Isa & the Mystery (The Sunnyvale Mysteries Book 2) by Jessica Sorensen (Epub)



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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 116 pages
  • Format: Epub
  • File Size: 0.31 MB
  • Authors: Jessica Sorensen


My name is Isabella Anders, and my life is complicated. I just found out Lynn might not be my real mother, but no one will tell me who she is. That’s okay, though. I’m going to solve the mystery myself.

Well, and with the help of Kai, my ex-enemy turned friend.I’m not sure why he wants to help me, but I guess there’s no harm in letting him.

But what we end up discovering is worse than I ever could’ve imagined.

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⭐ As soon as I finished Book #1, I just had to continue with Book #2 The Year of Falling in Love as the series was getting good with its twists and turns. I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as Book #1 though as I hate when the characters play with feelings and games as Isabella is getting more confident and is almost dating both brothers Kai and Kyler. Though I think she should end up with Kai as Kyler is your usual jock playboy and only likes her now that she is at pretty status whereas Kai has always been in the background and been her friend. At the end of Book #1, it’s we learned Isabella’s name and in Book #2 Kai’s friend Big Doug does some research and learns that her mother has been in prison for murder and that murder is connected to Lynn – the woman who raised her. In Book #2 Isabella is still receiving threatening messages and has been banned seeing her grandmother which of course isn’t going to stop her as she feels like she can’t turn to anyone else but her grandmother Stephy. Also, mother’s there is someone following Isabella in a blue car? Who is the mysterious person and why don’t they want Isabella to find out about her mother? We didn’t find out the identity of the person in Book #2 so hoping when I move onto Book #3 more answers will be revealed as this series is getting good and I have my fingers crossed that hopefully Isabella will be reunited with her mother eventually and the real truth revealed

⭐ Just a few months ago, author Jessica Sorensen published The Year I Became Isabella Anders, the first novel of her new Sunnyvale series. It’s a great pleasure for me to read the young adult genre, so I jumped at the opportunity to begin reading a series from the ground floor. Sorensen had a strong start to her Sunnyvale series, writing a multifaceted story composed of several subplots and intriguing characters whose backgrounds seem to be shrouded in mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed The Year I Became Isabella Anders, giving Sorensen a 5-star rating which I felt was well-deserved.The Year of Falling in Love picks up where the first book of this series left off. Having been emotionally abused by her family for years, Isabella is a confused and lonely teenage girl. When her father and stepmother threaten to send her away to a boarding school in Montana, Isa finds a new home with her Grandma Stephy and cousin, Indigo. She also finds friendship and support from the two Meyers brothers who live next door. Kyler, the boy she’s had a crush on for years, convinces Isa to hang out with him to help keep her mind occupied. However, it’s his troubled brother, Kai, who is Isa’s true friend and protector.Told from the alternating first person points of view of Isabella and Kai, readers are able to see several subplots which seem to unfold all at once. Isa is being followed by someone in a mysterious blue car, and she’s also noticing camera flashes out of the corner of her eye. At the same time, Kai’s life seems to be spiraling out of his control, leaving him in much the same position as Isa. Because a portion of this novel is told from Kai’s point of view, we should be able to gain some understanding of his position. But instead of finding answers from his perspective, I found this created even more questions about Kai, his relationship with his family, and the trouble he’s gotten himself into.One of the very best parts of this story is the developing relationship between Kai and Isabella. His feelings for Isa appear to be genuine, and although she’s supposed to be dating Kyler, it’s becoming harder for her to ignore the growing feelings that she has for Kai. Subplots involving Isa, the Meyers brothers, and both families are becoming more complex as they continue to unwind. Jessica Sorensen has done an outstanding job of creating mystery and intrigue in this series. She appears to be world-building in this novel, guiding her Sunnyvale series to what I can only assume will be a dramatic conclusion. Although not as strong as the first novel of this series, The Year of Falling in Love is still a very good, and I’m assigning it a 4-star rating.

⭐ A lot of repetition and I felt like too many stories were running in various directions. These aspects caused the story lines to almost be of little interest about any of the characters. This bouncing around nuance felt like slugging through mud. I gave up on it for a while but in the end I did finish it. I certainly have no interest in continuing with the last book.I think the first book was sluggish as well with too much repetition. Perhaps, Jessica Sorensen’s writing style is not appealing to me. I am deleting it from my collection of Kindle books. That action alone may give you an idea how bored I was with it.

⭐ ***3.5 Star Rating***This book is ok. Love how Kai is getting bolder with his feelings towards Isa. I feel like the title of the book does not make sense as it does not show Isa falling in love. She is very conflicted with her feelings. At the end of the story I was left with the saying “that’s it”

⭐ The Year of Falling in Love was good. It picks up where book one left off, but I actually have more questions now than answers. You can tell the age of the characters by their actions. I’m team Kai, and I wish Isa would get on board and figure out what she really wants to do. One minute she is this way then the next she is other way. I’m really ready to get to the point, I fell like this series is dragging on too long.

⭐ This second book just gets me even more intrigued! Isa has so many things thrown at her all at once! Can she handle it? Can she get Kai to open up to her? Does she really feel for Kyler? Will she find what truly happened with her mother? Jessica tickles our mind and grips our minds! I’m so dying to know what is the truth! I cannot wait for the next in this series! Jessica has rocked this series so far! Don’t pass it up! Romance, suspense, angst and anticipation!

⭐ I loved the first book and i loved this book too. One of the main reason is I got to read more of Kai and his sexy ways. I have to say i don’t trust the brother at all, he seems fake maybe he was friends with Lynn death son. And him and hanna have a plan to destroy our girl. I love the main female character and her cousin. But whats up with the new friend lily i think is her name she is just to nice is she in it too? Man i dont trust no one in this book expect Kia lol

⭐ Now, I’m at the point of being totally engrossed with series. I love how much Kai loves Isa and the lengths he goes to to protect her and ensure she doesn’t break and to get her to smile. It’s also great that isa is starting to understand that she has fallen in love with Kai as well. I can’t forget the co grandma, love her character also.

⭐ This author is very good writer. Keeps you engaged

⭐ This is the 2nd book in the series & I’m left going “no!!!!” The book literally ends just when it’s getting good. If Kai & Isa don’t get together in the next book I’m going to lose it!


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Isa & the Mystery (The Sunnyvale Mysteries Book 2) Epub Free Download
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Isa & the Mystery (The Sunnyvale Mysteries Book 2) 2016 Epub Free Download
Download Isa & the Mystery (The Sunnyvale Mysteries Book 2) Epub
Free Download Ebook Isa & the Mystery (The Sunnyvale Mysteries Book 2)

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