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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 1012 pages
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  • Authors: Stephen King


Includes the story “The Sun Dog”—set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine The Bram Stoker Prize-winner for Best Fiction Collection—four chilling novellas from Stephen King that will “grab you and not let go” (The Washington Post).With the success of the Hulu series 11/22/63 starring James Franco and the highly anticipated The Dark Tower movie release, Stephen King’s brand is stronger than ever. This collection, nominated for a Locus Award, is guaranteed to keep readers awake long after bedtime, and features an introduction and prefatory notes to each novella by the author. “Stephen King is a master storyteller, and you will never forget these stories,” raves the Seattle Times about Four Past Midnight. One Past Midnight: “The Langoliers” takes a red-eye flight from LA to Boston into a most unfriendly sky. Only eleven passengers survive, but landing in an eerily empty world makes them wish they hadn’t. Something’s waiting for them, you see. Two Past Midnight: “Secret Window, Secret Garden” enters the suddenly strange life of writer Mort Rainey, recently divorced, depressed, and alone on the shore of Tashmore Lake. Alone, that is, until a figure named John Shooter arrives, pointing an accusing finger. Three Past Midnight: “The Library Policeman” is set in Junction City, Iowa, an unlikely place for evil to be hiding. But for small businessman Sam Peebles, who thinks he may be losing his mind, another enemy is hiding there as well—the truth. If he can find it in time, he might stand a chance. Four Past Midnight: “The Sun Dog,” a menacing black dog, appears in every Polaroid picture that fifteen-year-old Kevin Delevan takes with his new camera, beckoning him to the supernatural. Old Pop Merrill, Castle Rock’s sharpest trader, aims to exploit The Sun Dog for profit, but this creature that shouldn’t exist at all, is a very dangerous investment.

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⭐I consider some of Stephen King’s writing literary. He has an excellent command of the elements of writing. Combined with his great imagination and wonderful story telling I love to read his books. Four Past Midnight consists of four stories with The Lagoliars being the best. It is a treat to read anything by him. I highly recommend this book along with all his others.

⭐Sun Dog…great bookHighly recommend.Excuse the pun but…dog gone good reading.Buy it today. You won’t be disappointed at all

⭐Clean and safe

⭐Good reading.

⭐These 4 stories stand the test of time. They are some of King’s best work.

⭐Love all Stephen King books. This one has lots of short stories that aren’t really too short! Very good book. I am always anxious to read his latest.

⭐Wish they made The Library Policeman into a TV film. All very good. Like how The Langoliers TV mini series followed book.

⭐Four Past MidnightBy Stephen KingGenre: HorrorI’m not really a fan of short story anthologies. So why buy a short story anthology? Wasn’t paying attention and bought it thinking it was one story.Don’t get me wrong. I love Stephen King. He is one of only four writers I would call my favorites. So, even after I realized my mistake, I read the book.FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT is a collection of four short stories written by the incomparable Stephen King.• Story number 1, THE LANGOLIERS, I’ve read before and seen the movie. It’s great! It’s a scrape-your-fingernails-along-the-arm-of-your-chair kind of story. A real white knuckler, if there ever was one. Strange rolly-poly, furry, nothing-but-teeth demon creatures are eating the world and all those left in it! I love it.• Story number 2, SECRET WINDOW, SECRET GARDEN, is about fiction writer Mort Rainey whose wife is a cheat, whose life is a mess and whose idyllic get-away turns out to be a really bad place to be when a stranger named Shooter shows up and accuses him of plagiarism. To prove to Mort that he’s not fooling around, Shooter kills Mort’s dog with a screwdriver and then uses that same tool to make Swiss Cheese out of another man’s brain. This guy is seriously crazy and Mort’s not too far from being the same. It’s an okay story…but left me feeling kind of…sigh. Do you know what I mean? This one fell flat for me.• Story number 3, THE LIBRARY POLICEMAN, is just…weird. Sam borrows books from the local public library (not realizing when he walked through the doors he stepped back into the 60’s and was met there by a truly demonic librarian). When the books come due, he’s confronted by the Library Policeman who brings back some horrific memories from Sam’s past and some brand-new horror to deal with. This one was more exciting for me than SECRET WINDOW… but, still, not what I would consider King’s best.• Story number 4, THE SUN DOG, is true STEPHEN KING HORROR. Young Kevin gets a polaroid camera for his birthday. His first shot though—a family pic—doesn’t develop. What does is a picture of a dog walking by a fence. Kevin tries again, and again and again. Every picture is of the same dog. Kevin soon realizes when he takes in the scope of all the pictures together that the dog is moving along the fence and getting closer and closer to the cameraman—him! Before long, the dog will attack and the true terror begins! Some of the characters in Sun Dog will appear later in Needful Things—one of King’s most horrifying stories. I loved Sun Dog and when I was through with FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT I was still hungry for the scare… so I re-read Needful Things!Not bad—for an anthology—after all!

⭐I have never read any Stephen King because I don’t like the horror genre. However, I saw a film of the Langoliers last week and I thought it was very good so I thought it was time to read some King.The book of the Langoliers IS good. It’s fast paced and I couldn’t put it down. You could critique it but it would be a bit churlish.However, I didn’t like the second story, Secret Window Secret Garden. I read the first 12 chapters and then put it aside. If Shooter DID pick up Mort’s book in a newsagents, he would have seen the copyright and at that point the plot falls apart. (He is after all both sharp and smart.)I may return to the other two stories at a later date.

⭐I love the book

⭐This is a great collection of four Novellas. Stephen King has created 4 superb stories that pack as much into then as some of his longer tales. Highly recommend.

⭐Four amazing stories. Three are exceptional, one is average. Worth the price just for the first story ‘The Langoliers’.

⭐My first ever King book which I read at the young age of fourteen. the Langoliers is still one of my favourite stories. Have been hooked on King ever since 🙂


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