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  • Published: 2017
  • Number of pages: 400 pages
  • Format: Epub
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  • Authors: Ilona Andrews


Nevada Baylor can’t decide which is more frustrating—harnessing her truthseeker abilities or dealing with Connor “Mad” Rogan and their evolving relationship. Yes, the billionaire Prime is helping her navigate the complex magical world in which she’s become a crucial player—and sometimes a pawn—but she also has to deal with his ex-fiancée, whose husband has disappeared, and whose damsel-in-distress act is wearing very, very thin.

Rogan faces his own challenges, too, as Nevada’s magical rank has made her a desirable match for other Primes. Controlling his immense powers is child’s play next to controlling his conflicting emotions. And now he and Nevada are confronted by a new threat within her own family. Can they face this together? Or is their world about to go up in smoke?

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Review “…phenomenal… brilliant Andrews pulls out all the stops and delivers in a mammoth way… an incredible saga… jam-packed with high-stakes magical mayhem, family and political machinations, as well as the development of an abiding passion and respect. This series is an utter joy to read” (RT Book Reviews (Five Star Gold))

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⭐ This series may be Ilona Andrews’ best yet–yes, even better than the truly excellent Kate Daniels series or Innkeeper. Both the main and secondary characters are vital, interesting, and mostly likable people that deserve many, many more books. Heck, even the tertiary characters like Heart, Kurt and Officer Munoz are well-developed PEOPLE in the able hands of Ilona and Gordon Andrews. The world-building is stellar, the plots are tight and interesting, the romance is exciting and believable, and the editing is excellent.Urban fantasy is a genre flooded with mediocre writing and poor editing, and books from Ilona Andrews (and the fantastic Patricia Briggs) are shining examples of what really, really good writing and editing can create. As an analogy, most urban fantasy is like regular food. Some of it is McDonalds–satisfies at the time but isn’t really good. Some of it is like Applebees–actually pretty good food, and a better experience. Enjoyable, but still formulaic, predictable and not terribly exciting. This series (and Kate Daniels) are like an exquisite, Michelin-starred chef-created meal that is truly a work of art. Yes, you might have beef at all three places, but at the fancy restaurant it’s going to be perfectly prepared, with tastes that both please and challenge your palate, and will be beautifully presented. THAT’S what reading this series is like–eating a gourmet meal. Luckily for us, this book costs no more than most, although I would have bought it in hardcover without hesitation. In a fading genre, books like this will always sell, because they are so very good.I won’t recap the book, as others have already done that and I want to keep this spoiler-free, but here are my likes and dislikes of this book:LIKES/LOVES:1. The characters. Not only do you root for them, but these are people that you would really want to know and hang out with in real life. They try to be the best people they can be, they learn and grow, they don’t make stupid, dramatic mistakes to further the plot, and never once do you want to yell, “You idiot, what are you thinking?!?” Instead, you’ll find yourself cheering them on. Even more, no one is black and white. Characters are painted in myriad shades of gray, making them more complex and interesting.2. The sense of family and loyalty that makes the Baylor clan who they are. They aren’t perfect by a long shot, but they are awesome, and they love and support one another. Hatred, jealousy and backstabbing have their place in stories, but thankfully the authors didn’t infect this family with any of that. They are a family you love to love, and that love and support extends to others–Cornelius and Matilda, for example. Others care for and fight for them because of this, too.3.. The infinite potential for more books in this world. I would be thrilled if Avon is smart enough to renew Hidden Legacy for at least another three books. This world has so much more to explore, and there are so many secondary characters who deserve their own stories–Cornelius, Augustine, each of the Baylors (I would LOVE to see how Leon turns out!), and even unrelated characters simply set in the Hidden Legacy world. MOAR BOOKS PLZ!4. The selfless but possessive love between Nevada and Rogan. There’s no artificial romantic angst between them, but they do have issues and bumps in the road. They handle them like real, mature people who want the best for the other person, yet whom are not saints or martyrs.5. Love wins in the end in this book. Romantic love, family love, parental love, platonic love. Love wins, goodness wins, but there’s nothing syrupy or cheesy about it.DISLIKES:1. The covers and titles of the series. The authors had little to no input on either, and Avon really dropped the ball on these. Thank goodness for Kindle, because I wouldn’t want to be seen reading any of the three with a visible cover. Not only do they not represent the type or quality of story, but they’re dated and incredibly cheesy. And the titles sound as if they let a bunch of sixth-grade fangirls name them. Do better, Avon, these stories deserve it. You can make covers and titles that will pull in new readers without making the books seem like modern bodicerippers. I suppose we should be grateful that they didn’t come up with titles like, “The Prime’s Plaything” or “Loved by a Hurricane”. Barf.2. The fact that this is the end of the series contract. The authors have said that if Avon doesn’t renew, they will self-publish at least one more book. That’s great, but not enough! As I said before, this world and its characters can support (and deserve) a whole, long series. Get to it, Avon! You’ve got another Kate Daniels on your hands.Buy this book, and the two before it. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

