Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever by Eric Bolling (Epub)


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  • Published: 2017
  • Number of pages: 240 pages
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  • Authors: Eric Bolling


Grit, merit, providence, individualism, thrift―and above all, pride in our country: These qualities, among others, are the reason that hundreds of millions of people worldwide look to America for hope, inspiration, and opportunity.

But it’s precisely these virtues that now are under attack by the radical Left of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and their followers. America as we know it is eroding before our eyes and becoming what Fox News Channel personality and co-host of “The Five” Eric Bolling calls a “politically correct nanny state.” The rewards for individual achievement and hard work, our basic constitutional rights, religious faith, national identity, and capitalism itself, are being replaced by a dangerous socialistic ideology that is the polar opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended America to be.

Wake Up America identifies the nine core virtues of our nation and demonstrates why each one is so important to our history and our future. It’s time for us to wake up and heed the clear-cut warning signs that America is heading in the wrong direction–before we’re too far gone.

A celebration of America that is informed by Eric Bolling’s personal story, Wake Up America is an urgent call to arms for America’s citizens to preserve what makes us great.

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Review “Eric Bolling articulates a clear vision for the nation in Wake Up America. Our nation has gone adrift in the last seven years, and this book is the road map to get us back on track. An incredible work which should be required reading for our leaders. A must-read for every patriot who wants to retake our nation!” –Sean Hannity”Wake Up America is a HUGE book. It will help to Make America Great Again.” –Donald J. Trump”Eric does an amazing job taking his personal experiences climbing the ladder of success to create a personal life manual for conservatives of any age. If this book doesn’t fire you up, nothing will!” –Mark Cuban “This is a book that needs to be read aloud in the faculty lounge of every college and in the newsroom of every newspaper in America. Count this a win over the PC Police.” –Mark Levin

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⭐ Eric Bolling is spot on in identifying the problems, he even offers some solutions, but he never explains specifically how to get them done.Mr. Bolling lists nine (9) simple virtues that define our nation and separate us from other nations in the world; grit, profit, manliness, thrift, individuality, domination, merit, pride, and providence that have been part of American character since our founding. I’m sure there are many more, but Mr. Bolling sticks to these nine (9) and does an excellent job of comparing the past with the present, and demonstrating how each of these virtues have been in steady decline since after WWII. This decline Mr. Bolling attributes to each of these virtues posing an existential threat to the socialist paradise the Left wants to build in the land of the free. Consequently the Left has demonized every one of these virtues in an effort to slowly take them away. These virtues have been scrubbed from our schools, our churches, our social organization, our workplace, our corporations, and our vocabulary, among others, and the Left is succeeding.We are at the tipping point where beyond there can be no return. Mr. Bolling offers some solutions for reversing this trend of decline but is not specific on the steps to take to get it done. Cleverly Mr. Bolling leaves it up to the reader to come to the conclusion that liberalism, socialism, and progressivism, must be defeated at the polls, and left wing liberal, progressive politicians replaced with conservative politicians; conservative politicians that are willing to fight for these values and do something.All in all this book is an easy read, interesting, and a wakeup call for all Americans to act at the polls before it’s too late. This election is our last opportunity to reverse the tide.

⭐ As a conservative professor I’m horrified with what’s happening on college campuses: cries for safe spaces, screams of micro aggressions, demands for trigger warnings. And what’s happening on college campuses is mirrored in society at large—sensible policies & logical proposals are being labeled racist, misogynist, *phobic.What’s going on? Have we as a nation gone insane? What’s happening with America? Eric Bolling’s new book “Wake Up America” gives us the answer:”There’s simply no mistaking it: American values are under attack. We face real threats from abroad, but there’s a more subtle danger that we often overlook: the collapse of the virtues that helped make this country great. They are precisely the pillars of our society that the Left knows they have to undermine in order to create their bleak, gray, egalitarian utopia.” – Eric BollingThe collapse is due to the radical left (I call them the social justice warrior, or SJW Left), who are actively working through the media and academia to ridicule and demean those virtues that made America great. As Bolling puts it:”In their endeavor to radically reform American society, the socialist Left has used fear, shame, and class warfare to divide us. They recognize that doing so is essential to destroying the many qualities that have made America an exceptional nation since its founding.”What are these virtues? Bolling lists them as: grit, profit, manliness, thrift, individuality, dominion, merit, pride, and providence. Each virtue is described in its own chapter and supported with historical examples, with recent data & news, with personal anecdotes, and with good-old-fashioned logic and common sense.Of course you’ll have to buy the book to learn the details of these virtues. But what’s refreshing is that Eric has lived them and has used them to rise from poverty to being both a successful trader and a successful cable news pundit. (In case you didn’t know, Eric Bolling hosts the number one rated Saturday Cable TV show “Cashin In”, as well as The Five)In closing, President Ronald Reagan famously said that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”’Don’t let this happen. Buy this book, understand the importance of the nine virtues, and vote to save them.#WakeUpAmericaGrade: A++

⭐ Why do we allow college professors and politicians get away with destroying America? Why are we sitting around and allowing Hillary Clinton and others like her to get away with crimes that a normal American would be sent immediately to jail?During World War 2 America’s Greatest Generation sacrificed their lives to destroy the enemies of America and the World. Only 70 or so years later we are watching America be destroyed from both the inside and the outside of our borders. In the late 1930’s American’s ignored the horrors that was going on. Just as Americans today are ignoring the dangers of Islamic Fundamentalisim, ISIS and those in American government that are taking rights away from American citizens.After reading “Wake Up America” I have learned the differences in how the “Left” defines virtues that the normal American would know it as. At the beginning of each chapter we see the definition of American Virtues that made America the greatest Country in history.The true American can be defined by having “grit” and “manliness” to do the right thing when it’s hard to do. Having “pride” in what you do and being an “individual” are NOT bad attributes like the Left want you to believe.Many people like myself want America to be that shining light again that President Reagan once called America. But, how do we get that back? Eric Bolling’s book “Wake Up America” will give you a great plan to answer that. This election year is so important for our Country and future generations. We like our previous generations must stand up and do the right thing even if we’re worried and scared. By standing together and using these virtues again, America will be strong and safe again.

