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  • Published: 2014
  • Number of pages: 384 pages
  • Format: Epub
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  • Authors: Sven Hassel


Blitzfreeze is a shocking insight into the realities of war, the conditions endured by ordinary soldiers, and their unwavering solidarity. It was supposed to be Hitler’s glorious conquest of Russia. . . The 27th Penal Regiment has been ordered to invade the Soviet Union. They are half-starved and ill-equipped. To reach Moscow they must defeat the fearsome Red Army. But instead, they find themselves at the mercy of an even deadlier enemy: the killer cold of the Russian winter. As they advance across the icy wastes, they think only of survival.

User’s Reviews

Review Hassel’s books of war are the most powerful I have ever readHe is graphic, at times brilliantly so, but never brutal or bitter. He is, too, a first-rate storyteller―WASHINGTON POSTIn essence this is an expose of the absurdity of war, and a moving plea for peace. As such, it takes its rank with far milder books, such as ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT―NEWSDAYSven Hassel is one of the best European novelists around, with a flair for excitement that has few equals―STAFFORDSHIRE EVENING STANDARD

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⭐ I have trouble with some of the scene shifts, details that seem misplaced in time or just plain wrong, and Tiny’s dialect, which I’m tentatively blaming the translator for turning into cockney, but the action, the camaraderie, Porta’s shaggy-dog stories, and the overall sense of verisimilitude make this worth a foxhole full of what passes for modern literature. I’ve given up worrying about how much of Hassel’s writing is memoir, second-hand anecdote, or fiction. The books are just too good, zu verdammt gut.

⭐ One of my best writers. Highly recommend the book.

⭐ The author is embroiled in so much death and destruction its a wonder he comes out of it alive.The descriptions of men dying in dozens of hideous ways makes you shiver but at the same time his cynicism of the whole bloody event obviously helps get him an his crew through one of history’s major catastrophies.i enjoyed the interludes between battles where Hilarious stories are told by Porter,(one of the crew).Really just a lottery that they would survive it and of course many of them didnt

⭐ Love Sven Hassel. Gritty and extremely well written. I hadn’t read him for 20 years and had forgotten how great he was.

⭐ Read every sven Hassel book I could find when I was a kid. Reliving my youth! The books still hold up today as a testament to the horror of war

⭐ Like sven hassels style of writing really gets you into the feel of the moment and you identify the characters easily

⭐ Read them all 30 years ago still a good read now

⭐ Having read a couple of Sven Hassel Books in my teens, I came across them and decided to get the series complete. Being interested in the 2nd WW, I looked forward to reading this book. Unfortunately, there are several things wrong with it.First, the story is a compilation of several shorter stories, on about the advance towards Moscow, one about a commando raid into Moscow and one about the retreat from Moscow.Then there is the page after page of ramblings by Porta (one of Sven’s companions who makes up stories every time he opens his mouth), which in my opinion distracts from the main story.Sven also describes material that didn’t exist yet, or wasn’t used by that side, such as Panzer III’s with a 50mm gun, Russian 100mmm anti tank guns, panzerfaust anti-tank weapons or concrete on Soviet T-34’s to prevent magnetic mines from being attached to the hull of the tank.Sven Hassel’s style of writing involves very gory details, but although that does help the feeling of being immersed in the situation at that time, at times it seems that there is little but body parts in the barbed wire and trees. Besides that, from his stories one gets the impression that rape and murder was happening on both sides of the lines on a daily basis. The occurances of friendliness or compassion are very rare indeed.I find his stories entertaining to read, but the lack of historical accuracy and the doubtful credibility do take away from the enjoyment of the reader. Sven Hassel has written better books than this one, but if you want to get your entire Sven Hassel series complete and don’t mind the things I mentioned above, do go ahead and buy it!

⭐ Great product, fast shipping, excellent service! Thank you

⭐ Many of these books are littered with spelling mistakes and pages not in correct order.


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