⭐ This review was originally posted on the Goldilox and the Three Weres blog.I’m an avid Ilona Andrews fangirl and any novel they write goes immediately on my auto-buy list so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I absolutely adored this book! Wildfire starts off a few hours after the conclusion of White Hot and it was a ride from that point on. My advice for when you start this book is to not start it until you have enough time to read it in one go. I started it before bed one night thinking I’d read a bit and then finish it the next day. That’s not what happened. I just kept reading until I finished the book at 4am. I should know better than to start an Ilona Andrews book before bed by now.I know I said it in my review of White Hot but I completely adore the Baylor family! I love their dynamic together and that each member is so different from the others except for the deep love they feel for each other. Both of those things lead to some hilarious and tender moments in the book. I loved finding out more about Leo, Catalina, and Arabella’s magic. Honestly, I did not see Arabella’s brand of magic coming but it added so much to the story! I also adore how big the Baylor’s hearts are. Matilda and Cornelius have kind of been integrated into the family along with Rogan and it was everything! Also, can I say I want to find someone who loves me as much as Grandma Frida loves Romeo?Nevada has come a long way since the start of the series. She was always self-assured and very self-aware with a deep devotion to her family but in this book, she is more open and accepting of letting others into her tight circle, especially of Rogan and the feelings she’s developed for him. She’s used to being the one taking care of problems for her family but not so used to someone helping her take care of her problems. The fact that she doesn’t keep fighting it, while working to maintain her own need for hard-won independence, was a very nice development.The same can be said for Rogan. He isn’t used to anyone restraining him or putting restrictions on how far he is allowed to go for his goals. Nevada makes him a little more human, which means a little more vulnerable. He’s never resentful for that. In fact, he seems to be mostly grateful that she doesn’t let him toe the line. He’s adapting and trying to bridge the gap between his possessiveness and Nevada’s needs to make their relationship work. Like Nevada, he isn’t used to anyone taking care of him, so Nevada’s care is new, surprising, and very much welcome.What I loved most about this book is that it had so many opportunities for there to be angsty drama between Nevada and Rogan, but every time it went in the complete opposite direction of the angst. There was communication and trust between them and it was so refreshing to read! A lot of authors feel like they have to keep the pot of misery stirred to make magic happen. Nevada and Rogan are constantly in situations filled with mortal danger, why would they need more issues? The relationship between them really pushed the book forward and made me believe in them more. I love them together so much!Wildfire is supposed to be the third and last book in the Hidden Legacy trilogy, but the authors have mentioned that they plan to write at least one more book with Nevada and Rogan and maybe more in the universe. And that is very much how the novel reads. Plot lines that need to be wrapped up to satisfy the reader are wrapped up, but some larger plot lines are left open.COME ON, AVON! GET ON THAT! I NEED MORE BOOKS IN THIS SERIES! Thankfully, the authors announced on their blog that if the next book isn’t picked up by the publisher that they’d self-publish it which is wonderful news! Because I need at least one more Nevada and Rogan book! I would like to note here that I also want a book about Catalina and a certain Italian mage. And an Arabella book! And a Bern book! And a Leo book! And hell, I want a Matilda when she’s older book. And before I can start listing books for each member of Rogan’s team, let’s just say I need more books set in this universe period.ARC was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss.

