15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club, 15) by James Patterson (Epub)


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  • Published: 2017
  • Number of pages: 400 pages
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  • Authors: James Patterson


As she settles into motherhood and a happy marriage, Lindsay Boxer thinks she has found domestic bliss. But when a beautiful, alluring blonde woman with links to the CIA disappears from the scene of a brutal murder at a downtown luxury hotel, Lindsay’s life begins to unravel. Before she can track down the woman for questioning, a plane crash plunges San Francisco into chaos and Lindsay’s husband Joe vanishes.

The deeper she digs, the more Lindsay suspects that Joe shares a secret past with the mystery blonde. Thrown into a tailspin and questioning everything she thought she knew, Lindsay turns to the Women’s Murder Club for help as she tries to uncover the truth.

Filled with the pulse-pounding intrigue that has made James Patterson the world’s #1 bestselling writer, 15th Affair proves that all is fair in love, war, and espionage.

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James Patterson received the Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community at the 2015 National Book Awards. Patterson holds the Guinness World Record for the most #1 New York Times bestsellers. His books have sold more than 325 million copies worldwide.

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⭐ I’ve purchased each book in the Women’s Murder Club series. All were a great read, with good writing, and we learned something new about each of the ladies and their relationships with each other, as well as some peeks into their lives. That is, up until 14. The story dragged a bit, focused mostly on Lindsey, and I HATED the ending!I pre-ordered 15, thinking surely Patterson’s and Paetro’s exciting and page turning writing would return. I am sad to say that it didn’t. It almost seems as if someone else is writing these books now, and they don’t even know the characters! Entirely too much of Lindsey and Joe, in a situation that was hardly believable to those of us who have read each and every installment. No mention of what was happening in the lives of the other ladies, and the club was only together a couple of times – with no brainstorming to solve the murder mystery! The Lindsey and Joe drama was even the subject of their get-together. And, another cliffhanger ending. HATE IT!!I truly hope that in 16, Patterson and Paetro will bring back the ladies – and their personalities! – that we’ve loved to read about, and knock off those endings! If it’s not any better than 14 and 15, sadly, I may have to say a fond farewell to The Women’s Murder Club series.

⭐ I chose 4 rather than 5 stars for several reasons: it earned at least 4 stars because of so much action – including shooting to kill – almost from the beginning of the book; however, it didn’t get 5 stars because so many people were involved at the beginning that it was hard to get their names and how they fit in. What made if most difficult at the beginning is that the primary character, a young woman and homicide Sargent named Lindsay Conklin, spoke directly to the reader, making “I” statements, but the people she spoke with often didn’t reciprocate and tell us her name! Lindsay has a baby at home along with a housekeeper during the day. Early on Lindsay realizes that inexplicably, she hasn’t seen her husband Joe, whom she loves, for a few days, even tho often enough they work such different hours that they just meet briefly. When the days pass into a week and still Joe hasn’t responded to any of Lindsay’s texts or phone messages, she becomes very worried. She and we readers begin to what’s going on: was their marriage a farce or is he get killed or imprisoned? Thankfully, this book had short chapters, so I had a chance to breathe and momentarily relax. Even though I couldn’t always understand or picture exactly what was happening or why I relished reading this. Occasionally there were also some really good sentences; for example “Muller was watching me like a cat at the window that’s spotted a bird”.

⭐ This promised to be quite a thriller based upon my reading of the free sample. A brutal murder takes place in the Four Seasons hotel in SF, and it”s complicated by some more related murders in the adjacent room, and a room service maid found in a service closet. It’s related to a secret affair between Michel Chan, a professor at Stanford, and Alison Muller, a mysterious blond whom he recently met. To further complicate the plot, Lindsay Boxer’s husband Joe Molinari, a Homeland Security consultant, mysteriously disappears. It’s later learned that he is heading a CIA-led investigation. But the writer team here decides to further, and needlessly, complicate and sensationalize the plot by incorporating a terrorist attack on a jetliner flying in from China. Does the reader need this kind of shock value to enhance what is actually a sound plot for a good murder mystery? Also, way too much angst is spent by Lindsay Boxer over Joe’s latest failure to show up home. This plot is a recurring theme lately in Womens Murder Club books. We don’t get to really experience the other women murder club members like Yuki, Cindy and Claire like we did in the other books. Nonetheless, the book’s suspense kept me reading until the end, which features a chase and a shoot-up. The airline crash bogs down the momentum of the book. It pulls it out of focus. A simpler plot twist at this moment would have really enhanced my enjoyment of the book. If it is the intent of the writers to introduce “slam-bang” elements like horrific plane crashes into their murder mysteries, I think I will look elsewhere for my reading of such books.

⭐ I have never given one star to any author, but this one deserves it. The series is supposed to be about ALL the women in the club. If you’re going to center it around Lindsey Boxer, give her her own series! This book was boring and the end very disappointing. But it leads into 16 right? I think Patterson has forgotten how to write for himself. I’ve been reading Patterson for over 20 years. Unfortunately his books are becoming predictable and not interesting at all as in this series, Alex Cross, and Michael Bennett. If I ever read another Patterson book I’ll wait 6 months and read all the reviews. Time to find another author. Sad!

