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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 292 pages
  • Format: Epub
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  • Authors: Kate Hilton


Sophie Whelan is the kind of woman who prides herself on doing it all. In a single day, she can host a vegan-friendly and lactose-free dinner for ten, thwart a PTA president intent on forcing her to volunteer, and outwit her hostile ‘assistant’ in order to get her work done on time.

With her fortieth birthday looming, and her carefully coordinated existence beginning to come apart at the seams, Sophie begins feeling like she needs more from her life—and especially from her husband, Jesse.

The last thing Sophie needs is a new complication in her life. But when an opportunity from her past suddenly reappears, Sophie is forced to confront the choices she’s made and decide if her chaotic life is really a dream come true—or the biggest mistake she’s ever made…

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⭐ I don’t really know what I expected when I started reading this story. I had read the reviews, of course, but I was literally blown away by how really fantastic this story is. It’s so far above the usual love story that it’s not even in the same league!! It’s not only that Sophie is a grown woman of 39 (although a good deal of the book takes place when she is 22 and the time switches are blended beautifully which is extremely difficult to pull off successfully), it’s that there was not a single thing that I had in common with anyone, yet I was still touched deeply on an emotional level because every single character, no matter how minor, came alive as long as I was reading the story!!! I felt like if there really was such a hospital in that city and I were to go there, I would walk down the hallway and if I passed someone described in the book, I’d not only recognize their features, I’d know all about their personalities, as well.Reading this book was a rare treat; a truly unexpected pleasure. I read love stories specifically for light reading, sort of to rest my brain in between the often grim reading I normally deal with but to read a love story like The Hole in the Middle was like finding buried treasure!!!I don’t think you have to be a working mother to appreciate this story, but I doubt whether someone under 35 or so would be able to identify with Sophie but I could be all wrong. As I said, NOTHING in my life had any correlation to the story (I’m over 60 and I had to stop working when my children were small because of my severe MS) and I still loved and identified with Sophie.So, if you want to read an exceptionally good love story that I give my highest recommendation to, I strongly suggest that you buy and read this one ASAP!!!

⭐ From the first paragraph, Kate Hilton’s “The Hole in the Middle” drew me in. The story itself was woven around her main character in such a way that you felt like you were were a part of Sophie’s life. Hilton’s story rings true for so many families who are juggling children, work, extended families, friends and working full-time jobs. For those who have walked in the main character’s shoes, you know the frustrations of hoping a sick child can make it through the day because your work schedule is so hectic. It’s a story that hits the hearts of many.Hilton wove her story with people from Sophie’s past who became an important part of her future. The story jumps back to a younger Sophie, daughter and student, to Sophie, the wife, mother and employee. This was one of those books where you found yourself nodding your head along as you understood the situation, understood the frustration and cheered along with Sophie and her family of characters as they evolved throughout the book. Kudos to Kate Hilton for her well-written and timely novel!

⭐ Having reached a “certain milestone birthday” this year, I felt that this was a great book to read this year.Sophie is in the midst of juggling a family with young children, an overwhelmingly chaotic career, and questioning the stability of her marriage.The first half of this book I was thinking this woman is nuts! She does not know how to say no to anything in life, at home or work. I felt my nerves rising as work continued to pile on Sophie’s shoulders and I felt frustrated when she conducted personal business via email during business meetings at work..I mean “Hello? You’re at work, pay attention or you’ll never catch up!”Honestly, throughout the entire book I kept asking myself how much do I like this? I did like it, but the fact that it made me feel things-stress, relief, frustration, etc was worth boosting it up to 4 stars.