⭐ This is another of those series that just gets better with each book, which considering the exceptional story in the last book is quite an accomplishment.The multiple interlacing plots make this another “can’t put it down” novel that I tore through in 1 day, we have the kidnapping, the ex-fiancee you want to hate but really can’t, the grandmother who seems to be Lucifer personified, a few thugs, a romance that is really starting to heat up and throw in some other suitors to mess with everything and you have a book so good you hate to see it end, especially since we got these 2 new ones so close together I fear the rest will be coming in the horrible 1-book-a-year mode.This book hardly ever slowed down, it was action, or some new power/secret revealed, a major move forward in the romance or some bit of strategy that you never saw coming that just boggles the mind. Trust me, you will never get bored. I will probably re-read some of my favorite parts after I write this review (I never re-read parts).Bottom line: Another in a chain of exceptional book from this pair of writers that seems almost impossible to have this many exceptional books. One of the things that make all of their books so addicting is that you have a whole host of secondary characters and you are interesting in all of them, throw in the humor that pervades even the Kate Daniels books and you have a mix that can never miss. 5 Stars and hope I don’t have to wait a year for the next one but I won’t miss it in any case but problem is this sentence on the Amazon page bothers me a bit “the thrilling conclusion to her Hidden Legacy series”. The ending does allow for a protracted amount of time to pass before the next book but I hardly saw it as a “conclusion”, we shall have to see.

⭐ This book did not disappoint! Wildfire is book three in the Hidden Legacy Series by Ilona Andrews and we finally get to see Nevada and Rogan be together out in the open. I loved watching them be together, but their happiness had to be put on hold with even more drama heading their way in this book.Nevada’s grandmother is in town and wants her, and Rogan’s ex needs their help to find her husband, so off these two go to save themselves and the town of Houston yet again. Rynda, Rogan’s ex, is an interesting character, as Rogan and Nevada are responsible for her mother’s death, but they are the only two willing to help her find her husband, and some dangerous people in the mix yet again. Not only this, but Nevada’s grandmother wants her and her sisters to join her house and will do anything to make that happen.In this book we got to see Nevada make some big decisions, and I loved how strong she was and how sure she was of her decisions. When we first met her in this series she was just a low time PI who was just trying to get by. Now she’s forming her own House, in love with Mad Rogan, and basically one of the strongest truthseekers in the land. She has it all and all she wants is a normal life. She is an amazing character and goes after what she wants. She faces danger and she understands the consequences. I loved this about her and I truly love her character.This book was beautifully written and there was many twists and turns and so many plot twists. I fell hard for Rogan in this book. I was on and off for my feelings for him throughout this series, but this book solidified my feelings for him. I am in love with his character! The way he treats Nevada as an equal yet is protective of her is truly amazing, and the way he takes charge and cares for his House and his people is extraordinary. Nevada is the same with how she treats her family as well. She takes what they want under advisement and does what she can to keep them safe and make the right decisions for what’s best for the family. These two are definitely cut from the same cloth, and I think that’s why they truly are able to go against so many bad things in this book and come out on top.This book really tied up a lot of things that have been building up throughout this entire series, and I hated to see it all end, but at the same time I loved how the author left it open for us to have more. I really and truly hope there will be more in this series as I was not ready to say goodbye to the Baylors or the Rogans and I would love to see what happens next with Nevada and Rogan.The Hidden Legacy Series was a definite surprise for me, and a series I fell hard for. I couldn’t put these books down and I am now suffering a major book hangover. I encourage all readers to pick these books up and fall in love with this magical story and these characters, you will not regret it. These books are full of laughter, suspense, love and mystery. Don’t judge these books by their covers, trust me, you will not regret reading them, you will fall in love!

