! I can’t even. This man’s snark and strength are to me what the promise of Milk Bones are to my Labradors. There may or may not be some tongue-hanging, tail-wagging, and drooling involved. There is.What the author did was truly awesome and admirable. She built a story that was a mixture of self-rediscovery/re-imagining, action, and LOVE. Yes, it was a love story. Upon further reflection, it truly did unfold as newly unfolding romance of sorts. Fiona and Greg re-evaluated and found a way to begin their Tomorrow Marriage. Their love story is tangible in its honesty. They are like a seasoned cast iron skillet…better and better after fire and over time. It was beautiful and I will re-read this book at least 4 times.As ever, I am grateful to have discovered this talented author. Thank you, Talented Author! <3 ⭐ Love Penny Reid's books, and this one is no exception. Loved the realistic perspective on what married life is like, the juggling, the compromises, the irritation & desire to give your partner a good swift kick at times. Have to say I did not like Greg as much as I thought I would. He's a bit selfish & thoughtless, & makes Fiona's life harder than it needs to be as a result - not appealing characteristics in a man. He's also clever, obviously loves Fiona, & can be a delightful smartass. There was a lot more action in this book than expected, in fact it would make a good action movie. Not what I expected, but it works. Penny Reid, you have a delightful turn of mind. ⭐ I have loved every single book Penny Reid has written, but this is easily my favourite so far. I fell in love with Fiona and Greg during their chapters in 'Scenes in the City' and this book has just cemented them as two of my all time favourite book characters. Greg is hilarious and unapologetically sarcastic, and manages to defuse any situation with humour. Fiona is super mom, super wife, and super ninja. Couldn't get enough of them, and wished the book would never end. ⭐ This book is completely unlike the rest of the series in that it's not following a couple meeting up for the first time and then falling in love. There are flashbacks to Fiona and Greg's relationship in years past but this is a marriage 14 years in and under quite a bit of strain due to Greg constantly traveling and with two children under 10. As a woman who's been married for 9 years with a 4 year old so much of this book resonated with me. No, I'm not exactly a ninja like Fiona (and I mean that literally!) but there were so many times that she ponders the state of her marriage and concludes that love is easy but day to day marriage is damn hard. It's wonderful and yet such a chore sometimes. Her conclusion that marriage with kids is just an exercise in delay - delayed conversations, arguments, and gratification - is so spot on that I was bowled over. I simply loved this break from the angst and romance of couples initially falling for each other in favor of this rooted and grounded love based in shared history and conflict. This book is also incredibly different from the previous books because it has a ton of action. I don't want to give away any plot since my jaw was on the ground at more than a few moments but we finally get to see Fiona's CIA involvement in full and she's damn amazing! I laughed, smirked, was astonished, and was moved to tears reading this. Since I finished, I've paged back through re-reading some of Fiona's thoughts since they struck me and have stayed with me. This just further cemented for me that I'll read anything Penny Reid writes and I love the way her mind works. ⭐ My Darling Reader,I feel I must prepare you for this book. If you purchased this book I will make the ninja leap that you've read the books preceding this. I would further brace yourself for the hard beautiful truths of a long term relationship. I love how marriage is put on the exam table, warts and all. I felt terrified (my chewed cuticles will evidence this), my dishes all sat to "soak", and my dinner was burned as I just read one more chapter.Greg and Fiona will hit you in all the feels, will leave you pleased you are well read, and might make you yearn (or yarn) to know more about the oil Industry and their practices, how the CIA works, and make you want to dust off a cartwheel from your youth.I've found something identifiable in each of our knitting circle humans, but Fiona and Greg felt so tangible. More so than anyone else. I want to put them on my Christmas card list.Well done, Penny (and Mr. Penny) ⭐ I had been looking forward to this book for a while. After all, how often do you get to read about a couple that have been married for over a decade, have two children, and the drama in the book has nothing to do with cheating? It's rare.Several times during the book I thought "God yes. Yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about!" When she was telling what the husband of the book was doing that was irritating her. I guess you could say I really