⭐ I had high expectations for this book reading reviews. This book was to be hilarious, something that would make me laugh all the way thru. There was never even a chuckle. Flipping back and forth twenty years was okay, but there was no substance to the story. Normally I anxiously give my books to friends after reading. I would never forward this book on. I thought, maybe it’s me, maybe I’m missing something, but I read a lot and this book was a waste of time and money. The only good thing about this book was the very cute design and colors on the cover, that’s all.Goes to show, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

⭐ This book was rated as funny, unputdownable, hilarious. I felt that it dragged, even as it flashed back and forth over a twenty year span. Sophie, the main character, again, per a review, is a wonderful heroine? If you enjoy a story about an over absorbed, neurotic character not juggling home, kids, marriage and a career well, have at it. I don’t think this book even made me chuckle. The only hole is where my money went toward this purchase. Sorry for being so blunt, but it was very predictable one third into the book.

⭐ Kate Hilton’s debut novel awed me with its insight and honesty, had me in turn laughing out loud and crying silently, and left me wondering who will play Sophie in the movie which must be made.Sophie has a hole in her middle. She is stretched to the point of exhaustion, sickness and self-doubt by working full time as communications director at a hospital, caring for her young family, being a dutiful daughter of a demanding mother and, in her view, failing on all fronts. As her husband’s start-up requires him to spend more time with his attractive and needy co-founder, Sophie reexamines her life before marriage, wondering whether she chose wisely.During her last year of university, Sophie lived at Lillian Parker’s house with Lillian, Lillian’s nephew Will and Will’s friend AJ. Lil is the very best sort of fairy godmother: wise, wealthy, generous, fun and constant. AJ and Will – well, college boys with a twist. My favorite characters, after Lil of course, are Sophie’s bad boss Barry ( aka the Blowfish) and her ever petulant, inappropriately named assistant Joy. Passive aggressive Joy and old boy Barry deliver enough one two punches to land Sophie literally on the floor under her desk.Ms. Hilton exquisitely evokes the existential angst which plagues working mothers, yet laughs with us, for us and at us. She reassures us we are not alone, reminds of the importance of the sisterhood, and demonstrates the balance battle is worth fighting and can be won. More broadly and importantly, Ms. Hilton sifts through the apparent chaos of Sophie’s life to focus on what really matters: love, family, laughter, friendship, integrity and gratitude.

⭐ Hilton has an uncanny ability to take what we are all secretly thinking and turn it into a readable, thought-provoking and humorous novel. When I say, “we”, I am referring of course to those of us who are thirty-and-forty-something mothers, daughters, wives, employees, and friends. Hilton artfully weaves the contemporary story of Sophie’s spiraling descent into a blur of work, relationships, and responsibilities, with the story of what made Sophie the woman she is today. We go back in time with her to some of her most formative moments – a young woman in college – giving the reader insight and understanding into the woman she has become today. We root with Sophie as she looks for and finds the inner strength she will need to navigate the challenges of her current path. For any woman, who has ever thought, “why can’t I just lie down?” and realized that it is because someone somewhere is relying on you to do something, this book is for you. A funny, poignant, smartly written read.

⭐ Kate, YOU ARE an AMAZING writer AND THANK YOU for this gift…that hit me hard at a crossroads time in my life, when divorced after 23 years….with an empty nest hitting me in my gut & and memories of wishes unfulfilled and goals unfulfilled circle around my heart!I laughed, prayed and mostly cried over the ache in my heart thru this entire novel.I applauded your strength to publish this gift, that I am POSITIVE will prove as motivating and WARMING to others as it has to me.

⭐ I am and am not this woman. I am the same age with the same amount of kids with a busy job, so I really thought I could relate. I just couldn’t get it. I’m not a huge fan of “the one that got away” stories that involve married people with families. I thoroughly did enjoy the writing style ad it made me laugh several times. It’s not the writers fault because I think the story could be really good if I didn’t want to kick the lead character in the butt!

⭐ This book is full of cliches, the plot has holes, and while some parts are true to life (unrequited lost love), having a fair god-mother who solves everything (so to speak) felt very cheap. With that said, I was curious enough about the plot to finish the book, despite how hokey it was.


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