Say You’ll Stay (The Hennington Brothers Book 1) by Corinne Michaels (Epub)


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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 354 pages
  • Format: Epub
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  • Authors: Corinne Michaels


I moved on. Marriage. Kids. White picket fence. Everything I ever wanted, but my husband betrayed me and I was left once again.

Alone, penniless, and with two boys, I had no choice but to return to Tennessee. He wasn’t supposed to be there. I should’ve been safe. However, fate has a way of stepping in.

This time around, the tables are turned. It’s my decision. Second chances do exist, but I don’t know if we can repair what’s already been broken .

User’s Reviews

Review “Holy HOT Cowboy! I completely fell in love with Say You’ll Stay. I’m a HUGE fan of second chance romances, and this one absolutely broke my heart before Corinne Michaels pieced it back together in a spectacular way. This one is not to be missed!” – AL Jackson – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author”Emotional. Angsty. Sexy. Beautifully written. Say You’ll Stay is Corinne Michaels at her best. 6 stars!” – Mia Asher – Bestselling Author”Say You’ll Stay is one of the most emotionally explosive novels I’ve read. IT HOOKS YOU and doesn’t release you until the end. I LIVED each word handed to me, felt every feeling, and the story become MY REALITY. One of the best books I’ve ever read, a top favorite for me.” – Angie- Angie & Jessica’s Dreamy Reads”This second chance romance will own you–tumultuous, evocative, sexy and addictive. With emotions running high and intense, Presley and Zach’s story will burrow deep into your heart.”-Vilma’s Book Blog”This second-chance love story gave me ALL THE FEELS. 5 emotional stars!” – Melody Grace – NYT Bestselling Author”The perfect balance of emotion, romance, angst and hope. Say You’ll Stay is memorable and moving. Michaels has outdone herself.”- K. Bromberg – NYT Bestselling Author”Say You’ll Stay is a romance of epic proportions. An emotionally gripping story of loss, forgiveness and love that you will feel deep down to your bones. The year is only halfway through, but this book just secured its place as a top read of 2016.” – Michelle, Goodreads Reviewer”Say You’ll Stay is Corinne Michaels at her best. A heartbreakingly beautiful story of second chances, heartbreak, what ifs and all consuming love. Stunning, raw, brutally honest, and spectacularly written, Corinne Michaels blew me away with a story that will stay with me for the rest of my life. My heart and soul are happy. ” – Rachel Brookes – Bestselling Author “Corinne Michaels knocked it out of the park. Deeply emotional, riveting – This is Corinne’s best work yet!” – Christine – Shh Mom’s Reading “I dare you not to fall in love with the world Corinne Michaels has created.” – Meghan March – USA Today Bestselling Author”Corinne’s words were so poignant and powerful I didn’t want to stop reading when I started.” – Christy – Book Babes Unite”This book broke me yet breathed love, luster, and life into my body where I was left in utter book bliss. I fell in LOVE with Say You’ll Stay so HARD. Say You’ll Stay will stay with me like that special and sweet first love, owning a piece of my heart forever.”-Karen, Bookalicious Babes Blog

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⭐ Based on other reviews, I really thought this was going to be a great book. The foul language was horrible, the sex scenes were terribly graphic and the author droned on and on about the same topics. The length of the story could have been cut in half if the redundant conversations were removed. I was so disappointed that I did not continue reading the story.

⭐ First read by Corinne Michaels *YIKES* DNF at 48%I forced myself to read in case it got better, but it didn’t. It got worse.There was a lot of heavy drama being dealt out in the first chapter. Not my favorite. Presley make a few decisions about her children’s mental well-being that I do not agree with.The newly widowed Presley returns (reluctantly) to her hometown with her two boys. They guy that I thought was the love interest (he should have been!) is actually the brother of Presley’s ex-fiancé and highschool sweetheart. So, this is a second-chance romance… between two people who should not be together.Lots of flashbacks to their original falling out. Tons of red flags in the present day like Zach (“the hero”) being in a 5-year relationship with the town mean girl, but kissing Presley when she gets jealous. Multiple times! I don’t care how bitchy this girl is, she is intimidated by a past relationship and SHE HAS EVERY REASON TO BE!He is cheating on her and Presley’s thoughts about her are juvenile and petty – “He can keep his girlfriend with her stupid hair and stupid lips. I don’t even like him.” And then she kisses him. “I don’t know why he keeps pulling back” – he has a girlfriend! – “I’m not exactly giving him the clearest of signals, but he’s not either. He’s dating Felicia, kissing me, leaving her at the bar, but she’s living with him.” I just can’t. These characters are toxic!

