Three Days of the Condor by James Grady (Epub)



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  • Published: 1974
  • Number of pages: 208 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 0.19 MB
  • Authors: James Grady


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⭐ This is a rewrite of “Nine days of the Condor.” Shortened to 3 days for the movie and this follows the script pretty well. Excellent story, that’s why I bought the book and the DVD movie which I’ve seen several times and on TV, too.

⭐ Very disappointed in the Book! always remembered the movi as being really good so watched it again recently. Though some of the tech stuff is dated now, it was still a great movie with lots of suspense and a thoughtful ending.So I decided to read the Book. What a disappointment! The screen writer took the Book and made a great movie. And I paid about$12 fit a book that originally sold for around a dollar

⭐ I enjoyed the book. I had seen the movie several times and liked it a lot. It was enlightening to compare the two. Overall, I prefer the movie, but the book is fine. (Just don’t expect a whole lot of spycraft in the book.)

⭐ but the movie was better.

⭐ good book

⭐ Fast deliver and great book also!,I watched the movie many times!but the book is better than the movie even when the movie was excellent!,I really recommend this book to every one,thank you!

⭐ Of course the book is so much better than the movie. Good read.

⭐ Always loved the movie since I first watched it on channel 5 in NYC back in the late 70s. Ever since then I have always tried to watch the movie once a year and now I have finally read the book and the circle has been completed.

⭐ Originally and more accurately titled “Six Days of the Condor,” this book is the basis for the 1975 Robert Redford movie, “Three Days of the Condor.” I saw, but don’t remember, that movie, and although the book was interesting, I can’t say it was outstanding.Other spy thrillers from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s manage to stand up against modern heart-stopping efforts, but this one seems a little colorless. The plot has potential: a remote covert CIA research facility is wiped out, with the exception of one fortunate man; that man spends six days attempting to stay alive while determining what prompted the murders. At the same time, we have various individuals and organizations attempting to track him down; we don’t know who those people are or the organizations represented, and whether they’re legitimate or turncoat, but it doesn’t look good for our hero…who is being blamed for the murders.With key topics being conflict between FBI and CIA, as well as representatives of the agencies mentioned turning double at the highest level, the book has great potential to be of lasting contemporary interest. It just doesn’t quite get there.My edition included a few photos from the movie; as all the names in the movie were inexplicably changed from those used in the book (and again, don’t remember it that well), I had quite a time figuring out who was who beyond the part played by Robert Redford.

⭐ this book is a telling piece of american spy culture. if you have seen the movie it revolves around a reluctant analyst who becomes an operative, and this reluctance is due we think because of his bookish persona. without ruining the enjoyment of it, i submit there’s a huge difference between the character Redford creates in that the book’s hero not only kidnaps and sexually manipulates and intimidates the heroine, but goes on to have sex with a black junkie prostitute in order to lay low in her shabby apartment as well. a scene left out of the movie, lest we deduce the man has the feelings of a reptile and is more like the cold blooded killer he is pitted against than the softer, gentler, and hapless victim of ruthless men. i liked the movie better because it had that softer edge, but understand the book now that im older and have seen how things really work. one is hardly innocent in the CIA’s employ and cannot really be blamed for learning all too quickly how to swim in the deep end.


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