identified with Fiona. Once, when she was describing the mess her kids and husband had made in her formerly clean home, I got goosebumps. I could see it all so very clearly in my head. It's happened to me before and it really sucks.I thought Greg was rather pompous and holier than thou, but I don't have to live with him, so Whateva. He talked a good game, but his actions irritated the crap out of me several times.So the rest of the knitting circle makes an appearance here, but their role over all was less. You do get to see a little more of Marie, which was nice. And Quinn and Dan have larger roles. Quinn is so yummy, but I digress.I really enjoyed this book. I've already recommended it to several of my married friends. Great book! ⭐ Got the book this morning and read before, during, and after work. INHALED. THIS. BOOK.I will be reading this book again and again and find more to love about it each time.As usual, I don't explain the plot.As usual, I say to the woman who loves to think and learn and grow as she reads her romance - READ PENNY!And to the man who loves to think and learn and grow as he reads his romance - READ PENNY.(Thank You! And You're Welcome!) ⭐ I read Penny Reid novels like a junkie. I am itching to get my hands on pages. I stalk her on social media (not as creepy as it sounds) so I can read teaser scenes and learn what is coming next. I follow a fan page on facebook where I can indulge in all my adoration for this amazing brain of her's.What does this have to do with the review of her book, you might ask? It's to give you the background when I say I love this book! I love it because I have read about these characters in 5 previous novels and a novella. I love it because Penny has an easy to read style that is never oversimplified. Each of her books have a unique perspective and rhythm. This book is no exception. It is technically a romance novel, I suppose. There are some great sexy times and the characters are most certainly in love. But it is mostly about dealing with the drudgery of every day life and how a couple navigates that in the most unexpected action/adventure setting.If you want to enjoy this book, read Ninja at First Sight, first. You don't necessarily need to read the rest of the Knitting in the City series (though, why not?) but it is really helpful. This isn't really a stand alone novel. ⭐ MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - It took me a long time to purchase this book from a series I adore. I think a story about a couple struggling with 14 years of marriage & kids sounded a little too mundane, I've lived it. That ended up being the great part, how Fiona is seriously overwhelmed with Greg working overseas & spending very little time at home, leaving 99% of the household & children to her. When he does come home it is like a tornado hit their house & they have to relearn how to be married all over again. What I wasn't expecting, and I didn't really care for to be honest, was the fact that Fiona is an ex-CIA agent, thus the Ninja title of the book, and when Greg is captured in Nigeria she comes to rescue him. It was like reading two totally different stories. Fiona & Greg are so deeply in love but they are also struggling with him protecting her, a woman who was actually professionally trained for these situations. "I was in love with her. I had no choice. I needed her. She was as vital to me as the heart I'd offered & she's accepted just moments ago." Greg is funny & clever & intelligent but also needy, in a good way. Marie overhears Greg say flat out, "I need her much more than she needs me." He is desperate for Fiona to need him & when all the horror of being captured is over they talk & fight, talk & fight until they learn how to get their marriage back on track, by being open & honest. Fiona is so exhausted from holding down the fort that we worry her brain tumor has returned. Terrorists & oil companies & ecological damage - not my cup of tea. I hated how Greg would constantly trick Fiona so he could leave her behind, drove me crazy! But the lessons of their marriage were fantastic reading. "Marriage is an ultimate sport in emotional multitasking. I'm never only mad at Greg. I'm mad & madly in love; angry & concerned for his wellbeing; he frustrates & delights me in the same second. We were arguing, but we were still a team." My favorite Fiona line from the book: "I don't want any of your angry oral sex, thank you very much." 🙂


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Happily Ever Ninja: A Married Romance (Knitting in the City Book 5) Epub Free Download
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Happily Ever Ninja: A Married Romance (Knitting in the City Book 5) 2016 Epub Free Download
Download Happily Ever Ninja: A Married Romance (Knitting in the City Book 5) Epub
Free Download Ebook Happily Ever Ninja: A Married Romance (Knitting in the City Book 5)

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