What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1) by Lorelei James (Epub)



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  • Published: 2016
  • Number of pages: 359 pages
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  • Authors: Lorelei James


The Lund name is synonymous with wealth and power in Minneapolis–St. Paul. But the four Lund siblings will each discover true love takes a course of its own. . . .

As the CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is the poster child for responsibility. But eighty-hour work weeks leave him little time for a life. His brothers stage an intervention and drag him to a seedy nightclub . . . where he sees her: the buttoned-up blonde from the office who’s starred in his fantasies for months.

Lennox Greene is a woman with a rebellious past, which she conceals beneath her conservative clothes. She knows flirting with her boss during working hours is a bad idea. So when Brady shows up at her favorite dive bar and catches her cutting loose, she throws caution aside and dares him to do the same.

After sparks fly, Brady finds that keeping his hands off Lennox during office hours is harder than expected. Though she makes him feel alive for the first time in years, a part of him wonders if she’s just using him to get ahead. And Lennox must figure out whether Brady wants her for the accomplished woman she is—or the bad girl she was.

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From Publishers Weekly The first book in James’s latest contemporary romance series may discourage even her most ardent fans from picking up the next. Twenty-eight-year-old tattooed and pierced Lennox Greene left home and an indifferent, narcissistic mother behind at the age of 15, and has been on her own ever since. Thirty-two-year-old straight-arrow Brady Lund is the much-loved scion of the wealthy Lund family, and the youngest CFO in the history of Lund Industries. Drawn to one another despite their differences, Lennox and Brady cautiously stumble around each other – and the contrived roadblocks James throws in their way – as their respective walls come tumbling down. But the absence of a believable threat to the couple’s happy ending, as well as James’s signature eroticism, makes this outing one of the author’s weaker efforts. Trope-heavy and lacking erotic charge, Lennox and Brady’s story just doesn’t satisfy. Agent: Scott Miller, Trident Media Group. (Jan.) –This text refers to the mass_market edition. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter OneLennox“What’s he doing in our department?”I glanced up from my computer, knowing even before I saw the suit at the end of the hallway who garnered the reverent tone from my coworker Sydney. I had the same reverence for the man; however, I did a much better job at masking it.“Oh hell, here he comes. How do I look?” she whispered.“You know the only thing that matters to him is if you look busy.”Sydney smoothed her hair. “Lennox, lighten up. And ignore me while I busily and silently compose sonnets to that man’s everything, because he is the total package.”I laughed—longer than I usually did. “Go for it, Syd. I’ll just be over here, you know, doing my job while you’re waxing poetic about him.” I returned my focus to spell-checking my notes from this morning’s meeting. I knew I had a misspelled or misused word, but I couldn’t find the damn thing.“Wait. He’s stopping to talk to Penny,” Sydney informed me.I felt a slight sneer form on my lips. Of course he’s stopping to talk to Perky Penny—she hadn’t earned that nickname from her disposition. Even I couldn’t keep my eyes off her pert parts—which she kept properly covered in deference to the dress code at Lund Industries. But I knew that given the chance, she’d proudly display them as if she worked at Hooters.Wouldn’t you?Nope. Been there, done that.Sydney muttered and I ignored her, hell-bent on finding the mistake. I leaned closer to the computer monitor, as if that would help. Ah, there it is. I highlighted the word in question. Had he meant to say disperse? Or disburse? And was there enough difference in the definitions to warrant a call for clarification?Without checking the dictionary app on my computer, I said, “Sydney. You were an English major. What’s the difference between disperse and disburse?”“Disburse means to pay out money. Disperse means to go in different directions,” a deep male voice answered.I lifted my gaze to see none other than Brady Lund himself, the CFO of Lund Industries, looming over my desk.Outwardly I maintained my cool even as I felt my neck heating beneath the lace blouse I wore. I picked up a pen and ignored the urge to give the man a once-over, because I already knew what I’d find: Mr. Freakin’ Perfect. Brady Lund was always impeccably dressed, showcasing his long, lean body in an insanely expensive suit. He was always immaculately coifed—his angular face smoothly shaven, his thick, dark hair artfully tousled, giving the appearance of boyish charm.As if a shark could be charming.My coworkers and I had speculated endlessly about whether the CFO plucked his dark eyebrows to give his piercing blue eyes a more visceral punch. And whether he practiced raising his left eyebrow so mockingly. For that reason alone I avoided meeting his gaze.Okay, that was not the only reason. I didn’t make eye contact because the man defined hot, smart and sexy.But he also defined smug—half the time. I wanted to ask if he job-shared with an evil twin, but I doubted he’d laugh since he had no sense of humor, from what I’d heard.Aware that he awaited my response, I said, “Thank you for the clarification, Mr. Lund.”