⭐ Before anything else, it’s important to know: the main storyarc is not resolved in this book. We still don’t (definitively) know who Caesar is, and Rogan’s conniving snake of a cousin has yet to receive her comeuppance.And while that may not be ideal, guess what is?MOAR HIDDEN LEGACY. *dares you to be a pessimist*I mention this b/c while I knew a fourth installment was planned, before reading WILDFIRE for the first time, I had assumed that promise was a boon rather than a necessity. I find it’s best to know in advance that a series you thought was ending isn’t in fact ending.SO. Now you know.Secondly, this chapter of Rogan and Nevada’s life carries a lot of DREAD.Dread over a megalomaniac grandmother’s intentions, dread over the repercussions of Nevada and her mother’s continued silence on Leon’s ability, dread over a certain worthless former flame of Rogan’s . . .Speaking of which, did you know that I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate the appearance of old-flames-with-an-agenda? B/c I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate the appearance of old-flames-with-an-agenda.And while, it’s handled well (I can’t help but feel that this was a result of the outcry over KATE #6), meaning there are few moments of serious (legitimate) doubt, that doesn’t negate the fact that I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate the appearance of old-flames-with-an-agenda. *fumes*So that might color my overall experience a bit.To make things worse:”She was the kind of person who would see a pot overflowing on the stove and come and tell you about it, instead of picking it up and moving it off the burner. And then she would be proud of herself for acting quickly in a crisis.”*throws head back and shrieks with rage*It is a truth universally acknowledged that the kind of female not bothered by the relationship status of her target male is also some version of useless and or (seemingly) helpless. Smart, capable women aren’t interested in beginning relationships with disloyalty at the foundation, but this woman . . . GAH. *plots murder*Basically, the fact that she was such a well-crafted target for my ire isn’t necessarily a good thing in this situation. It’s impossible for me to separate the negative feelings the Andrews’ evoked with their masterfully imagined relationship obstacle from my overall experience.The hate is too strong.That’s the only reason I’m giving WILDFIRE 4.0 stars. It doesn’t seem fair, even to me, to punish the authors for their mastery of characterization, BUT. I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate the appearance of old-flames-with-an-agenda. *shrugs awkwardly* It causes me real anxiety.Otherwise, it was everything I’ve come to expect from my favorite writing duo.There’s the increasingly kick-ass heroine (whom I called “soft” in an interview when BURN FOR ME was released *shakes head at self*):“You’re wasting my time,” I said. “Just say everyone I know and love is dead. It’s more efficient.”He laughed quietly. “You’re mouthy.”“And you’re a psychopath.”“You say it like it’s a bad thing. It’s practically a requirement for people in our position.”“Yes, well, David Howling did it better.”“Rogan won’t always be there to do your dirty work.”“Rogan didn’t kill David. I did. He fought me for his life and lost. The next time we meet I’ll pull every dirty secret out of your mind and lay them out in the open. When I’m done, you’ll curl into a ball and weep, just like all the others. That’s how you threaten, Vincent.”The secondary characters that are as wonderfully crafted as the MCs:“Could you get me some coffee?”“No,” Bug said.She blinked.“I’m a surveillance specialist, not a waiter,” Bug said, his diction perfect, his voice flat. “The coffee is on the kitchen counter over there. Help yourself.”She opened her mouth and closed it.“Nevada?” Bug said.Don’t do it, don’t do it . . .“Would you like some coffee?”“No, thanks.” Ass.“Because I’ll totally get it for you.”The plot is still compelling and action-driven, the enemies, nefarious, the world is fantastic . . . So I repeat, WHY have you yet to read it for yourself? Hmm?? HIDDEN LEGACY has everything a fan of paranormal romance and/or urban fantasy could possibly want. It’s truly one of the few idiot-proof decisions a lover of either or both genres can make.Bottom line: In this modern world of too-many choices, pick a guaranteed win for once. #yourewelcome