⭐ I am so disappointed with this book. I love the author’s other books so I was expecting the same feels. The beginning starts off with such intensity, the h’s husband dies, leaving behind a financial mess. Unfortunately, we never get a full explanation of their relationship and what went wrong. She has to move back home, she hates going back, she doesn’t want to see her ex. It goes on and on how he broke her heart, choosing his career over her. We hear her complaining and miserable for most of the book. Come to find out it wasn’t really the way she explained it. She walked away. Then Zach has been in a five yr relationship, but as soon as they start spending time together he breaks off that relationship! I really felt like she was a whiny, spoiled brat who wanted everyone to feel sorry for her without taking any responsibility for her own actions.

⭐ After her husband commits suicide, a woman moves home with her twin sons, and proceeds to create the life with her high school boyfriend that she’s always wanted.Honestly, I was seriously taken aback by the plot development that she’d never really loved her husband, the man who was the father of her children, funded her fun little bakery business, and helped her recovery from the heartbreak she felt when she dumped her high school boyfriend. Yes, you read that right — she broke up with her high school boyfriend, and she’s furious with HIM about it. In fact, she spends the next ten years pretending that her friends and family don’t exist because she’s so angry whenever she has to think about him.His crime? Daring to think that he could be in the career that he’d always been perfectly clear about wanting, the career that she AGREED he could have. But when he gets his first chance to actually go for it, she puts her foot down and dumps him. And breaking up with him isn’t enough, the first time she sees him alone after over a decade has past, she tries to harm him by throwing heavy objects at him. That the book sees this is somehow “quirky” or “cute” instead of a deeply disturbing abusive behavior was an early red flag.Presley is deeply manipulative, content to use her husband until his death made it impossible and then (conveniently) realized that she didn’t really love him. She’s cruel to her friends, family, and acquaintances, ignoring them unless they serve her purposes (once she moves home and connects with her high school friends, she cuts her adult best friend out of her life until she shows up in town to force a reconnection). She’s especially cruel to her high school boyfriend’s serious girlfriend. I believe the readers are supposed to be complicit in this cruelty, as we’re constantly told that Felicia is a terrible person . . . but this is never backed up with any concrete actions. Felicia acts as someone might if someone was attempting to take the man they loved away. I can’t really fault her for that, but her very existence is reduced to a punchline.This was a love story that I found it virtually impossible to root for.

⭐ I have so many thoughts on this book. So many that this review may just be a smorgasbord of thoughts. Not even 5 minutes into the book and the ugly crying began. It started with Presley and her family’s life getting turned upside down in the worst way possible. She is left with no choice but to move herself and her boys back to a place she hasn’t been in years, one she used to call home. Presley and her kids have to learn their new normal out on the ranch and away from the big city, all while she reconnects with family, friends and her former fiancé. Zach and Presley were the couple that everyone was envious of, but when it ended, it left them both completely heartbroken. Time and life have changed them, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is their love for each other. This book is about love, loss, forgiveness, second chances and hope. Personally, I had a connection with the beginning of the story and it broke me all over again when I read it because it was so real. How people handle grief differently, the raw emotions that are felt, the need to protect your children and your heart from any more pain and how one decision can affect the rest of your life was all depicted so well. Sure, it was not difficult to predict how it would end, but I don’t think that took away from how well this beautiful story was told. I am so looking forward to reading more about the Hennington men! Thank you Corinne Michaels for writing this incredible book, it definitely gave me all the feels!

⭐ Let me start off by saying I do NOT read contemporary romances. I have just never been able to really get in to them until the last few weeks. I read one a few weeks ago that was awesome and had me wanting to try another. That’s when I came across a glowing review for Say You’ll Stay. Ok sounds like a good read, let me check this one out.Holy Shhhh. What the heck am I reading? The book starts out with (SPOILER) a suicide. A scene that should be dark and depressing, heartbreak and it truly is. BUT Corinne uses that one scene to manipulate the reader. She writes the words that make you think you want to run away, to throw the book but then she turns it around and has you needing NO wanting to know more. You have to know the whys and how comes and the what the hells. She rips out your heart and then careful with every word she crafts, puts it back together so beautifully.This story will have you scream every profane word you can think of, jumping up and down with joy, as well as laughing and crying tears filled with so much emotion. your heart will break and your heart will soar. Presley is devastated but must keep it together for the sake of her boys. She has to move home even though that’s the last place she wants to go because of the memories she has there. She doesn’t have a choice but the one good thing is she knows he’s not going to be there. Yes she can be a bit whiney but with every thing she has gone through you cant blame the woman.Zack had to move home after being hurt while playing baseball and takes over the running of his family farm. He’s moved on with his life and doesn’t expect to ever see her again even though his heart will always be hers. Life has a way of throwing a curveball when you least expect it, especially when they run into each other at a bar in the same town. While Zack fights for Presley, she pushes him away at every turn.Can she get passed the pain and destruction in her life and move on? Will she allow herself a second chance at happiness? He wants her but knows he hurt her, can he change her mind about them? Or will he allow her to push him away again? Between the lies and the secrets, can love reemerge or is it just too late?Looking forward to the next one and am currently indulging in Corinne’s Seal books. oh my delicious.

