SS General (Legion of the Damned Book 8) by Sven Hassel (MOBI)

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  • Published: 2010
  • Number of pages: 320 pages
  • Format: MOBI
  • File Size: 0.77 MB
  • Authors: Sven Hassel


SS GENERAL is the definitive Stalingrad novel, a gripping portrait of war’s brutal realities.

It was said that Stalingrad had been burning since August, ever since the first German bombs were dropped…

Sven Hassel and his comrades are plunged into the maelstrom of Stalingrad.

Radio Moscow reports that one German soldier dies every minute.

Trapped by the Russian counter-attack, starving soldiers must resort to cannibalism to survive. But ‘Tiny’, Porta, the Legionnaire and Sven attempt to break out, to fight their way across the frozen steppe.

Their leader: an SS general who takes no prisoners…

User’s Reviews

Review Hassel’s books of war are the most powerful I have ever readIn essence this is an expose of the absurdity of war, and a moving plea for peace. As such, it takes its rank with far milder books, such as ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT―NEWSDAYThe story shudders from page to page while the devoted friends live precariously from year to year, until only the one survivor is left to write this book. And a gripping book it is―CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Reviews from Amazon users, collected at the time the book is getting published on UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or paper quality instead of the book content:

⭐ I read all of the Sven Hassel books way back in the early 80’s. I thought I would revisit them, as they are available as digital versions. They are still a good, if a little lightweight, read – even after all these years,Easy to read and get through reasonably quickly (I think my reading ability has vastly improved and sped up since I was 19 or 20 years old).I wouldn’t take the entire story at face value, I would say that after the first book or two in the series that the author has taken some artistic license with the internal details and absolute historians would quibble over some of the scenarios.Don’t let that put you off though; they are a great snapshot of the terrible time the world found itself in WW2, as well as an insight into the brutality of war and the obscene regime of the Nazi’s.The book and the series would suit young men 18 years and over. The style and format lends itself well to start those who are not readers off and, hopefully, develop a thirst for more, and more complex, reads.

⭐ Sven Hassel books are not well known in the USA but they are very popular in Europe because they give you a good understanding of the German ordinary soldier in WWII. Most of the movies/books paint a very despicable picture of a German soldier. Sven Hassel was a soldier in the German army and all his books are very real. The truth is that most of the German soldier enlisted because it was the only way a poor person will get food, housing and clothing during the economical distress of 1930’s Germany. Most of the German soldier were terrified of the German secret police and the consequences of raising their voices against Hitler. A great book if you are interested in some realistic history novels.

⭐ This is so far the best book I have read by Sven. I am close to say that it was as good as “Forgotten Soldier” by Sajer. It was an emotional ride at times. I read it during the Polar Vortex comfy in my home. I can’t simply imagine staying in this cold air more than a few necessary minutes. These guys took on General Moroz daily. There are minor annouyances, such as Tigers at the time of Stalingrad, but it is all forgiven because the story was just toooo good. Great work by Mr Hassel.

⭐ If you have read any of Hassel’s previous novels, this one isn’t any different. After having read six or so, they all start to blur together.

⭐ The best

⭐ Always develops his realistic charachters well!

⭐ one of his best

⭐ This book is everything BUT historically accurate.I can’t believe that, with the Internet available to anyone, you have not yet discovered that Sven Hassel NEVER fought in any battle ofWorld War II, never went to Russia, never fired a gun!He was a Danish Gestapo-informer named Borge Villy Redsted Pedersen. It’s all fake, even LEGION OF THE DAMNED is fake.However, the merit in his books are the humor, the anti-belic statements, their anti-heroes.

⭐ Sven Hassel’s novel “SS General” exposes the hideous brutality that was the Second World War. In this book, as in most of his other novels, he writes history as fiction. He is the protagonist of his own works. He sees friends and enemies die in the cauldrons of Stalingrad, Normandy, and Monte Cassino. In SS General, Hassel and his companions are led out of Stalingrad by a renegade SS general, who succeeds in doing exactly that and is executed by a firing squad for having ‘abandoned’ his post. Hassel also spends considerable time in portraying the murderous antics of a true-life Nazi, Theodore Eicke, who graduated from the ranks of being a concentration camp commandant to that of a SS field general who was given carte blanche by the Fuhrer to execute anyone he pleased. Hassel somehow survives the frozen snows of Stalingrad and the itchy palms of the German field police who executed nearly as many front line soldiers as were killed by the Russians. “SS General” is probably the best in the series of nightmares that Sven Hassel nightly relives. As you read his books, you learn that suffering has a purpose–to prepare for further outrages on your soul. No one tells this message as well as he does.

⭐ Sven Hassel and his comrades Barcelona, the old man, Porta, Tiny, and the little legionaire are trapped at Stalingrad with the Russian army surrounding them. They have no food, no winter clothing, no medicine, and no tranportation. All they have is a crazy S.S. General named Augsbergh, who has to have read about Xenophon because he has them do a desperate forced march through the Steppe to make it back to their lines all the while facing down the Russian army and the merciless Russian winter. The men endure unbelivable hardship all to reach their lines and to have their officers including Augsbergh executed by firing squad because they didn’t stand and fight to the last. A good read, and if you wanted to know about WWII in eastern Europe something to see.


Free Download SS General (Legion of the Damned Book 8) in MOBI format
SS General (Legion of the Damned Book 8) MOBI Free Download
Download SS General (Legion of the Damned Book 8) 2010 MOBI Free
SS General (Legion of the Damned Book 8) 2010 MOBI Free Download
Download SS General (Legion of the Damned Book 8) MOBI
Free Download Ebook SS General (Legion of the Damned Book 8)

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