⭐ You guys… I tried, I really did… to write individual reviews for these books… but alas… here we are 😉 I inhaled the first three stories in this series one after another, and as much as I can more or less say what happened in each installment when it comes to the story and some main events… then when it comes to relationships and character developments and reveals, it’s all a blur… but… I regret nothing 😉 so I am gonna write one review for all three books and copy it in all three places… but worry not, I am DEFINITELY gonna reread them soon, and then, hopefully, I will be able to read them slower and write some proper reviews :)After absolutely loving Kate Daniels series by this author, I wanted to try out one of their other series… I picked this one solely because I got the first three books on sales over the last few months 😉 and what a happy coincidence it was 😉 as you can see from my statement above, I flew through the first three books… mainly, because they focus on one couple and I had to see what’s gonna happen between them 😉 Nevada Baylor and Connor “Mad” Rogan is exactly the kind of couple I love to read about… 😉 they definitely gave me some Kate and Curran vibes, but managed to still be different… their banter and changing dynamics were very entertaining to read about… not to mention Nevada’s family… I love all of them… and am very happy to see that Nevada’s sister will have her own trilogy next 🙂 I am thinking that this series has a potential for much more even after her story will be finished, because there are so many great characters here who can totally be in the spotlight next 🙂 it’s action packed, with witty banter and sarcastic humor… the family dynamics are to die for and the best compliment I can give them, is how quickly I inhaled them… like I mentioned, all the details are already blurry… 🙂 I promise to be more eloquent once I reread the stories 😉

⭐ This series is so, so good that I can’t properly articulate how much I love it. In my opinion, this is right up there with DB Reynold’s Vampires of America series and Stone Warriors series spinoff. Also, Nalini Singh’s Archangel series is another favorite of mine.I can’t wait to see what’s next for Connor and Nevada. Sure they’ve survived so much, although I won’t spoil the ending of Wildfire here, but they still haven’t seen, let alone apprehended, the mastermind behind all the attacks on Houston. Nevada’s grandmother on her father’s side, Victoria Tremaine, is wrapped up in the mastermind’s plans somehow, but exactly how is anyone’s guess. Or at least, I haven’t figured it out yet.So, I know there will be more to the Hidden Legacy series. I just wish the next book was out already so I could see what will happen with our intrepid heroes. The fun, the hijinks, and the horrors mixed with laughs all draws me in and I love it. Hurry up and publish the next story in this series already, please!