“I shouldn’t have to clarify that since you’ve worked here for—what, ten months? Financial terms should be familiar to you by now.”He was chastising me? First thing? My mouth opened before my brain screamed, STOP. “I’ve been employed here for almost a year, actually. And, sir, I’ll remind you that just because the office temps department is located on the sixth floor—one of the five floors that are the providence of the financial department—we floaters don’t specifically work only for the Finance department at Lund Industries. We also float between Human Resources, Marketing, Development and Acquisitions, as well as Legal.”“Explain what you mean by floaters.”“You had absolutely no idea that our small department exists, let alone what we do, do you?” I said tartly.I heard Sydney suck in a sharp breath next to me. “What she means is that since as CFO you have an executive assistant and don’t normally personally utilize the services of the office temps—also known as floaters—you wouldn’t personally be aware of the breadth of our responsibilities,” Sydney inserted diplomatically. “Our department is supervised by Personnel.”“Indeed. Then, please, enlighten me on which department you’re transcribing that document for?”“Marketing.”“Mind if I take a look?” Then he sidestepped my desk and sidled in behind me.My body went rigid as he literally looked over my shoulder. I wasn’t as disturbed by the thought he might see something I had done wrong as I was by his close proximity. His very close proximity, since I could feel the heat of his body and was treated to a whiff of his subtle cologne.He put his hand over mine on the mouse and murmured, “Pardon,” as he completely invaded my space. I didn’t move because it’d be my luck if I shifted my arm and elbowed the CFO in the groin.Three clicks and two huffed breaths later, he retreated. “I apologize. I understand your confusion. Marcus in Marketing misused the word. It should be disburse. Nice catch.”“That’s my job.”“Since it’s a formal request, Marcus will have to correct it before you can pass it on to Legal. If you’ll give me the original paperwork, I’d be happy to drop it off in Marcus’s office on my way to my meeting.”“Thank you, sir, for the offer. But company protocol requires me to deliver the paperwork directly to Marcus—Mr. Benito.”His shoes were so silent I didn’t hear him move. One second he was behind me; the next he stood in front of me. “A real stickler for the rules, aren’t you?”“Yes, sir.” I finally met his gaze. “With all due respect, how do I know this isn’t some sort of performance review pretest?”His lack of a smile indicated he wasn’t amused.But I didn’t back down; I needed this job. It was the first job I’d ever had where I wasn’t slinging drinks or scrubbing toilets. Besides, the CFO—of all people—should be aware of the rules.“Bravo, Miss Greene—sorry, that’s an assumption on my part. Or is it Mrs. Greene?”“No, sir. Ms. Greene is fine. But I prefer to be called Lennox.”Then Mr. Freakishly Perfect bestowed the mother lode of smiles; his lush lips curved up, his dimples popped out and the lines by his eyes crinkled. “Well, Lennox, please see that Marcus—Mr. Benito—is aware of his error before day’s end, because I will follow up on this.”“Yes, sir.”He nodded and started down the hallway.I clenched my teeth to keep my jaw from dropping. Not just from the weird interlude, but because the man looked as good from the back as he did from the front.“Holy shit.” Sydney breathed after she was sure he’d gone. “What was that?”“No idea.”“Lennox. He knows your name.”“Of course he knows my name. It’s right here on my desk.” Working as a floater meant my nameplate went everywhere with me, but on the days I was at my desk I usually didn’t bother putting it out.Aren’t you glad you bothered today?“Come on. He was fishing for information on whether you were single.”I groaned, hating that Sydney wouldn’t let this go. “So, now he knows . . .”“Maybe he’ll ask you out,” she said with a drawn-out sigh.“Maybe you should put some of that creative thinking into your report,” I retorted, and got back to work.Brady“Jenna. Could you come in when you have a free moment?”I didn’t wait for my admin to answer. I just poked the intercom button off and spun around in my chair. Not even the forty-fourth-floor view of downtown Minneapolis held my interest.Restlessness had dogged me the past several months. I kept waiting for it to abate, for something to occur that required my full focus. But nothing had happened either professionally or personally. I just continued to drift along, waiting for . . . what, exactly?Your life to begin?Jenna knocked twice and walked in. Why she bothered to knock escaped me; there was no pause between the knock and her entrance. One time when I asked her why she knocked first, she said her Midwestern upbringing was too ingrained to just barge in. I warned her that someday she might barge in and find me in a delicate situation. She’d retorted that if I actually took the time to do something bad, raunchy or out of character, she deserved to be the first person to witness it.“You rang, sir?”Sir. Jenna refused to call me Brady. It was “sir,” or “boss” or “Mr. Lund.” She’d been my admin for two years and I spent more time with her than anyone else in my life. When I was newly minted in my position as CFO, I’d equated her using my first name as a sign of our professional intimacy, whereas she saw using it as a sign of disrespect since she had fifteen years on me age-wise.