⭐ Sgt. Boxer is giving me a headache. She’s morphing into this insecure, whinny character who frets over everything. I get that she is becoming a complex character with getting married, having a child, etc etc, but she’s now turning into a pathetic ghost of herself. Jimmy boy needs to have her “man up” more. Get back to that gritty, strong, smart woman she used to be.

⭐ I’ve been reading this series since I was 17 years old and am just starting to catch up with this series (the last one I read was book 11) and to be honest, the books are starting to lack. I still enjoy the fact that they are a quick read and the chapters are short, but the story is starting to lack its texture it use to have. Boxer has gone from this strong character to a shell of what she use to be. I understand that once you become a mother you see things from a different perspective, but some of her grit is what made her a likable character. I cannot believe she let her husband go MIA for so long until she started snooping around especially since she is a cop and I’m even more surprised that the Women’s Murder Club didn’t jump into action to find him either. When they all showed up at her apt I was expecting someone to start digging and the one I’m surprised who just sat there and did nothing was Cindy the “star journalist.” I just picked up #17 and hope this one is better.

⭐ Review: *15th Affair* by James Patterson.When it comes to pick and choose a book written by Patterson sometimes it’s a hit or miss. I thought this book was a great teaser. It’s the recent book in his, “Women’s Murder Club” series. Patterson has never been reluctant to bring change to the series or creating a mystery within a mystery.Lindsay Boxer is now married to Joe and has a beautiful nine month old daughter named Julie. Lindsay has always been too involved in her work as a San Francisco police detective that now being married and having a child has brought some unconditionally love and happiness to her life. However, she sometimes has to remind herself that she has a family who needs should come first.The story begins when she is called in with her partner, Detective Rich Conklin to four brutal murders at a downtown luxury hotel. One person is a chamber maid in a utility closet, a well known married man, Gregory Chen in a hotel room and two young people who were spying on the action in Chan’s room where there was also a gorgeous blond woman who seemed to vanish before the police got there. Once again Lindsay’s criminal investigation stretches across the world, but still finds it way to her front door. As the investigation gets off the ground Lindsay’s husband Joe who freelances for the government disappears. In the meantime the hotel security camera’s reveal Joe entering the hotel just before the murders.Then another harrowing incident at the San Francisco Airport took prevalence over her investigation. A passenger plane with four hundred people on board explodes moments before it lands, nobody survives. Lindsay and her partner are sent to the crash sight which, is in between three schools, to help take children to a nearby medical place before they could be released to their parents. At some time Lindsay has a chance to see the passenger list and comes across the name Gregory Chan. Is it coincidental that two men have the same name and die on the same day…? The bodies from the plane were sent to four different morgues to check their identities. The first thing Lindsay and her partner did when they got back to the hotel murders investigation was try and find the other Gregory Chan…However, he has disappeared too….As the story goes on Lindsay juggles her professional and parental responsibilities, not to mention her emotions. When she married Joe did she really know him…? When Lindsay links together the hotel murders, the plane crash, the gorgeous blond, and Joe’s disappearance for over a week, what would the outcome be…? Like I said the story is a teaser and intriguing….

⭐ I decided to re-acquaint myself with James Patterson (it’s been years since I read him) by starting with the Women’s Murder Club mysteries. They have been a treat. As you follow Detective Lindsay Boxer over several years, you get to know the characters well. An appreciation of the job Homicide Detectives do is also cultivated as there are usually two and three investigations going on at the same time. Sometimes they dovetail – other times not. That’s what makes Patterson so good – the resolution of the situations is rarely what you think it will be. Mr. P – I’m anxiously awaiting #16 to see if Lindsay takes Joe back! 🙂

⭐ Certainly not his best in this series.You may not want to read the rest of this review, as there are spoiler alerts.I really didn’t understand why Lindsay was reacting the way she was. This book felt a little bit too much like a soap opera instead of the crime solving book, like all the other novels in the series, that I would have preferred.Also, too much Lindsay, not enough of the other three women that are usually in these books.The action scenes are still good, and the story moves right along. I just felt that Lindsay was acting more like a petulant teenager than a full grown woman.

⭐ I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it was much more rapid paced than previous books in the series. But there were some things about it which I did not like, mostly having to do with the failure of one of the characters to trust in his wife completely. I understand that married couples do not always tell each other everything. As the secrets in this book unfolded I was disgusted by the characterization of Lindsay’s husband. The writing, as usual, and the editing, as usual in a Patterson factory book were impeccable. The story was convoluted and filled with surprises, but the surprises came with too much presaging. The last of the surprises was no surprise at all given the nature of the book. Read it for yourself. It is enjoyable.


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15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club, 15) Epub Free Download
Download 15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club, 15) 2017 Epub Free
15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club, 15) 2017 Epub Free Download
Download 15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club, 15) Epub
Free Download Ebook 15th Affair (Women’s Murder Club, 15)

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