⭐ The “new” Democrat Party is unrecognizable from the one I knew as a youth and while I raised my family. Now, as a senior, I can say I knew when both political parties seemed to put American first before personal agendas. There may have been regional drawbacks, but that was the exception, and ethical and moral standards for our citizens was held in majority. There was a unified patriotism until the VietNam war period. We had little Federal handouts and we were all right for it. If we didn’t have the money, we didn’t spend it. As for Social Security- I earned it -it is money I contributed from my employment earnings for over 50 years.

⭐ Wake Up America was a great read. Normally I fly through a book in a day or two, however, I made myself slow down and digest this book. The America he speaks of growing up in is the America that I grew up in. I related to his narrative. If you wanted it…. you worked for it. You had respect for your elders, neighbors, parents, teachers etc. It was an easier time and a happier time to grow up in. I was schooled in the sacrifices our earlier generations faced so that we could be free, we could prosper, we could soar. If you were gifted and talented in school, sports, etc. you were encouraged to excel! Everyone did not get a trophy. If you were naughty, you were dealt with accordingly. We didn’t sit around in “circle time” to “discuss our feelings”. School was for learning, the emotions were dealt with at home, by the parents.Today’s America, that he speaks of is a cesspool of garbage. A government that you cannot trust, lies in the Media, lack of expectations to succeed, College Education that is so expensive that the bill is the size of a house mortgage that takes 30 years to pay off for the normal American. To top that off, the jobs are not available to pay for the debt incurred for education. Terrorism, hatred, intolerance, elitism, entitlement, ignorance, etc. upfront and personal on the TV all hours of the day. Schools filled with a liberal agenda that is fed to our primary and secondary school children to indoctrinate them into the “the government will do it for you” mentality. You do not have to think for yourself because we know what is best for you.Thank you Eric for writing such an eye opening book. I wish you the best of luck. Love The Five and cannot wait until your next book to comes out.

⭐ Through a provocative statement Eric Bolling shares with readers of all ages the premise for this great book: Social justice through government control leads to socialism which is what the Liberal perception of the Democratic party is, and still politicians along with the media give it different names that many people are ignorant of.Eric Bolling has does an excellent job with this book that is easy to read, understand, well supported with details, and certainly has cleared up my own mind about trends and how the world thinks. Now I know, many years later, and I must say I have actually lived through many of the things shared in this book among which is born and raised in Chicago, I know what Liberals and Conservatives are after reading this great book. Now, at last, the record is set straight.Every person alive should read this outstanding book and learn about how the world thinks, than do something about it. Thank you Eric Bolling. I give this book five stars, and I’m Marvin P. Ferguson, author of Boys On The Gold Coast.

⭐ Wake Up America by Eric Bolling is one of the best best books I have read in a long time. It is organized around 9 key principles which are being constantly undermined by Leftists, our educational institutions with their so-called need for safe zones and Leftist professors, and political elites that are more interested in their own gain rather than what is good for our country. Eric does a great job of identifying and explaining these 9 principles, and bringing them to us at a level we all can understand. He draws on his own life experiences to make his points, and to make the book very real. There is no doubt after reading this book that our American system of government is under constant attack not just from outside adversaries, but from within as well. The scary thing is that the attack from within is succeeding. Everyone of high school age and above needs to read this book in order to understand what this country has stood for, why we are unique, and what we must do to stop the constant erosion of our way of life. A Great Job by Eric Bolling. I hope to be able to read more books by him in the future.

⭐ I don’t normally read non-fiction but I like Bolling and was compelled to find out more about his background. I particularly liked the beginning of the book and agreed with most of its tenets, however I am not as conservative as the author so I respect him and his 9 Virtues, I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. I think it is an important book for readers but would be most helpful for those who would never read a book written by a Catholic, FOX News personality and may therfore miss its target audience. I found his writing to sometimes be humorous and I have no doubt that he wrote it himself without a ghost writer. This is evident in the language pattern throughout. As a professional writer myself, I look for such things.I was disappointed that there were so many references throughout the book and then no notations at the end substantiation the references but I understand that in the age of changing data, information may become obsolete by the time a book like this is completed.Good read and background to the world we live in.

⭐ I read a lot of history,biographies and historical fiction. Eric Bolling’s book is an urgent treatise on where and how we can find a way to save America. He puts his list of virtues so plausible that any student can read and understand it. Frankly, I do believe it should be required reading for any high school student. I am not sure the liberal part of our society would take their time to read it, but, if they are looking for contrast this would be the exact book to suggest. The writing style is clear and not wrapped in fancy prose. I found this book demanding my attention. .

⭐ Incredible book. Eric bowling does an excellent job of pointing out how soft we are because of PC. additionally it’s making our country much weaker not stronger. What happened to tolerance and thick skin? What happened to taking the highroad her being the bigger person when somebody else’s acting inappropriately? Why do we have to make a big examples over very little things and why are we constantly looking to Terry cheddar down? Regardless of what political side you’re on we’re all Americans there’s no need to fight or be violent when we were speaking about politics. Our forefathers would not have wanted violence in our government.


Free Download Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever in Epub format
Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever Epub Free Download
Download Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever 2017 Epub Free
Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever 2017 Epub Free Download
Download Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever Epub
Free Download Ebook Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great–and Why We Need Them More Than Ever

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