“Yes. Forgive my ignorance, but how closely do you work with the office temps—the floaters?”She sat in the high-back leather chair across from my desk. “Not often. If you’ve got a large presentation that requires assembling reams of paperwork, I’ll ask for assistance. But they’re usually spread so thin down there it’s just easier to get Patrice to help out.”Patrice. She was my admin’s secretary, which gave Patrice the false impression that she was somehow my undersecretary. And Patrice had made no bones about how much she’d like to be under me.“Why do you ask?”Because there’s this prim blonde I’m hot for who intrigues the hell out of me. “I ended up down on the sixth floor and publicly showed my ignorance about what the term floater means as well as what the office temp job entails.”Jenna’s eyes widened. “I imagine that went over well with their department.”“Not so much.”“What were you doing down by Personnel? Are you looking for a new secretary, boss?”“I’ll get you any secretary you want if you’ll send Patrice packing,” I said dryly.“No deal. She’s still afraid of me. Once she loses that fear, she’ll slack off and I’ll replace her.”“So that’s how it works with you and your minion. I wondered.”“Back to the floaters. Did you find them lazing about or something?”“No. And can’t someone come up with a better term for their department than floaters?”“If you want to be technical, sir, in the past that group of employees used to be called the ‘secretarial pool.’ They’re permanent office workers who temporarily float to any department where additional help is needed, hence the term floaters.”“I still don’t like it. Anyway . . . am I really that out of touch with this company that I didn’t know about the existence of an entire group of employees?”“First of all, boss, the number of employees working for Lund Industries in the Twin Cities is over five thousand—fifteen hundred employees work in this building alone. You don’t know the minutiae of the dockworkers’ jobs any more than you do the floaters in the office temp department. That doesn’t make you out of touch. It makes the managers in those departments effective, because they’re not coming to you with personnel problems.”“You should’ve gone into diplomacy.”“It’s my job to remind you of yours—you cannot do it all and know it all, sir, though you are determined to try.” She smirked. “There are some people in this company who claim the floating crew of office workers concept is outdated and they’re proposing Lund do away with that department altogether and outsource temporary help when needed.”“From your tone, I take it you don’t agree?”Jenna pointed at my computer. “We have an IT department. They go to whatever department they’re needed in. I don’t see how the office temps are any different. Like with IT, it’s important to keep hiring new secretarial workers because they’re trained with the most recent technology.”“You’ve given this more than just a passing thought.”She shrugged. “My executive assistant title means ‘secretary with more responsibilities at a higher wage,’ so the office workers, floaters, secretaries—whatever you prefer to call them—are my sisters in arms. I get defensive when their abilities or importance is questioned.”Usually Jenna was so even-keeled. Her brittle attitude alarmed me, so I needed to keep a closer eye on the situation with her sisters in arms, regardless of whether it was my job. “Where’d you hear these rumors about disbanding the temp workers?” I held up my hand. “Forget I asked. I know you won’t reveal your source. But I would ask, if you do hear anything else, to let me know so I can make sure Personnel handles it fairly.” I disliked Anita Mohr, the head of Personnel. Human Resources fielded more issues involving her than all other employees in this building. But she was my uncle Archer’s pet, so she had a weird immunity.“Will do.” Jenna stood. “That was all you needed to talk to me about, sir?”“Yes.”“Then I’ll remind you there’s a meeting at three in the boardroom.” She paused after opening the door. “And Maggie seemed really excited that your father has some kind of big opportunity for you.”I gave Jenna an arch look. “As my admin, the least you could do—”“Huh-uh, boss. You’re on your own with the craziness that is the Lund Board of Directors. Buzz me if you need anything else.”I glanced at my watch. Even for a Friday, it was too early to start drinking.Maggie, who’d been my father’s secretary for the past twenty years, was in deep conversation with my mother when I entered the anteroom to the boardroom. They both looked up and looked guilty as hell.My eyes narrowed. “Who’s in your crosshairs now?”“It should be you,” my mother cooed. “You are, as they say here, treading on thin water.”I knew better than to roll my eyes. My mother defined over-the-top, but any show of disrespect resulted in threats yelled in Swedish. Selka Jensen had come to the United States from Sweden over three and a half decades ago to work as a fashion model. She met my dad, fell in love and abandoned the land of lingonberries and Ikea. So it made zero sense that she still spoke with an accent that sounded like Zsa Zsa Gabor doing an impersonation of Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. And she mixed up idioms—on purpose, I suspected—so she could remind people she wasn’t from around here. But she was a fiercely loving mother, a tireless supporter of community causes and devoted to my father above all else. It was a little freaky anytime I caught them making out like horny teenagers—thirty-five years of marriage hadn’t cooled their ardor. They’d provided the blueprint for what a marriage should be, which was a blessing and a curse. A curse mostly because Mom constantly reminded me of my single status.