⭐ I truly love this series and it really does get better with each additional book. So instead of just gushing about how much I loved every page I read I’m going to attempt to identify areas that set this book and series apart from other paranormal/urban fantasies out there.1.) Worldbuilding: I love Andrew’s unique way of molding everyday life with fantasy. A lot of times I’m disappointed in these modern fantasy type because I don’t feel that authors do enough for the world they’ve created and instead rely a lot on everyday constructs instead of creating anything different. The same can not be said for Andrews. Their altered Houston is full of rich and interesting details. I love the family Houses centered around specific magic type, and I particularly enjoyed the further information we gained on House alliances and formation in Wildfire. More than that, I love how they use their unique world to influence what would otherwise be normal life. For example, how offensive mages are drafted into military service and how what in the real world would be an average pharmaceutical company is actually run by magic users with a propensity towards growing fungi/plants etc. They seem like small details but it’s these facts that really grab my attention and immerse me in what I’m reading.2.) Characters/Relationships: I love Nevada and Rogan. Like seriously love them. Somehow Andrews is able to find the perfect balance between Macho Alpha and Control Freak/unbalanced. I love Rogan. I love that he is controlling but trying to fight it in order to please Nevada, that he’s aware of his faults and how the war has changed him, but that at the same time, he has strict codes that he will not cross. I love Nevada. I love that she has to find within herself whether or not she’s okay with Rogan and all that being with Rogan entails. It was very cool to see her in contrast to Rogan’s ex Rynda. How differently they each chose to deal with Rogan and all that he entails. Rogan and Nevada have great chemistry and play so well off each other and especially in Wildfire where I feel that we’re getting to see more and more of their relationship and how it’s evolving.More than just the main romance I also thoroughly enjoy all of the secondary characters. Nevada has a large family; 2 sisters and 2 cousins, 2 grandmothers and a mother. It can be easy with a cast so big to loose character individuality but that never seems to be the case. Even down to sisters Arabella and Catalina who are only a couple years apart in age, everyone is unique. This time around I really enjoyed the unveiling of Arabella’s prime power as well as the focus given to Leon’s development.3.) Action vs Plot: No one does it better than Ilona Andrews. Their plot lines are always surprisingly in-depth. There’s a mystery to be solved. It takes twists and turns. There’s always more than one person involved and they do a great job connecting/reminding the readers of this problem in relation to the previous story lines from Burn For Me and White Hot. Not only that but we’re clearly building to a large scale problem with vast consequences. Every book has ratcheted up the tension and action. There are demon summons, constructs, and tornadoes. Gun flight, “Grinding”, and tanks. Neither distracts from the other and instead makes each one of these books an engaging sprint to the finish starting from page one.I really can’t get enough of this series. I was spoiled with the release of 2 books in the same year and am now bereft without them. They clearly left the series open to continue (we haven’t even begun to deal with this mysterious ‘Caesar’ person) so I can only hope that we see another book by at least 2019! Anything more than that and I might not make it!

⭐ This book was so addicting. I just couldn’t put it down. The world just keeps getting richer with every book and makes me just want more!The characters have so much personality in this series that you can’t help but be captivated by all of them, even the enemies. Nevada and her family are dealing with life changing choices in this one. Even though they are scared and some hate the changes they work together and keep each other safe. I really want to see more of the sisters and cousins in the future. They have grown so much since book 1.Nevada and Rogan. Their relationship is perfect! They complement each other so well and they won’t let anyone stand in their way. They are everything I love in a couple and I can’t get enough of them. Also Rogan finally admitted his feelings and asked her to marry him!!!Overall I can’t get enough of this series. It is just as good the second time around and I will most likely reread this again in the future. I can’t get enough of Andrew’s books. They are always so captivating and amazing.

⭐ While I still really liked Wildfire, I felt like it was missing a little bit of the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding excitement that the first two instalments had. I think my biggest problem was that Connor was being too nice…thoughtful…considerate. (THE HORROR!!) I don’t mind a little bit of nice, thoughtful and considerate from my favourite heroes, but when they’re normally all gruff and grumpy, it’s weird. Connor even seemed to step back a bit which I didn’t like one bit at all.I understand the why of it all and to some degree, I appreciated that he wanted Nevada to be strong and independent. It’s just that I wanted Nevada to be strong and independent, with Connor always at her back. Not, at the back of his ex-fiance.Yes, I get it. Deep down, I just didn’t like Connor spending so much time with his ex… who’s married… to a douchewaffle.In the end, it’s all good and Nevada and Connor walk off into the sunset hand in hand, and I’m happy. It just took too long for them to get to the *I can’t live without you* stage.The storyline was it’s usual captivating and engrossing and the characters, new and old were engaging and fantastic. I loved that Leon knows his magic but I also hated how much it messed with him. He’s just a little kid. Arabella’s magic is quite funny and I love that everyone is petrified of it.I will definitely be going on in the series and I can’t wait to get to know Catalina a bit more.


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