⭐ Of this silly book and the dialogue that she constantly have with her self. I agree with some of the other reviewers for her to be 35 years old she is very immature. She is truly a silly little girl and although the whole secret thing is hurtful I just couldn’t buy the whole reasoning for keep it a secret. Just silly…and the book dragged forever that I started speed reading so I could finish this horrible mess of a book. I have never written a review while still reading a book even when I have read a very terribly written book but this is beyond terrible this ish is SILLY and CHILDISH! What a waste of hours I wish I could back…don’t care about the money but dang I should have closed this book and moved on to the next one. SMDH – the jokes on me I thought it would get better but that was me trying to see the glass half full.

⭐ Say You’ll Stay is a book I had been avoiding because of how emotional I heard it was. I don’t like my heart to hurt. But OMG WAS THE PAIN WORTH IT! I am in loooOOOooooove with this book! I am in love with Zach. I mean, really. At this point, how could I not be? He’s not perfect but he knows that!First chapter in and the reader is thrown into some heart heavy scenarios. The poor heroine, Presley, couldn’t catch a break. It was bad news, after bad news, after bad news until she recieved the worst of it. She and her boys had to move back to her parents ranch in her childhood town. The same town that knows every detail of her life (yes, it’s one of those small towns. The kind of town that doesn’t seem real, but you secretly want to live in) and the same town where her first everything is from. For years, she’s been able to avoid the place. Avoided hearing any news about him.But sometimes life has other plans for a person and second chances are very much real.Zach and Presley broke each other’s hearts when they were in college. They are two people who remember the past in different ways, but the pain and heartbreak is very much real. There is so history for Zach and Presley in their past, it’s going to take a lot for them to overcome it.Presley has only loved two men. Both of them left her by choice. And she does’t know if she’s ready to give her heart to the one who shattered it the first time. But she can’t fight that Zach knows her better than anyone and that he gets her on a level no one else has been able to touch. So she’s willing to see where it goes.In secret.She wants them to find their footing in their relationship in private, away from the whispers and watchful of their small town. The same town that treated Zach and Presley like the royal couple back when they were teenagers. Everyone thought they would end up together. So Presley doesn’t want that to effect them now. Because what if Zach leaves again?This book was soooo good. I couldn’t stop reading, even going so far as to sneak in a few paragraphs in between work. My heart was breaking, my feels were exploding, and the pages weren’t turning fast enough. Presley and Zach have been through a lot. Presley especially, and I love how their second chance romance was developed and explored. Because not only were they working for their relationship, but also how Zach fit into the lives of Prelsey’s boys. Her sons were adorable and had me smiling whenever they were on the page. And Zach was so, so, sooo good with them!! Omg, my heart was on overload whenever he was with them. So cute!This book was packed full of emotion. I honestly don’t think there wasn’t an emotion I didn’t feel while reading. It was a breathtaking, heartbreak story of lost love and second chance romances in a small town where everyone is aboard one ship. This was my first Corinne Michaels book but certainly not my last. I need more of her writing (as well as Wyatt’s book. Which you’ll understand when you meet Wyatt!).

⭐ Amazing! The book is written with so much emotion that is leaves the reader feeling like they are part of the story!Growing up on a ranch and searching for more is what Presley Townsend is doing. She fell in love with the bad boy next door Zachary Hennington when she was 12. All through high school they shared their dreams, he was going to play Major League Baseball and she was leaving the small town of Bell Buckle for the big city. It was all planned out until Zach’s opportunity arises and she is left behind.17 years later Presley is happily married, owns a bakery with 2 young boys when her life is turned upside down. A series of bad news continues and Presley is left with no other options than to return home to Bell Buckle and allow her family to support her during the hard times. Presley will have to face her demons from her past and decide how to move forward with the future but who would of thought that she would run into the person who broke her heart and finds out that she did not bury the past as well as she thought she had.Amazing second chance love story but holds an incredible amount of emotions!

⭐ A couple of things that irritated me with this one were: The childish behavior of Presley the times they go to the local bar. How Zach just drops the girl he was dating for five years. The baby-twist in chapter 28 – it just feels like it popped out of nowhere to force the reader to stay interested. The relationship between Presley and her kids feel so fake – after all they just went through it feels like they are just in the background being taken care of by everyone else instead of the only person they have known all their lives.


Free Download Say You’ll Stay (The Hennington Brothers Book 1) in Epub format
Say You’ll Stay (The Hennington Brothers Book 1) Epub Free Download
Download Say You’ll Stay (The Hennington Brothers Book 1) 2016 Epub Free
Say You’ll Stay (The Hennington Brothers Book 1) 2016 Epub Free Download
Download Say You’ll Stay (The Hennington Brothers Book 1) Epub
Free Download Ebook Say You’ll Stay (The Hennington Brothers Book 1)

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