“You mean skating on thin ice?” I corrected.“Yah.” She bussed my cheek and then playfully tapped it. “My smart, handsome, successful son. Why is there no woman coming around to put smile on this gorgeous face, mmm? What good is all of this”—she gestured to the front of my body—“if you have no one to share it with?”“I asked myself that exact same question.”“And?”“And I came up with a reason. Eighty of them, actually.”She frowned. “You joke.”“No, I work eighty-plus hours a week.”“Mom, stop harassing him,” my brother Walker said from the doorway. “Uncle M wants to get the meeting started.”“Fine. But I haven’t forgotten where we are in this discussion,” she said as she sauntered past me.I focused on Maggie. “Tell me about this opportunity my father is going to present to me.”Maggie laughed. “I like me job, boy-o. I’ve no desire to get on the boss’s bad side.”Hearing my mother’s accent always brought out Miss Maggie’s brogue. I wasn’t opposed to playing dirty to learn the truth of the “opportunity” about to be heaped upon me.She wagged her finger in my face. “Save whatever charmin’ words be spillin’ from that silver tongue of yours, lad. I’ve been immune to the Lund charm for nigh on two decades.”I set my palms flat on her desk and leaned in. “I’ve not got the charm gene, Miss Maggie, and you damn well know it. As a businessman I prefer to use incentives instead of flattery.”“And what kind of incentive would you be flatterin’ me with, Mr. Lund?”“A bottle of Midleton whiskey, distilled in County Cork. A rare bottle, lass. One wee nip and you’ll swear Saint Peter himself came down and poured the heavenly spirit into your soul.”Maggie whapped me on the arm. “No charm, my arse, Brady Lund. Although your attempt at a puttin’ an Irish lilt in that Yankee voice is laughable, I’ll admit you’ve piqued my interest.”I grinned.“But offer me something else. Your da gave me a bottle of Midleton for my birthday, so you’ll have to do better on the bribery.”“A ticket to the Super Bowl when the Vikings finally make it in this century.”She snorted. “Oh, that’s a pie-in-the-sky dream, with the lousy way those lads have been playin’. That’s one favor I’d never be collectin’ on, yeah?”“Point for Miss Maggie.” I threw a look at the conference room door. “What’ll it take?”“I don’t need you to buy me anything, Brady Lund.” She cocked her head. “But you could do be doin’ me a wee favor. Tit for tat, eh?”“Name it.”“My young niece Siobhan is visitin’ from Ireland. It’d be lovely if you could take her to dinner and a nightclub. Give her the true American experience. She’s been stuck with me all week.”Shah-von. That had a sexy ring to it. “When?”“Tomorrow night, since she’s leavin’ for California on Monday.”“Deal. Now what’s the opportunity?”Maggie leaned across the desk. “The boss man’s given in to your ma’s badgering about you getting out in the community more to represent the Lund name and he’s givin’ you the first choice of one of her pet projects. ‘Choice’ bein’ the operative word, because you don’t got one, but you—as the oldest—do get to choose first.”Great. “What are they?”“First, an entire weekend helping her with the annual art sale, fund-raiser and ball for the Minnesota Arts Foundation. Seems that’d be the easy one, yeah? Not so, lad. She’s plannin’ on holdin’ a bachelor auction as a fund-raiser, and she means to put you or your brothers or your cousins up on the podium for sale!”“I’ll pass on that one. What are my other options?”“Being a runway model for a charity fashion show put on by Dayton’s and the Minneapolis Art Institute.”I could just see them giving me nothing but a strategically placed canvas to wear. “Pass. Next?”“Participating in activities for at-risk youth for the Lund Cares Community Outreach program. That one will give you more leeway, but since the commitment is for Saturdays when you’re always buried in work, no one will ever be expectin’ you to pick it.”My eyes narrowed. “This isn’t some reverse psychology thing you and Mom cooked up?”“So suspicious, but I can’t say as I blame ya. God love yer ma, but she’s got some barmy ideas.”I kissed her cheek. “Thank you. You’re the best. What time should I pick up Siobhan?”Her eyes danced. “Can ya send a car service for her? She’d get a right kick outta that.”That actually worked better for me, not having to make small talk at the door. And not letting Maggie witness firsthand how little charm I actually possessed when it came to chatting up women I didn’t know. “Absolutely. Say . . . seven?”“Perfect.” Maggie gave me a push. “Get in there. Good luck.” –This text refers to the mass_market edition. From the Author Would you like to keep up with the latest Lorelei James news? It’s easy to sign up for her newsletter!Just copy and paste the following link in your browser: geni.us/1JCUWant to be notified whenever Lorelei has a new release? Use the following link — geni.us/7xwz — to sign up to receive text messages!You can also find Lorelei at these places:Website: loreleijames.comFacebook: Facebook.com/AuthorLoreleiJamesTwitter: @loreleijamesInstagram: @authorloreleijamesHappy Reading! –This text refers to the mass_market edition. Review “Refreshing…A tender excursion into the lives of an uptight billionaire and a company employee.”– “RT Book Reviews (4 stars)”Filled with unforgettable characters, fiery passions, and an all-encompassing love story, it’s a must read.– “Tara Sue Me, author of The Enticement” –This text refers to the audioCD edition.

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⭐ James has created another couple her fans will love in Brady Lund and Lennox Greene. He’s the powerful CFO of his family’s multibillion-dollar corporation, Lund Industries, while she is a member of the floater staff that helps in various departments. Brady is captivated at first glance, not realizing he’s going to see her outside business walls. His brother and cousins intrude on his staid existence and drag him to a bar not for the faint of heart. He’s unaware Lennox used to work there before her position at LI. Brady is thrilled to see her with some female companions and doesn’t hesitate to ask her to dance. He is surprised with himself and Lennox is shocked when he asks her to go out with him. She does charity work at a project within the community. Her opinion of Brady changes when he shows up to work with the kids. Sparks between them build into a deeply emotional romance until outside forces get in the way.Although not as overtly sexual as most of her other novels, James manages to build a fire not easily extinguished. She writes the familiar billionaire/employee trope with originality, deftly weaving family into the picture. This is another success for James as she continues to demonstrate her versatility in multiple genres. I highly recommend this book to anyone loving contemporary romance.

⭐ When an author steps out of her comfort zone to try something new, it can sometimes be a bit much for the fans. But what Lorelei is able to do with any book she writes is down right magic. What You Need is just another example of really her freaking genius. These characters drag you in and keep till you are finish, and I have to say a bit after. These two will be with me awhile.Brady Lund quickly climbed to the top of my book boyfriend list. He is one of those men you just would love to spend time with. If you could get him to open up to you the way he has done with Lennox. He shows her the parts of himself that even his family rarely sees. That is just mesmerizing. I love how he doesn’t see himself for the unbelievably hot man that he is. Inside he is still the gawky teenager.Lennox Green is pretty down right badass. She has pulled herself up from a childhood that could have left her down in the gutter. She is a woman with ambition, and she doesn’t hold back even with the big bad CFO, Brady Lund. I’m as taken with her if not more with her as I am with Brady.I absolutely love love love this book. The banter between Brady and Lennox is everything from hot and steamy to making you giggle. This is not your cookie cutter billionaire romance. When Lorelei puts her mind to doing something different, she hits it out the park every time. I highly recommend spending some quality time with Brady and Lennox!! You will not be sorry you did.

⭐ I am a big fan of this author, however, this book to me, was not one of her best. There was a disconnect with the main characters. I guess I am used to confident, strong Alpha male leading men, and in this book we don’t get that. Multi-millionaire? Check. Gorgeous? Check. Sexy and kinky? Check annnnd Check. But confident and sure of himself? NO! He was shy and awkward with women. Now, I am notSaying it made the book bad, it just wasn’t what you come to expect from one of these books. The leading lady is a former wild child, with tattoos and piercings. She is a good character, but between the two of them is a sort of uneven, world where we get loads of sweet talk, and some real strong moments, but overall it comes off incredibly weak.I know not everyone will agree and that is fine, but in my honest opinion, there are many, many other books out there from this author that are soooo much better. I wouldn’t recommend this for a first time reader. But say if you have books by her and know her style, read away.

⭐ I am in awe of Lorelei James and her ability to write such incredible stories with such diverse story lines. What You Need, book 1 in her new contemporary romance Need You series proves that as an author crossing over into yet another genre she once again has nailed it (not that her fans are surprised by this fact).Brady Lund and Lennox Greene are the perfect story of how opposites attract. Mz James takes the dorky, self-doubting, brainiac hero and pairs him with a wild child, hell-on-wheels, independent heroin who makes it her mission to set Mr CFO to rights. Brady doesn’t know what it is about the sexy secretarial floater at LI that has intrigued him but he is determined to seek her out to quench this sudden thirst he has. They stumble through the darkness of self-doubt never realizing what the other sees and is able to bring to the light knowing they had it within them all along. Lennox shows Brady that it is possible to have his cake and eat it too. The Lund family is known for their prestige and wealth but the story focus is on their personalities, what they show the world and what they show those they love making the reader climb inside the pages and become a part of their world and their story.This is not your typical, cookie-cutter contemporary romance, Lorelei James puts her own unique spin on romance that makes the pages turn, well past when reasonable people close the book and go to bed. Several times I had to stop and remind myself ‘I have read this author, stop getting all giddy like you’ve found a new favorite ice cream flavor’.

⭐ A girl with a wild past looking for a stable future. A shy, geeky, yet sexy man looking for some fun. This is not your typical hero/heroine book.Brady Lund is the CFO of his families multi-billionaire run corporation. He doesn’t have time for fun. His meddling family has different ideas. They are concerned for his well-being and want to see him loosen up, loosen his tie, loosen something, anything. Brady knows his family means well, but he can find his own fun. He just chooses not to. Until he meets Lennox.Lennox Greene didn’t grow up in the most stable of homes. As a matter of fact she’s still trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Currently she works as a temp at Lund Industries. She’s been working hard to build a better future than what she left in her past. It’s not like she’s not running from it. Jogging maybe. So if a sexy, executive asks her to engage in a few of her wild habits from her past it still counts as moving forward, right?Lennox’s wild past may be just what Brady needs. Brady may be the stable guy Lennox is looking for. However, are they looking for the same things at the same time?This is a delicious story that had me reading every word until I had to finish the book. I then had to reread it because I loved these characters that much.Lorelei has a beautiful way of writing a billionaire that is extremely relatable to the point that I’m crying over his insecurities. This book is full of small moments that made a huge impact for me personally. I needed Kleenex by my side during numerous scenes, so be prepared.Pick up What You Need and you won’t be disappointed.

⭐ I’m convinced that Lorelei James could write a cookbook and I would be enthralled with it. Her ability to weave a story, no matter the genre, and write three dimensional characters is unparalleled.What You Need is the first book in her new contemporary romance Need You series. If you know her for her Rough Riders series or her Mastered series this is way different but no less great. If you’ve never read her before and are a fan of contemporary romance THIS is the perfect book for you.Lennox has landed her self a spot in my top 10 favorite heroines of all time. I’m not really sure how to adequately explain her except just to say she is definitely not what you think when you first meet her. Keep reading to discover the wealth of Lennox’s layers and be prepared to be amazed by her and what she has accomplished. Brady is….*sigh*…..amazing. He is kind, generous, smart, hard working, shy, and sometimes awkward but when he comes out of his shell he will blow you away at his ability to make you swoon. Lennox and Brady are literally opposites but they are exactly what the other needs.The story is intriguing and catchy as well as sexy and sweet. The plot is strong and well written. The sex is minimum but the sexual tension and banter will fry you. The secondary characters are perfect and they really add depth and character to the overall story. I am so excited to get to read the stories of the other Lund brothers and cousins.If you are a fan of Bella Andre, Jill Shalvis, or Katy Regnery you will absolutely adore this series!! Definite must read!

⭐ I love this book!!! In the vein of Penny Reid and her Neanderthal series, but in reverse, we have a nerdy guy, Brady Lund, who meets street-smart Lennox Greene. Brady is the CFO of the family business and Lennox is a “floater,” someone who works in a variety of departments and situations as needed at Lund Industries. Brady has been lusting after Lennox for months but is too shy and unsure of his abilities to simply attract a woman based on only himself, not his family’s money or name, to approach her. Lennox is smart, mouthy but ambitious. She has tats and piercings, but covers them to make it at Lund Industries. She is attracted to Brady, too, but thinks he’s too good for her horrible life before she decided to make something of herself. Their journey together to learn more about themselves and love is just fun to read.Author Lorelei James is known for her hot in bed, alpha males in charge books. But this book is different. It’s refreshing to read about a hot, smart guy who is also shy. The story about Brady’s prom experience was heartbreaking and very telling about how he feels about himself. And Lennox is not without her pains from her past, either. Not a shrinking violet but a realistic female who knows the only person who is going to change her life is herself. But, it was fun to watch this strong female cringe with fright when she spent her first night in a cabin (insert cabin/mansion) in the wild woods of Minnesota. The mixture and magic between these two characters was a pleasure to read.Don’t be mislead. There is some hot stuff between the sheets and other places and Brady has his own alpha ways when he feels comfortable but it’s slow and real. And Lennox is able to stand up for herself except when Brady shows her how special she really is. This isn’t a hot hook-up but a real romance.I enjoyed the journey with Brady and Lennox and look forward to reading more in this series-The Need You Series. This is book one but a stand-alone read.Warning: explicit language and sexual situations.

⭐ What You Need is the first book in the New Contemporary Need You Series by Lorelei James.You meet Lennox Greene, a young women who works in the Temps or “floaters” department at Lund Industries. She has something to prove to herself because of a past she would love to be able to put behind her.Brady Lund is the CFO of Lund Industries and it takes over his life. He has seen Lennox before but when she literally falls at him he sees her in a new light.While their are no written rules about the two being together can Brady get past his own thoughts that she’s using him to get ahead and can Lennox trust that Brady wants her for who she is, rather than who she was. Plus can she get past the fact that most of his entire family is a part of Lund Industries?I really really enjoyed this new avenue for Lorelei. I am a HUGE fan of her writing in general so I knew that I would love it but it’s always exciting to see an author you adore find a new voice. I saw that Brady was going to be a business man and was a little worried that he would be your typical Alpha Millionaire but I don’t know why I had any doubts. The Lund boys are down to earth and caring for not only the women they love but they are highly protective and loving toward their family members. I also loved Lennox as you could tell she had been slightly jaded but she was so strong and really wanted nothing but to not look back and make her future a success.I can’t wait to see where the other members of the Lund family end up!

⭐ Great start to a new series? Lorelei James is a must buy, must read author. Believable characters with distinct personalities. Entertaining dialogue with an easy to follow storyline.”Lately I’d been obsessed with Dexter, mostly because I’d met a lot of psychopaths, but none of them had that slightly warped moral compass—they’d all been just plain crazy.”“You’ll see,” she said sharply. “It’s hard for beautiful women like us, used to having every man look at us and want us, to have those men start looking elsewhere. After you cross into your thirties, the need for male approval consumes you to the point you don’t act rationally.”“I am. But my mind got stuck on fusion food.”“Not your favorite?”“I don’t like my food mixed up.””Guess I won’t be making my famous tater tot casserole for you.”Tattoo artist:He was an interesting guy. He’d put his art degree to good use in a field where he actually made a great living.This one did not have the creativity of her western series. The various programs such as at-risk youth did not go into the depth of her other writings.If this is a new series, I am interested in reading more about the family and the office witch banished to the company’s office equivalent of “North Dakota in the winter.”I will re-read this story and always look forward to other works by this author.

⭐ This had great reviews, so I downloaded it. I found it, disjointed the narrative didn’t have a smooth flow. We got back story on Lennox and Brady; but they didn’t seem to connect as a couple for me. There was very little spark, and they had virtually nothing in common. This was not the Lorelei James I’m used to; blah characters and practically no heat between the lead characters. This was an all around disappointment.


Free Download What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1) in Epub format
What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1) Epub Free Download
Download What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1) 2016 Epub Free
What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1) 2016 Epub Free Download
Download What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1) Epub
Free Download Ebook What You Need (The Need You Series Book 1)

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